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Psych: The Movie... With Ryan Gosling?! Watch 'Fake News' Teaser

Gus has no patience for fake news especially when it comes directly out of Shawns mouth in the latest Psych: The Movie teaser. The following clip finds Dul Hill and James Roday back in character, as the crime-solving duo once again tease the feature-length revival without actuallyoffering up any footage. Instead, Shawn []

Yvette Nicole Brown is Totally Down to Appear in a Psych Movie

  Psych: The Movie is scheduled to premiere in December, but if creator Steve Franks has his way, this film will be the first of many in an ongoing series. Main characters Shawn ( James Roday ), Gus ( Dul Hill ), Juliet ( Maggie Lawson ) and the rest of the gang will all return for this first reunion   ...Read More...

The Psych Cast Shares Their Best Title Suggestions for the Potential Movie Sequels

When Psych creator Steve Franks first revealed he hoped to do another five reunion movies , our first reaction was, Whaaaaat?!? But then our second reaction was, heck yes! If any show can somehow pull of doing a Fast and the Furious -like film franchise, it's Psych . They've already shown us they can do   ...Read More...

You Won't Believe Who Psych: The Movie Originally Wanted for Zachary Levi's Role

  The addition of Chuck alum Zachary Levi to the cast of Psych: The Movie has been one of the most exciting elements of the forthcoming USA revival. And while Levi was not on-hand for Friday's San Diego Comic-Con panel , his upcoming turn as the Thin White Duke was still a hot topic this weekend.  ...Read More...

Psych Video: Dul Hill and James Roday Tease Reunion Movie (Who's In It? What Isn't? Where Is C.C. Capwell?)

Dul Hill and James Roday were engaged in a pleasant-enough conversation about Psych: The Movie when TVLines Michael Ausiello crossed a line. And then things went sideways in a jiffy. At least, thats probably how Hill would frame what went down in TVLines Comic-Con interview suite, where he and Roday came to talk up the []

Psych: The Movie: Timothy Omundson Will Appear in "One of the Best Scenes"

  Timothy Omundson will only appear in one scene of Psych: The Movie , but the writers have found other ways to make sure Carlton Lassiter's presence is felt throughout the anticipated reunion film. "Lassiter is a part of the movie. We wish he was a bigger part of the movie. Circumstantially, that did  ...Read More...

Psych @ Comic-Con: Watch Shawn and Gus Get Back in Shape for TV-Movie

Shawn and Gus hit the home gym and down a few pineapple cocktails in a newly released short screened at Psych: The MoviesSan Diego Comic-Con panel. The footage finds James Roday and Dul Hill back in character, as the inseparable crime-solving duo attempt to whip themselves back into Psych shape ahead of the []

'Psych' Reunion Movie: Jimmi Simpson Sets Return, Creator Teases Sequels

The 'Westworld' star will reprise his role as Mary Lightly in the upcoming special.  ...Read More...

The First Psych: The Movie Teaser Shows Shawn and Gus Practicing Their Best Catchphrases -

You've heard it both ways -- Shawn and Gus are getting back in Psych shape! The cast and producers of the upcoming Psych: The Movie treated fans to a special teaser for the film during their San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday after announcing that Jimmi Simpson would be returning for the film. Read the full article at .

Psych: The Movie Mega Buzz: Gus Finally Meets His Match!

Gus' ( Dule Hill ) search for love may be over in  Psych: The Movie ,  but can he handle his new lady love? "He kind of meets his match in Selene," Hill tells us. "Gus is used to being the hunter who never gets his prey. It'll be interesting to see what happens when the tables are turned and he becomes the hunted." Throughout the two-hour film, Selene, who will be played by Hill's real-life fiancee  Jazmyn Simon , will keep Gus and fans guessing as to whether she's the girl of Gus' dreams or his nightmares. But either way, it sounds like Selene will be way more than Gus bargained for -- which might be exactly what Gus has been looking for all these years.  ...Read More...