Brooks Wheelan Says He's Been Fired From Saturday Night Live

  SaturdayNight Live star Brooks Wheelan took to Twitteron Mondayto say that he's been let go as a cast member of the NBC sketch show.     Read More...

'Saturday Night Live' Sketches Inspire Ben & Jerry's Flavors (Video)

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New SNL Cast Members Adorable Most Memorable Moments

  A few weeks ago, we looked at the impact of Saturday Night Live 's freshman cast members this season. It was very scientific. For a more qualitative look back, here are all the newbies (save Mike O'Brien) talking about their most memorable moments. They all get expectedly nostalgic and cute. Especially Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett, whose videos reveal they've secretly been adorable during the good-byes all year. We guess when you make that much of a mark in your first season, you want to hug people.  Read More...

Jonah Hill on Playing a 6-Year-old on 'SNL'

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The Season Finale of SNL Was…

SNL  has had an, well, odd season. So inconsistent at times, it was hard to tell what you were watching. It seems they knew this and knew that decided to bank on a sure thing by bringing back Andy Samberg to host the season finale. Many think Samberg was the one who brought some youth to the show with his Digital Shorts, so people were pretty pumped the season was gonna go out on a bang. Well, did it? Read on and I will tell you. Read More...

‘SNL’ Season Finale: Solange and Jay Z Bring Big Laughs, Andy Samberg Not So Much

Depending upon who you ask, "Beygency" is the funniest thing to happen to "Saturday Night Live" this season. That is until the comedy sketch show this weekend brilliantly parodied Solange's now infamous elevator assault against her brother-in-law Jay Z. The cold open — which featured Jay Pharoah as the rapper, Sasheer Zamata as Solange, Kenan Thompson as a skittish bodyguard and a hilarious cameo from former "SNL" star Maya Rudolph as Beyonce — was full of unforgettable punch lines and ribbing.  This includes the "lost" audio from the elevator that explained that Solange wasn't attacking her sister's husband. No, she was simply knocking off a spider on his shoulder over and over again. See video:   Andrew Garfield Chased Down Like Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer by SNL's The Beygency  Rudolph wasn't the only alum to return for the finale. Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg came back to host the 39th season finale two years after leaving the show. The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star kicked off the night with a joke about appearing in 100 digital shorts and only six live sketches during his seven seasons on "Saturday Night Live." His opening monologue also included fun cameos from other one-time cast members Seth Meyers, Bill Hader and Martin Short. Samberg even attempted to top the number of impersonations Hader had done during his stint on "SNL," by lampooning everyone from Paul Giamatti to Alf. But in the end, Hader came out and did a couple more impersonations and held onto the record. Sadly, the cold open, Samberg's marathon of impersonations and his turn as Nicolas Cage on "Weekend Update" later proved to be the comedic high points of the night. Also read:   ‘SNL': Charlize Theron Can't Sing, But Barbara Walters Can Do A Mean Barbara Walters Impression The rest of the sketches were laugh-deficient at best. This includes the one about an inappropriately affectionate family watching the NFL draft its first openly gay player, Michael Sam. Despite welcomed appearances by "SNL" alums Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Hader and Rudolph, the bit was heavy on the silliness and light on wit. Even Samberg's two digital shorts — one about a DJ who makes his fans explode with delayed bass and a Lonely Island music video about hugs — felt forced. Through it all, Samberg, the returning cast members and guest stars Lil Jon, 2 Chainz and Pharell Williams looked like they were having a blast. Shrug. At least somebody was. The post ‘SNL’ Season Finale: Solange and Jay Z Bring Big Laughs, Andy Samberg Not So Much appeared first on TheWrap . Related stories from TheWrap: New 'Sasquatch' Movie to Star 'SNL,' 'Scrubs' Alums Paul Brittain, Neil Flynn Maya Rudolph Serenades Seth Meyers with Lost 'SNL' Song (Video)

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