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Get Ready For Action With Prison Break

If you thought that Prison Break is over once the network bosses show it red light, then you can not be more wrong. The show finale was followed by episodes for DVD only and now to slake the ever increasing thirst for more of Prison Break, a video game is ready to hit the market. Actually, this game was planned long before but the whole project had to be shoved before the fourth season of Prison Break Read more!

Sneak Peek at Wentworth Miller's Guest Appearance (Or Is It?)

It's no secret that Wentworth Miller will be returning to television screens via a guest appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 's season premiere, which airs on September 23 on NBC. Of course, it'd be weird seeing the guy in a different setting, after four years of getting into prisons, breaking out, and generally running away on Prison Break . Of course, we now know that the former good guy/bad guy (depending on who you are) is playing pretty much a good guy on the SVU season premiere, as an NYPD officer who saves a rape victim. While NBC isn't really giving that many details on storylines for the show yet, they posted a sneak peek on the season premiere on the show's website. Yep, your first glance at Wentworth after attempting to take down the Company and paying too much for it. The video's right below, and my quick takes as well. Souce Here

Curtains Drawn On Prison Break With The Airing Of "Killing Your Number"!

Hey friends! So our favorite show Prison Break finally came to an end. The final episode of Season 4 which also served as the series finale was aired on 15th May, 2009. The two hour long special episode marked the end of the conspiracies, the fights for survival and the struggle of a brother trying to prove the innocence of his sibling. I must say that the great show received a befitting ending. I am sure that none of you must have missed the series finale titled Killing Your Number where we saw Michael and Lincoln taking a final stand for their freedom as they confront Christina and The General, before Christina is killed at the hands of Sara. The brothers are saved from being killed by The General due to the timely intervention of Kellerman, Sucre, and C-Note. After Scylla is handed over to the authorities, everyone starts leading a normal life. Then the characters were shown living their individual lives, four years ahead into the future and in the final scene we saw all the characters, including Michael and Sara's son Michael Jr., together at Michael's grave, who is reveled to have died some time ago. The episode as well as the series ended with everyone walking away. No one had thought that a show about sibling love which forces one brother to commit various crimes so that he can prove the innocence of his wrongly convicted brother would become such a huge hit among the audiences. But then perhaps Prison Break was liked mainly because it focused on strong family ties and relationships nurtured in love. Personally I feel that during its four season long run, every episode of Prison Break was worth watching. There were numerous subplots and supporting story arcs, however Prison Break never deviated from the main storyline which remained focused on the struggle of two brothers who set out to correct the wrongs done to them by the government agencies. And towards the end of the series we saw the brothers finally getting justice and being able to lead normal lives. I am surely going to miss Prison Break but I am happy that it ended at a high point and was not dragged on pointlessly.

Wentworth Miller Returns to TV with 'SVU' - Featured

It's been a few weeks since Michael Scofield said his final farewells in the Prison Break series finale, and everyone wondering what Wentworth Miller would do next can rest, for now. Today TV Guide Magazine confirmed that Miller will be guest starring on the season premiere of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, an episode that airs Wednesday, September 23 at 9pm on NBC. This news comes shortly after confirmation that stars Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay will be staying with SVU despite early reports that the two might leave, If you're a Wentworth fan worried that he'll be playing a bad're probably right. However, the initial character description seems positive, as Miller will play an NYPD officer who saves a rape victim. However, I've seen enough episodes of Law and Order: SVU to know it's never that simple. Source Here

Robert Knepper: From 'Prison Break' Villain to 'Heroes' Villain - Featured

After being that guy we love to hate, T-Bag, in Prison Break , Robert Knepper is set to become yet another guy we love to hate. Or so it seems, for now. And, of all places, it's Heroes . Knepper has signed on to become the lead villain in the fourth season of the NBC series, which will premiere in the fall. For at least six episodes, he will play Samuel, the character referred to as "Carnival Barker" in previous releases. He'll be charismatic, all right, but he'll be evil, like every other villain. The character will possess a wickedly twisted sense of humor, and he is expected to peek into the lives of all the heroes. The guy we used to know as T-Bag--the supremacist who's flipped side more often than anybody else in Prison Break, but ended up returning to jail after a failed attempt to bow down to the Company--is set to start shooting Heroes, with the rest of the cast, later this week. The series is set to return for its fourth season on NBC this fall. Source Here

"Prison Break" Star Joins "Bioshock"

"Pirates of the Caribbean" director Gore Verbinski recently announced that he won't return for the fourth installment so he can focus on a big screen adaptation of the "Bioshock" video game. It was then revealed that the project had to be put on hold while everyone figured out how to make the film on a smaller budget. Going outside of the US to shoot it is one option being considered. Now, " Prison Break " star Wentworth Miller has posted a message on his Twitter page hinting that he will be joining "Bioshock" in some way. "Prison Break may be ending, but I've got things in the works," he said. "Hint... one word: Bioshock." WP

Assessing the (Leaked) "Final Break"

