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Tonight's TV Hot List for Friday, April 17, 2009

* SpongeBob SquarePants ( pm/ET Nickelodeon) Johnny Depp is well-known for playing pirate Jack Sparrow, but tonight he provides the voice of a very different sea-loving Jack: Jack Kahuna Laguna (aka JKL), a buff, blond surf guru. SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward seek out JKL's expertise when they become stranded on a remote island. They learn that the only way to get home is to surf "The Big One" - a legendary wave that can take them back to Bikini Bottom. But first, they need to learn how to ride that wave without wiping out. Surf's up, dude! * Prison Break (9 pm/ET Fox) As Prison Break went down for its annual winter's nap in December, we learned not only that Michael and Linc's mother is alive (and played by Kathleen Quinlan) but that she's - uh-oh -Company. Now the boys are back for the series' final batch of episodes, and they'll have to deal with her. Linc's first, beginning tonight in Miami, where he, T-Bag, Mahone and Self are working for Pad Man. Meanwhile, Michael and Sara are heading east from L.A. It won't be a fun trip. * Now on PBS (8:30 pm/ET PBS) It goes without saying that climate change is more than just an environmental concern. In this edition of Now, David Brancaccio examines the far-reaching consequences that unfettered global warming will have, including in the arenas of the food supply, water rights and national security. * Stranger Among Bears (10 pm/ET Animal Planet) Domestication is sooo yesterday. Living with wild animals is where it's at these days. Having lived among Alaska's grizzly and black-bear population for more than 20 years, the time has come for bear enthusiast Charles Vandergaw to share his day-to-day experiences with the world. This new series documents Vandergaw's relationship with the bears and his struggles with local authorities and disapproving neighbors, who are trying to stop his way of life. In the first episode, the cameraman learns it's not a good idea to get between a mother and her cub. * DogTown (10 pm/ET National Geographic) Not only is Grammy winner Emmylou Harris a talented singer-songwriter, she's also a passionate animal lover who has established a sanctuary for rescued dogs in her own home. She has helped lots of abandoned pups find permanent homes, but a vicious shepherd mix named Gunnar is giving her a very hard time. DogTown animal-behavior specialist Sherry Woodard heads to Nashville to help the country-music star socialize the severely aggressive canine, so that one day he can be adopted into a loving family, too. Source here

Prison Break Is Back with a Huge Reveal - Featured

Spoilers for tonight's episode Prison Break continues this Friday, but only for a few weeks longer. Yes, after four seasons, it's time for Michael and Linc to finally catch their breath... or perhaps take a final one. What's coming up as the action resumes with a two-hour return (8 pm/ET, Fox)? For one thing, there's the matter of the brothers' big and seemingly bad mama (played by Kathleen Quinlan). "She plays a big part in the last few episodes," series cocreator Matt Olmstead shares. "A lot of secrets are revealed, and Michael and Lincoln are certainly shook in terms of who they are, where they came from. At a certain point, they're wondering if this is the truth or are they being divided and conquered, so to speak." The maternal meddling is followed by a mother of a twist. "We have a big surprise reveal," says Olmstead, barely able to contain his excitement. "I won't tell you who it is, but a returning character comes in late in the game, when the wheels are coming off, and he or she is either there to save the day or to hijack the whole thing for his or her own benefit." That unexpected return, says Olmstead, "pays off very nicely." Of course, Prison Break being Prison Break, a few bodies will drop before Episode 22 fades to black. And one of them is of such significance, the show's bosses had to fight Fox to take the life in question. "There was kind of a polarized viewpoint over at Fox, in terms of killing or preserving a character," Olmstead tells "Once we made our pitch and turned in the script, they saw the merit in it. So they were completely on board." While Prison Break's final salvo wraps up with a "completely satisfying," double-episode finale airing May 8, the studio also produced a stand-alone, two-hour event that, should Fox not opt to air it, will at the very least appear on DVD. Since the series finale ends with a four-year flash-forward coda, Olmstead says the stand-alone story "plays really well ... because it's kind of a jump back in time and answers some questions." Source Here

Watch a sneak peek from PRISON BREAK Season 4 Episode 17, "The Mother Lode"

Michael and Sarah learn the dangers of hitchhiking as they make their way to Miami, and Lincoln meets with Christina who informs him of her plans to take over the Company. Meanwhile, Pad Man feels the heat from an new enemy, and T-Bag and Self's search for Scylla leads to an unexpected discovery on The Mother Lode episode of PRISON BREAK airing Friday, April 17 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here

SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Siblings, Part 2 - Featured

Gossip Girl - Dan and Jenny Dan and Jenny are by no means perfect children individually. Jenny especially, as a character, tends to piss me off (then again, she's a high school girl, so maybe this is realistic). However, together, I find that Dan and Jenny are adorable siblings. They rarely fight and both seem to legitimately care about each others' well-being. Jenny, from early on in the series, did everything she could to help Dan in his lovelife with Serena. Additionally, Dan knows how to get all brotherly when someone like Nate Archibald takes interest in his little sister. One Tree Hill - Lucas and Nathan So these two are only half-siblings, but who would have guessed back in Season 1 of One Tree Hill that the two would become friends (and Lucas a regular presence in his now-nephew's life)? Though Lucas and Nathan started off as the biggest of enemies, it became evident that their shared common father of Dan Scott - possibly the worst father to ever appear on television - was enough to bring the two together. The two are now not just half-siblings, but genuine friends. Prison Break - Lincoln and Michael Let's not forget how this series started. Lincoln was arrested ( but he was innocent! ) and Michael, without question, figured out how to break Lincoln out of prison. This was complete with a giant tattoo of the prison-escape route. Then, Michael committed a crime himself (bank robbery) so that he could find himself in the identical prison as his brother and the escape could commence. And that was just in Season 1. The brothers since have stuck together through even more... Supernatural - Sam and Dean Sam and Dean Winchester have to have the best brotherly banter on television right now. The slightly more sensitive (and troubled) Sam and the more sarcastic Dean make up a perfect and wholly entertaining supernatural crime fighting duo. They've rescued each other from death more times than I can recall and almost certainly would not be nearly as successful if they weren't working as a team. Friends (1994) - Ross and Monica Though Ross and Monica Gellar frequently exhibited a rivalry between one another, as Monica took issue with Ross being their parents' favorite child , I still always adored their relationship. They were ultra competitive, as demonstrated in the image here from the episode "The One With the Football", but what brother and sister aren't? Though the two were not necessarily the closest when they were younger, as they aged, they became much closer, as many siblings do. Who are your favorite TV siblings?

'Prison Break' Gets Extended--On DVD, In July

At the end of next month, Prison Break finally bids goodbye. But we've mentioned this all too many times, and as the first of the last six episodes airs this Friday, we've set our mind to it - the end is coming, the end is coming. Or not. Now, there are reports that Fox is going to release Prison Break - The Final Break, a direct-to-DVD feature-length ditty that promises to put the exclamation point at the end of a four-year-long sentence . The feature, which hits stores on July 21, will round off the events of the series finale, which airs on May 15 - and, perhaps, add a few more zingers. In their words, again: The shocking series conclusion was just the beginning. Secrets revealed and mysteries solved. The truth will blow you away. So, fans, add one more to your shopping list - the season 4 DVD will hits stores roughly two weeks after the series finale. The feature, which will be released in DVD and Blu-Ray formats, are now available for pre-ordering at Amazon, and apart from the usual surround sound and subtitles, the Blu-Ray release will feature an extra featurette, entitled The Old Ball and Chain & Free . Then again, this is still early information, and details on the release are still subject to change. The way things are going, this isn't a rumor anymore - at least we won't be kept hanging for some reason. Then again, there's the return of Prison Break this week, kicking off with the episode we left it off on Friday at 8pm, immediately followed by the first new episode at 9pm. Now that Lincoln and Michael's mother has resurfaced as another surprise pawn in the game to recover the Scylla, or take down the Company, or other things - ahh, stuff to watch, stuff to watch. Source Here

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Someone's Returning for the Finale--And Someone Isn't

We've roughly half a month before Prison Break returns for six more episodes, at the very least, including the series finale. Already! While right now it's still a drip feed of tidbits about what will happen to the show, we already know a few things: the forever-reporter spin-off might happen, a female character will be incarcerated, there will be a marriage, someone will get pregnant, and perhaps most painfully, there will be (at least) two deaths on the season finale. So we've heard that the series finale will flash forward four years, just to see who goes where, what happens to who, and who ends up with what. At this rate it's still very much up in the air: Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is up to something, Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) is still sticking with Michael (Wentworth Miller), and, well, I don't know. It's been so far away. Now, before you proceed, let it be known that there are possible spoilers below. Anyhow, we've got word on who else could be in the series finale, and who couldn't be.'s Matt Mitovich reminds us about the existence of two characters who have seemingly disappeared like magic since the beginning of the fourth season: LJ (Marshall Altman) and Sofia (Danay Garcia). You remember them? Sure. They ran for their lives at the season premiere, when someone from the Company pops up and Lincoln ends up killing him. And then they disappear. Word is, LJ will not be in the finale, which could mean we'll never know what happened to him once we do get the flash forward - or, maybe we'll have to resort to a cheesy - oh, LJ's doing this and that - speech from Linc. As for Sofia, well, word is she will be returning to the finale. Definitely it's not for Whistler - duh - but does this mean something between her and Linc? Oh, the answers will be out only by April 17, when Prison Break returns to screens on Fox. Source here

