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'Real World' Heads Back to Las Vegas: First Look

"Oh my God," groans a 20-something guy at the end of the first trailer for MTV's newest season of 'The Real World,' which returns to Las Vegas after an eight-year absence. That's essentially how we feel after watching the two-minute clip. Considering that the first Vegas season marked the show's turn from "interesting glimpse at diverse roommates interacting with each other" to "hot, angry, young people drinking, having sex and fighting," we're a little torn at the prospect of watching yet another batch of PYTs get into trouble. Included in PEOPLE's first look trailer are drinking, making out, gambling, punching, scromiting (screaming + vomiting) -- really everything you've come to expect from an MTV reality show. That doesn't mean we won't tune in when season 25 (!!!!!) premieres in March.