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PSYCH January 2010 Preview and Clips

Check out a couple of previews and clips, as well as a music video for the return of PSYCH and its 4.5 Season, which premieres on Wednesday January 27 at 10pm on USA. You might have noticed that instead of the familiar Friday night, Psych is now moving to Wednesdays. I am a little sad with the day change because Psych always made Fridays exciting. On top of that, Wednesdays are already pretty packed for me so that means I might end up delaying watching Psych even more now. But if it gets more people to watch it, then I'm all for it. I'm just excited Shawn and Gus are back and I can't wait to find out what the writers have in store for us this time (maybe some more 'The Mentalist' jokes?). Enjoy the videos below. Source & Clips

Psych Season 4, Episode 10 Previews: Wednesdays Starting January 27th! - Featured

Psych returns with an all new day and time, Wednesday at 10/9c on USA Network starting January 27th! The fourth season continues with guest stars John Cena, Robert Patrick, and Rachel Leigh Cook returns as Shawn's girlfriend. Other guest stars in the second half of season 4 include: Judd Nelson, Chris Sarandon, Miguel Ferrer, Bruce Davison, Ally Sheedy and more. Check out the promos: Psych Winter Premiere Previews Visit the official Facebook fan page and follow Psych on Twitter !

USA Tops 2009 Cable Ratings - Featured

From THR: USA Network made a clean sweep of the 2009 ratings race, marking the fourth consecutive win for the NBC Universal powerhouse. Per Nielsen ratings data (a blend of live-plus-seven-day and two weeks of live-plus-same-day numbers), USA drew a record 3.27 million viewers in primetime, a 14% improvement over its year-ago delivery. For the period spanning Dec. 29, 2008, through Dec. 27, 2009, USA swept ad-supported cable's three top TV demos, averaging 1.49 million adults 25-54, an increase of 11% versus 2008, while serving up 1.32 million viewers 18-49 (up 5%). The network also held off TBS to take the younger set, drawing 616,000 viewers 18-34. USA effectively shattered the records it set in 2008, when it averaged 2.86 million total viewers, 1.34 million adults 25-54 and 1.32 million viewers 18-49. (When factoring in all basic-cable nets, this year marks USA's second straight win among total viewers. In 2007, non-ad-supported Disney Channel topped the total cable universe with 2.7 million total viewers, edging USA's 2.68 million in the same period.) On the year, USA boasted cable's two most-watched new series in Royal Pains (7.47 million viewers per week) and White Collar (5.68 million). Both programs also ran away with their target demos, as "Pains" served up 3.56 million adults 25-54 and 3.15 million viewers 18-49, while "Collar" averaged 2.29 million 25-54s and 2.04 million 18-49s. USA also accounted for half of cable's top 10 returning series. With an average delivery of 7.19 million viewers, Burn Notice closed out the year second only to TNT's The Closer . That said, the wry spy drama topped the demos, averaging 3.61 million adults 25-54 and 3.27 million viewers 18-49. Other big earners for USA were: Monk , which ended its eight-season run on Dec. 4 in front of a crowd of 9.44 million viewers; Psych , which averaged 5.21 million viewers in the first half of its third season; and "In Plain Sight," which scared up 5 million viewers in its sophomore effort. What is your favorite USA Network series? Read more: USA Tops 2009 Cable Ratings

Psych does Private Eyes like Hall and Oates

They're at it again! This time instead of Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney doing "Ebony and Ivory," Shawn and Gus are re-creating Hall and Oates doing "Private Eyes." And this time, the rest of the cast are included as private eyes, too. The Psych team is nothing if not original when it comes to their promotions. The only thing missing in this one is a pineapple. Before taking a look at the video, just a reminder that Psych is coming back on Wednesday, January 27 at 10 p.m. Yes, you read that right, Wednesday. Psych has been a fixture on Fridays, usually following Monk. In fact, a lot of experts wonder if Psych will do as well in the ratings without the Monk lead in. We shall see. Source & Promo