For a moment, let's return to the events of the Prison Break finale. Michael was successful at bringing down the Company, but not without the casualties, in this case, his mother Christina. Kellerman returns and gets everyone out of their loopholes--well, all but T-Bag, who was imprisoned for everything he's done. Four years later, Mahone's got a new wife, and Sara's given birth to her son. And Michael, as we all know, died. We should also remember that there is a feature-length episode, "The Final Break", that will be released on DVD in July, and it will explain everything that happened in those four years, including Michael's death. The catch is, that one's been leaked online. Well, not exactly. "The Final Break" was, surprisingly, aired in other countries. Originally composed of two episodes--"The Odd Ball and Chain" and "Free"--it was first aired in Israel, which was the version that leaked, and will be aired in the UK tonight. For obvious purposes I shall talk about what happened in those episodes, although I won't leak as many details, because technically we already know what happened. But that won't stop me from posting this warning: there are possible spoilers up ahead, so unless you've seen it or are planning to buy the DVD, skip this part now! To Read More Click Here .

TV Graveyard: FOX - Featured

Prison Break - I gave up on PB after season 2, and I have mentioned previously, never thought it lived up to the excitement of Season 1. That being said, I know PB has had a big following on were you guys ready to see it go? Were you satisfied with the somewhat shocking ending? 4 seasons aired. Sit Down, Shut Up - This show seemed to have a pedigree for success - from Arrested Development writer Mitch Hurwitz and with voices of Development faves Will Arnett and Jason Bateman (and other funny people too), this animated show even had what could have been a funny premise: self-centered teachers working in a small Florida fishing town (and as a born and raised Floridan...I know there's humor here somewhere). Somehow though, all of these combined forces still amounted to a show that wasn't very good. 4 episodes aired. King of the Hill - I don't think we should be too sad about this show's demise, as it lasted for an impressive 13 seasons. Hill always existed somewhat under the radar as it aired in conjunction with the widely-praised and unending The Simpsons , but it too was an accomplishment in the world of cartoons. Again, 13 seasons aired. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - I'm guessing that this show's cancellation will draw the most ire amongst the SideReel community out of any canceled show from any network this season! In fact, in a sitewide poll, more of you wanted TSCC saved than the now-saved Chuck on NBC (which also mirrored the results of E!Online's very popular Save-One-Show Campaign). There is not a doubt in anyone's mind that this one was canceled too soon, so it will forever have to live on as a member of the brilliant-but-canceled community. 2 seasons aired. Which FOX cancellation has left the biggest hole in your heart?

Prison Break Alum Bares (Almost) All for New Fox Drama - Featured

The womenfolk (and some of the men) might find themselves whistling at Prison Break 's Whistler when Fox's Mental premieres this Tuesday at 9 pm. Chris Vance, whose Dr. Jack Gallagher bares almost all in one of the very first scenes, gave us a look at the House-like drama and the tightrope it must walk in depicting mental illness. The London-born actor also comes clean on Prison Breaker Wentworth Miller's hygiene habits. To Read More Click Here .

TV Guide's Top Moments: Cliffhangers Galore on NCIS, Housewives, and Southland - Featured

Oh, you cliffhangers. How you fill our summer months with frustration. We despise you for denying us any closure, but we love you at the same time - because in the land of television, a season usually ends with you, or it ends forever. This week we focus on some edge-of-your-seat endings, and a few we won't lose sleep over. Welcome to Top Moments, to-be-continued edition. 11. Toughest Break: Yes, it's a far cry from the happily ever after that "MiSa" fans held out for. But Prison Break 's daring decision to send Michael to the one prison he can never escape deserves our respect. He loved well and lived hard. 10. Cleanest Break: The Bachelor nearly broke the drama meter a few months back, so The Bachelorette 's premiere resets it at zero with a break-dancing contest between two of the guys vying for Jillian's affections. It ends with break-dance instructor Michael getting a rose and pompous fitness model Greg getting served. (Did we just sound really cool or really old?) 9. Undercooked Roast Award: Jeffrey Ross' roast of the Dancing with the Stars cast has its bright moments ("Belinda Carlisle... I love the way you're dressed like a hooker from Battlestar Galactica "), but he loses points for letting Denise Richards off scott-free. What happened, Jeff? Did you spend too much time coming up with that "Can I marry you?" line for Melissa Rycroft? Because she's heard that one before. Anyway, Congratulations to Shawn Johnson for an Olympic win. 8. Most Pointless Cliffhanger: 90210 's finale reveals that Ethan has secretly taken a shine to Silver - and the two share a smooch that suggests a pending love triangle with Dixon. But shouldn't 90210 have explored this plotline earlier, since Ethan's not expected to come back next season? 7. Best-Timed Cliffhanger: On Breaking Bad , all of Walt's problems come to a head at once as he tries to carry out a major meth deal as his partner discovers heroin and his wife goes into labor. What makes this especially well-timed? The season is still underway. We get to see how this one resolves next week, not next year. 6. Worst Cliffhanger: Who is Mike marrying on Desperate Housewives ? Susan? Katherine? Who cares? As charming as James Denton might be, Mike Delfino hasn't had good romantic chemistry with a girlfriend on the show since pipes were made of lead and plumbers also foretold the weather. To read The First Five Click Here .