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Roseanne Reunion: John Goodman and Sara Gilbert Reprise Roles 20 Years Later (Video)

John Goodman dropped by The Talk on Friday to promote his new movie Kong: Skull Island, and Sara Gilbert was ready for him. The two former Roseanne actors went backLanford, Ill. to reprise their roles as Dan and Darlene Conner the first such reunion in 20 years. The sketch scene took place on the ugly family couch, of course. So, ah, theres something Ive been wanting to talk to you about for a while now, Gilbert began. ...Read More...

John Goodman And Sara Gilbert Stage Roseanne Reunion On The Talk Update

UPDATED with Goodman and Gilberts comments about a possible Roseanne reboot: Roseanne co-stars John Goodman and Sara Gilbert reunited for the first time in two decades as Dan and Darlene Conner on Fridays edition of The Talk . And they made it clear they would be game to do a reboot of the iconic ABC sitcom if asked. "Oh, hell yes. Goodman told host Julie Chen. The big 'R' (Roseanne Barr) and I did a pilot about five years ago that didn't go anywherebut we were very ...Read More...

Watch the Roseanne Episode Carrie Fisher Wrote for Debbie Reynolds

"Arsenic and Old Mom" was her only sitcom-writing credit. ...Read More...

John Goodman On 'Roseanne' Reboot: 'Hell Yeah!'

John Goodman recently gave an interview to The Insider With Yahoo to promote his new movie '10 Cloverfield Lane' but the publication's biggest takeaway from the interview is that Goodman would tota......   Read More...

'Homeland' Adds 'Smash' Star, 'Roseanne' Alum for Season 4 (Exclusive)

Following the additions of Laila Robins and Corey Stoll, the Showtime drama continues to fill out the cast for its upcoming return with actors Raza Jaffrey and Michael O'Keefe.   Read More...

SideReel Loves Moms

To paraphrase Homer Simpson, moms: the cause of, and solution to all of life's problems. Or at least, the cause of and solution to most of television's problems. It was tough to narrow this list of TV's iconic moms to just eight—we suspect that both Sofia Petrillo and Carmela Soprano have it out for us now—but we took our best stab at it, though, OK, we  kind of  slipped in a ninth. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!       Game of Thrones : Cersei Lannister/Daenerys Targaryen One is the mother of dragons and the other is the mother of a monster, and they're two of Game of Thrones ' most notorious power players. By turns ruthless and loving, Cersei and Daenerys will do anything to ensure their legacies—including using their children to do their bidding.       Arrested Development : Lucille Bluth Speaking of power players, Lucille, matriarch of the dysfunctional Bluth clan, turned out to be the real brains behind the "lightly treasonous" business deals that shaped the AD storyline in seasons one through three—only to be stuck under house arrest come season four.       How I Met Your Mother : Tracy (The Mother) Tracy, the titular-yet-oft-unseen mother, is the reason we got to spend nine years with the HIMYM crew, even though we only got to spend one year (or is it more like one weekend?) with her. She may not have been integral to the story in the end, but as the catalyst of the long-running sitcom, she gets to take her place among the iconic TV moms of the new millennium.     Seinfeld : Estelle Costanza For decades, television tended to idealize mothers. Thankfully, '90s tended towards cynicism—in large part due to the success of Seinfeld —and brought us the wonder that was Estelle Costanza. Shrill, nuts, adoring, and petty, she was every bit the equal to her husband, Frank, and a big part of what made George so, well... George.     Friday Night Lights : Tami Taylor Not that there's anything wrong with idealized moms—and Tami is living proof. She's loving, dedicated, ambitious, brilliant and a perfect partner to husband Eric ("Coach") Taylor. She's so great, she managed to make a career jump from guidance counselor to principal after just two years at Dillon High! Coach might get cast aside, but Tami is irreplaceable (except maybe to daughter Julie, but eventually, she'll learn).     Mad Men : Betty Draper/Francis Pity Betty. She's had a poor little rich girl existence since the start of Mad Men , what with Don constantly cheating on her, her kids not loving her (not that she's been any great help on that front), and getting remarried to a guy she's not entirely sure is on her side. As Tolstoy said, "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." At least when it comes to Betty, that unhappiness makes for a mesmerizing character.     Roseanne : Roseanne Conner Roseanne Conner might just have been the anti-Betty. She was working class, and caught zero breaks, but she was a bedrock for her family. Her husband adored her, her kids respected her, and before things went all wacky in the final season, she was one of the (very) few everywomen on TV, with a family we didn't admire so much as relate to.     Parenthood : Kristina Braverman Kristina is the closest thing we have on this earth to an angel. She's even got a halo of white-blonde hair to prove it. She's the sounding board for her (extremely large and complicated) family, she has the patience of a saint (yes, the metaphors just got mixed; deal with it), and it's pretty impossible not to love her. You'll cry with her, laugh with her, hurt with her and generally just want to be her. Given that she's perfect, she's the only acceptable way to end this list.     Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of She loves her mom. You can follow her musings on  Twitter .

Johnny Galecki Discusses 'Roseanne,' 'Big Bang' and 'Entourage' on 'Good Day LA' (VIDEO)

Johnny Galecki has fond memories of 'Roseanne,' that predate his role on the show. He reminisced on 'Good Day LA' (weekdays, 9AM PT on Fox) about watching the first episode with his family, and also talked about what he's been doing in the offseason before filming begins again for 'The Big Bang Theory.' Galecki said his 'Roseanne' role started as a one-episode deal when he was 16, but stretched to three episodes and then three years when Roseanne Barr asked him to join the cast permanently. He still keeps in touch with Sara Gilbert, and would love to have her back on 'Big Bang' if she could find the time. "She was on 'Big Bang,' I think she did maybe a half a dozen episodes in the last couple of seasons," he said, "and we'd love to have her back but she's busy with 'The Talk' right now."

Sara Gilbert Promoted to Big Bang Regular

Sara Gilbert - who guest starred on three Big Bang episodes last season as Leslie Winkle - has joined the cast of the series as a regular. Gilbert played a colleague and sometimes love interest of Leonard's (Johnny Galecki). Interestingly, Galecki and Gilbert also starred together as romantic interests on Roseanne . Wonder how this will impact the burgeoning Leonard/Penny relationship... Source: THR