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Spoiler : Episode 4.23 - Casting Call

New Casting Call for episode 4.23

Episode 4.22 - Casting Sides

here are some casting sides for Episode 4.22

Spoiler : Episode 4.22 - Plotline and Casting Call

Here is a new Casting Call for Prison Break Episode 4.22

Featured Cancellation Buzz: Save Prison Break!

Prison Break 's Status: Prison Break will officially end when this season wraps up, so if you need more Prison Break, don't let it die out! Currently, Prison Break will return April 17th, moving it to a Friday (death) timeslot, where it will run its final planned episodes, wrapping up Season 4 and the series... unless you do something about it! Here's what you can do to help: Example: SideReel Page: Prison Break Graphic: Send paper swans and letters to Fox: Fox Studios 10201 Pico Boulevard Century City, CA. 90064 Join our Facebook Group and invite others to spread the love and keep up to date on PB's status: Save Prison Break Facebook Group Sign the petition: Save Prison Break Petition We'd love to hear about anything you do to help the campaign, so feel free to post any efforts you've made here in the comments to inspire other fans to help too!

Episode 4.21 - Plotline and Casting Call

Some details from Episode 4.21


unfornutaly fox announced yesterday that this is the final season of prison break which will start on april 17 for 7 more epuisodes and then finish. sorry guys no more prison break after this.

'Prison Break' Not Surviving FOX's Shuffle

'Prison Break' will have its final season in the fourth year to give room for new pilots on FOX. Read more.

Fox Boss Announces Prison Break's Return... and Finale - Featured

Michael and Lincoln soon will be able to finally catch their breath. Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly announced at Tuesday's TCA Winter Press Tour that "this will be the last year" of Prison Break . While citing the series' four-year run as one for the "win column," Reilly acknowledged, "It got to a point where a lot of the stories had been told." Prison Break aired its 16th episode/annual "winter finale" on Dec. 22. At least six more hours are set to unspool starting April 17, but that count could be upped to eight so as to properly finish the serialized saga. Said Reilly, "We want to finish strong." Source here

Prison Break Season four Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot for the Promotional Pictures of Prison Break can be seen here

Old Cast member RETURNS?

There is new speculation of an old cast member returning to the show, click here to find out who