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'Arrow' star John Barrowman joins 'Reign' as Francis' killer

When it came time for King Francis to die on Reign , the show knew it wanted to throw fans for a loop. So instead of sending Francis out after his long battle with whatever was happening with his ear, he died fighting to save Marys life (in a literal swordfight, that is). But its not...   Read More...

Reign's Megan Follows Previews Her 'Exciting' Directorial Debut, Laments the Loss of Her On-Screen Son

Megan Follows trades her crown for a clapboard on Fridays winter finale of Reign (The CW, 8/7c), an experiencethe first-time director admits shewantedsince Day 1. I started pestering them pretty much right away, saying, I want to do this. I want to do this,' Follows tells TVLine. They were very supportive and said I needed []

'Reign' exclusive sneak peek: Which queen is pregnant?

Mary and Elizabeth might have some things in common: Theyre both royalty. Theyre related. They both know how to rock a corset.But when it comes to fertility, it seems theyre nothing alike. After watching Mary struggle (and fail) to get pregnant for seasons now, EW has an exclusive Reign...   Read More...

Reign's Toby Regbo Says Goodbye to Fans: 'It's Been an Absolute Pleasure'

Still have a tickle in your throat after Fridays Reign? Perhaps a few words from (former) star Toby Regbo will help to mend your broken heart. So, after a [few] good innings, Francis finally bit the bullet, Regbo posted to Twitter on Sunday night, just two days after his royal characters death aired on The []

Reign Sneak Peek: Nostradamus Shares a New Vision of Francis' Death

French Courts favorite hipster soothsayer returns to Reign thisFriday (The CW, 8/7c), and hes got some bad news for Toby Regbos ailing monarch. In TVLines exclusive sneak peek, Nostradamus reunites with his old frenemy Catherine with word of, arguably, his most troubling vision yet and as longtime viewers know, there have been many. There []

Reign First Look: Has King Francis' Final Hour Arrived Already?

Lets be real: Ever since Francis death was confirmed earlier this month, weve all been counting down the seconds until he eventually joins Henry and Mufasa and all the other Great Kings of the Past. Lo and behold, a new photo from ReignsNov. 6 episode, ominously titled The Price, finds Mary attending to Francisand the []

Reign 'Shocker': Francis Dying in Season 3, EP Confirms

Crank up the Beyonc, Reign fans, because Queen Mary is about to find herself a single lady. Given the grim prognosis King Francis received at the end of the CW dramas second season, this probably shouldnt come as too much of a surprise, but Toby Regbos character is going to meet his maker during the []

Reign: Let's Catch Up on Season 2 Before the Season 3 Premiere!

The Queen's court is back in session, so here's a handy dandy catch-up guide.   Read More...

'Reign' exclusive: Francis will die in season 3

And here's why she's choosing to spoil it for fans.   Read More...

Reign Boss Reveals Francis' Season 3 Fate -

Despite the fact that Reign doesn’t always follow the history books, one thing is certain: King Francis will die in the upcoming third season of the series. Showrunner Laurie McCarthy spoke exclusively to EW about the death, and why she wanted to spoil it before the season began. "I wanted people to get used to it — there was no way around it in the storytelling," McCarthy said. "We’ve done shocking deaths and that’s not the tone of this story." Read the full article at .