USA Renews Psych for a 5th Season - Featured

From TV Guide: Psych has been renewed for a fifth season, has confirmed. The super-sleuthing USA comedy - which stars James Roday as a fake psychic who solves crimes with his excellent observational skills and Dule Hill as his best friend and partner - has been given a 16-episode order. Season 5 is likely to kick off in summer 2010. The second half of Psych's fourth season will return to its usual Fridays at 10/9c slot in January. But for the first time in the show's history, it will not follow Monk, which airs its series finale Dec 4. Source

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Oct. 9, 2009 - Featured

* Numb3rs (10/9c CBS) Russian roulette is literally a deadly game but eager players greedy to get rich quick can be found, as Don discovers when the team discovers a high-stakes Russian-roulette tournament. But who is the mastermind behind the gambling ring? The team's goal becomes locating and bringing down the person orchestrating the lethal encounters. * Psych (10/9c USA Network ) Now that Halloween is quickly approaching, the time seems right for the Psych gang to get into the holiday spirit. Tonight Shawn and Gus take a spooky case in which a man believes he's a werewolf and fears that he may be dangerous to the public. But the icing on this were-cake is that David Naughton, star of the 1981 hit An American Werewolf in London, guest stars. * Sanctuary (10/9c Syfy ) Amanda Tapping fans rejoice! The Stargate veteran returns for the second season of the series that got its start on the Web. This episode picks up with Magnus and her allies searching for the good doctor's daughter, Ashley (Emilie Ullerup). Unfortunately, the Cabal is involved and they aren't particularly noted for their skill in planning heartwarming family reunions. * Wizards of Waverly Place (8/7c Disney Channel ) The Emmy-winning series for Outstanding Children's Program launches it third season with new episodes each Friday in October. In the season premiere, Justin grows tired of Alex constantly going through his things, so he creates a female monster called Franken-Girl to guard his room. But his surefire plan backfires when Alex and the monster become fast friends. * Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (9/8c National Geographic ) In the first five seasons, Cesar Millan has rehabilitated hundreds of problem pooches. In the Season 6 opener, he's starting from scratch, adopting four absolutely adorable puppies into his pack and showing how to prevent bad behaviors from the get-go. Cesar better be careful, if his advice is too good he might just put himself out of business. Source Here

Let's Get Hairy

WILLOW GRIMBLEY] Stewart's sister, in her 20s, cute, offbeat and lovable, the co-owner, with her brother, of the occult store "Occultopuss," Willow is totally goth and wears fangs, but she's actually a sweet girl who's very worried about her brother. Willow believes Stewart might be a murderous werewolf, especially since he may have been bitten during a Mysterical March they took a few weeks ago, and she's relieved that Shawn and Gus, to whom she's attracted, are on the case.... [POLEXIA LI] Asian 20s - 30s, attractive, raven-haired, with a voluptuous figure, Polexia is a patient of psychiatrist Dr. Ken Tucker, with whom she's also been having an affair. An unstable kind of young woman who works as a bartender in a local Red Robin, Polexia becomes hysterical when Dr. Tucker tries to end their relationship, and she threatens to ruin his marriage and his practice... tune in friday for barrel of laughs.

PSYCH "High Top Fade Out" Season 4 Episode 7

Take a preview of Psych Season 4 Episode 7 "High Top Fade Out" airing this Friday September 25 at 10pm on USA Network . Episode Synopsis: Gus' reunion with two members of his college a cappella quartet, with whom he's estranged, at the funeral of the fourth leads to a case for Shawn when they ask him to prove that "Diddle" was murdered. Source & Preview

Psych Latest Episode: Season 4, Episode 6 - 'Bollywood Homicide'

A man thinks he's cursed after several of his former girlfriends meet grim fates, and he asks Shawn and Gus to investigate. Sendhil Ramamurthy guest stars. Watch & Discuss: Watch Psych: Season 4, Episode 6 - 'Bollywood Homicide'

PSYCH Season 4, Episode 6: "Bollywood Homicide" - Preview

Take a sneak peek of Psych Season 4 Episode 6 "Bollywood Homicide" airing this Friday September 18 at 10pm on USA Network . Episode Synopsis: An actor in a local Bollywood theatre production takes a vow of celibacy when he believes he has proof his family's curse is manifest in him. Shawn and Gus, who are true believers in love, vow to find out why the man's girlfriends keep getting hurt and stumble upon a motive that may be close to home. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source & More Pics