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Leslie Jones Recalls Her Bold 'Saturday Night Live' Audition

"Lorne got his ass up and moved."

Leslie Jones confronted Kenan about his statements on the diversity of 'SNL'

Back in 2013,  Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson explained why he thought the show didnt star any black female performers: In auditions, they just never find ones that are ready, he told TV Guide  at the time. Comedian Leslie Jones responded to that quote by going on...

Amy Poehler, Kyle Mooney Celebrate Christmas at Nana's in SNL Sketch That Was Cut for Time (Video)

NBC has released a Saturday Night Live sketch titled Christmas at Nana's that was cut for time last weekend, when SNL alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-hosted the show. Poehler traded her Sisters co-star Fey for Kyle Mooney in the sketch, in which they played siblings who are forced to resolve their differences before they can spend time with Grandma. Kate McKinnon played Poehler and Mooney's disapproving mother in the sketch, which also features a creepy prosthetic head. Watch the video above and let us know if you think it shouldve been included in last weekend's broadcast.

See Kyle Mooney awkwardly interview Justin Bieber fans in cut 'SNL' sketch

Justin Bieber fans werent the only ones hanging out in the rain before the Sorry singers September performance on the Today  show: Kyle Mooney interviewed those very fans that morning for a  Saturday Night Live  sketch that was ultimately cut for time. In the video, Mooney...

Will Ferrell and Maya Rudolph Impersonate Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield, Get Praise From RHoA Stars (VIDEO)

Actors Will Ferrell and Maya Rudolph first crossed paths on Saturday Night Live, but even though neither of them are on that show anymore, it turns out they could have a future as Real Housewives of Atlanta impersonators.

Sarah Palin Mocks Tina Fey in '30 Rock' Spoof '31 Rock'

In a short that misses the deadline for edgy by about seven years, Sarah Palin finally got her comeuppance on Tina Fey , who frequently spoofed Palin on Saturday Night Live , with a spoof of her own: 31 Rock. In it, Palin plays Lynn Melon, a small-town TV writer struggling to have it all in the big ...

Sarah Palin channels Liz Lemon in '30 Rock' parody

Who's got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn't cried once today? Sarah Palin, apparently. Tina Fey once again trotted out her Palin impression on Saturday Night Live this weekend, but now, Palins turning the tables with an impression of her own. The Independent Journal created a...

Watch Amy Poehler's Christmas Sketch Cut From SNL

As if Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's stint on Saturday Night Live last week wasn't enough of a homerun, NBC has released a sketch that was cut from the broadcast. SNL : watch the best clips from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Christmas show The bit features Poehler and Kyle Mooney as bickering siblings, and ...

This Cut Amy Poehler/Kyle Mooney SNL Sketch Angrily Whispers the True Meaning of Christmas

There are a lot of important messages in this cut Amy Poehler sketch from this past weekend's SNL . The first of which is that it's time to stop cutting Kyle Mooney sketches before air! The other lessons are more about siblings and growing up and forgiveness and family, but the Kyle Mooney thing is significant. If I had to pick just one lesson, though, the most important one would probably have to be to check Nana's skeletal integrity before making her wait more than two minutes to open up all those fat-ass presents with her name on 'em. There is just so much to learn here. Happy holiday, everybody!

'SNL' ratings surge with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Fey and Poehler deliver second-biggest 'SNL' ratings in nearly two years.