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Revenge Spoiler Pics: In Court, In Heat

On April 25, Revenge will go to court, and Victoria will go to bed with a man not named Conrad. Indeed, ABC has released the official episode synopsis for "Justice," along with a slew of photos from the 18th installment of season one. What can fans expect? A lot of James Purefoy as a man from Victoria's past and present, that's apparent. Moreover, a lot of Daniel and company in court, with Declan scheduled to give key testimony on the episode that will mark the "beginning of the end of his relationship with a self-destructive Charlotte," according to the network. Get an early look at upcoming scenes now and then also take a glance ahead at the April 18 return hour via these Revenge pictures .

Will Daniel Forgive Emily If He Finds Out the Truth About Her Past on Revenge?

Daniel Grayson might be suffering from a bout of memory loss, but one thing he remembers like the back of his studly hand? Tyler's suspicions about Emily Thorne.Well, that and how amazing he looks with a 5 o'clock shadow.Despite Daniel's everlasting love for Em, he was creeped out enough to dig through her floorboards looking for proof that she's a crazy vigilante. Luckily, Emily convinced Daniel that Tyler's theories were the insane delusions of a raving lunatic, but now that Daniel's in jail,...

Revenge Spoilers: Victoria Gets Physical

Revenge's Victoria Grayson may be an ice queen at a social function, but between the sheets, she's a whole different woman!Madeleine Stowe tells E! Online that we can expect to see more of Victoria's sensual side when a former lover (James Purefoy) reenters her life."I call him much more than a love interest. He's a beautiful man and it's a very visceral, physical kind of [relationship]," she says.In fact, things got so steamy, not everything may make it to our television screens!"I...

Next Big Revenge Death: The Cast Debates Who It Will Be

More blood will be spilled in the Hamptons on Revenge this season, and everybody is a target.As creator Mike Kelley has teased, fans can expect another death, one with a "big impact." So who might get the axe? Well, of course, none of the cast members wants to get offed, so they gave their pitches to The Examiner about why their characters shouldn't be the one to die at Paleyfest 2012."Declan and [Jack] are the only two people on the show who aren't pretending to be something we're...

Gabriel Mann: Revenge Finale Won't Have a Cliffhanger, "More Like a Mountainhanger"

This extra-long Revenge hiatus is building our anticipation to sky-high levels.The only thing getting us through these hard times until the show returns April 18 is knowing that the final six episodes will air without interruption until what's looking like an explosive finale."i can say that when #revenge comes back w #Doubt ep17 its a rocket to ep22 & we dont have a cliffhanger coming..more like a mountainhanger," star Gabriel Mann tweeted.We don't know whether to be excited or terrified!...

Revenge Promo: New Episodes Return April 18!

The aftermath of the engagement party murder dominated the last episode of Revenge .  The Grayson family immediately hired a terrific (and expensive) lawyer to defend Daniel.  Victoria also immediately cast suspicion on Amanda Clarke, suggesting that perhaps she would want to ruin the family by framing Daniel.  Fortunately for Emily, Amanda is safely tucked away somewhere and won't be seen for a while.  But the forensic evidence against Daniel is pretty solid and he was charged with murder.  The judge even denied him bail because of the Graysons' resources and fears that he might flee. We also learned the truth about what really happened that night on the beach: Nolan had been working with Takeda for months to help oversee Emily's plan and he made sure the security cameras at the party had been tampered with.  Takeda was watching Tyler and Daniel arguing on the beach, but Daniel was the one who first shot Tyler (albeit with a non-lethal shot).  That's when Takeda struck Daniel with a rock, knocked him out, and shot and killed Tyler.  Later, he took Amanda to get rid of her and now Jack is both desperate to find her and eager to avoid getting embroiled in the whole murder drama. Unfortunately, our wait for a new episode of Revenge has been a long one, and it's not over yet.  The show will finally return with new episodes on April 18. The week before (April 11), ABC will be airing a clip show with highlights from the season so far.  But the next new episode, titled "Doubt", will feature Daniel trying to make it through his days - and nights - in prison.  Victoria's storyline will also heat up when James Purefoy drops by as an old friend with a lot of secrets...and a lot of chemistry with Victoria. Watch a preview below for the April 18 return of Revenge.   You can also browse through photos for the episode here . Don't forget to browse and bookmark our new Revenge showpage .  It's your one-stop-shop for all of our coverage for the show, including spoilers, reviews, sneak peeks and more! Revenge Promo: New Episodes Return April 18!

Watch Promo of Revenge Episode 17, "Doubt" (VIDEO)

Revenge returns April 18 with all-new episodes, starting with episode 17, "Doubt." When Daniel Grayson gets beaten up in prison, his mother Victoria Grayson and fiancee Emily Thorne work to get him out. Meanwhile, a former love of Victoria's shows up to complicate matters.
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Revenge Spoilers: What Shocking Event Happens in the Season 1 Finale?

It's a long wait until Revenge returns from hiatus on April 18, but when it comes back, we can expect six straight episodes of insane drama, plot twists, and death stares.It will all culminate in an explosive season finale, which will feature a "horrific accident," according to E! Online, "of a vehicular nature."Previous spoilers have hinted at another big death to come this season. So will this death occur because of a car crash? Can anyone else smell a cliffhanger coming our way?Source:...

'Revenge' guy lands a 'Grimm' guest role

EW exclusive! Roger Bart, a.k.a. slimy author Mason Treadwell on ABC hit, signs on for NBC guest role as...

'Revenge' Spoilers: Looking Backward and Being Bad

Off the air until mid-April, there's not a lot of Revenge to be had these days. There are, however, a few Revenge spoilers. Keep reading to find out what might be coming next!