Top 10 Shows that "Jumped the Shark," Part 2 - Featured

You've seen SideReel's first 5 shows that jumped the shark , and now it's time for Part 2: Prison Break - You could see how a show entitled Prison Break might get itself into trouble in terms of keeping things fresh. Frankly, after the break-out in the first season, the show never lived up to that same quality again. The Season 2 Manhunt seemed to lack focus...and by Season 3 (back in prison, because breaking out once wasn't enough)...I was finished. Smallville - I can't pinpoint this show's jumping the shark to a specific season or episode (you true fans can help me out), but I recall a time when I was watching the program and I thought to myself..."This guy used to be so hot". This is not to say that Tom Welling still isn't a perfectly attractive and appealing lead, but face it...he's on the verge of 32. He is no longer a young Clark Kent and Smallville is no longer a young show. Throw in the departure of some of the show's key players...and you know this one has overstayed its welcome. Grey's Anatomy - Some of you cited this show in the comments of Part 1...and I couldn't agree more! When did Grey's 'Jump the Shark'? It really went off the deep end when Izzie starting seeing dead people. And talking to them. And having sex with them. But I'm going to be bold and call the "jump moment" even earlier. This might be a mere correlation and not a cause, but this show has been a stank mess ever since the end of the 3rd season when Burke left (which is not to say I still don't watch every minute of it). Scrubs - I was a Scrubs fanatic from the it pains me to say this, but the show has jumped the shark. This last season on ABC especially has done nothing except detract from the show's overall legacy. What really killed it for me was that aired-out-of-order "My Princess" episode on NBC last season. Cute episode. Made no sense continuity-wise. And this season? Sorry, but it's just not that funny anymore. It's a 30 minute drama being sold to us as a comedy, and that makes me sad. Nip/Tuck - For its first 2 seasons, Nip/Tuck was the most inventive thing on television. Then...there was that whole Eva storyline, and the Carver, and it's only gotten worse from there. There's only so many times that a crazy person can attempt to kill Sean and/or Christian before we call shenanigans on the show. For Nip/Tuck , I will pin the shark jump to the point at which they packed up and moved to LA. Sometimes, a change of scenery can do a show good. I was really optimistic at first when this change occurred, but it quickly sank back to its same degree of absurdity, if not more. Colleen the teddy-bear-making faux-agent from hell? Don't get me started... Which shows do you think have jumped the shark? Are we missing your selection? Do you disagree with ours? Discuss!

'Prison Break' Returns Spoiler - Featured

With only six episodes left, fans are waiting in anticipation to see how their beloved show will be coming to an end. After breaking out of prison several times, Michael and his team have gone on the offensive. So many questions have been left unanswered and imagining a happily ever after ending would be nice, but unlikely. Michael Ausiello has just reported that we'll be seeing at least two deaths by the end of Prison Break. Evidently, Michael (Wentworth Miller) must choose whether to save Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) or Lincoln (Dominic Purcell). Just because the power is in Michael's hands doesn't mean one is sure to die. Maybe they both die. Maybe Michael sacrifices himself and neither dies. I'd be putting my money on a very unhappy ending. The chances of a happy ending were always slim to say the least, especially considering the season finales from seasons one through three. The dark themes of Prison Break have always been intense. Given this new piece of information these are the three most likely options: 1. Lincoln doesn't even let Michael decide and sacrifices himself for the brother who has given up everything to save him. 2. Michael ends up sacrificing himself to save both of them. 3. All three die in a Bonnie and Clyde glory run. Obviously, we'll get more clues as they come in. With only six episodes left, the rest of the season will go by in a flash. Prison Break will return to FOX for its final run of episodes on Friday, April 17. What do you think will happen? Do you have more faith in a happy ending than me? How would you end the series if you were in charge? Sound off in the comments below. Source here