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Bloopers, Outtakes, and Gag Reels From Your Favorite TV Shows

Some of TV's funniest moments never make it to air. But thanks to DVD extras and YouTube, they often make it to viewers anyway. We've rounded up gag reels, outtakes, and blooper compilations from some of television's craziest comedies and darkest dramas. So clear your schedule and prepare to fall down a YouTube rabbit hole.   Game of Thrones , Season 6 You'd have trouble saying "the good masters of Astapor, the wise masters of Yunkai, and the benevolent enslavers of Volantis" too.   Supernatural , Season 11 "Was that your ass or your stomach?" A very important question, indeed.   Grace and Frankie , Season 2 Relive Lily Tomlin and June Diane Raphael's incredible standoff.   The Office , Season 7 It's a shame this cast didn't have much fun on the set.   The Originals , Season 3 "I'm your f**king sire."   Breaking Bad , Season 4 It's all about Bryan Cranston's naked shower song.   Lost Sometimes the cast members were lost, too.   The Wire , Season 5 The darker the show, the more ridiculous the gag reel.   Orange Is The New Black , Season 3 The Litchfield girls just wanna have fun.   Grey's Anatomy , Season 8 Featuring mostly actors who are no longer on the show. :(   Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , Season 1 More body rolls!   Scandal , Season 2 "You brought this bitch?!" Escándalo.   Will & Grace "Cute with a capital Q."   Outlander , Season 2 Including characters other than Jamie, sadly. (Kidding. Sort of.)   Orphan Black , Season 4 Maslany FTW!   And just because, news bloopers: p { text-align: justify; }

Kerry Washington Gives Birth to Baby No. 2

  Kerry Washington and her husband, former NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, have welcomed their second child. The Scandal star gave birth to son Caleb Kelechi Asomugha on Oct. 5, E! News reports. Washington, 39, and Asomugha, 35, are already parents to a 2-year-old daughter, Isabelle. In order to accommodate ...Read More...

Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha Welcome Son Caleb - E! Online

Kerry Washington has added another little gladiator to her brood. E! News has exclusively learned that the Scandal star and hubby Nnamdi Asomugha have welcomed their second child together. The actress gave birth to a baby boy, Caleb Kelechi Asomugha , on Oct. 5. Other details were not immediately available. Read the full article at E! Online.

Emmys: Watch 'Scandal's' Tony Goldwyn Joke About Kerry Washington's Baby Bump

Washington, now pregnant with her second child, hid her bump while filming the third season of the ABC series.  ...Read More,,,

Which Shondaland Leading Lady Are You?

Shondaland is a magical place where strong, complicated women from diverse backgrounds find professional success and personal — well, if not "success" exactly, then at least a lot of excitement? Anyway, real women on TV! Imagine that. Since 2005, when Grey's Anatomy introduced us to Meredith, show creator Shonda Rhimes has been bringing to life some of the most complete female characters in television. So which Shondaland leading lady is your "person"? Take this quiz to find out.     If you're having trouble viewing the quiz, click here . Let us know what you got below! p { text-align: justify; }

Scandal Season 6: Election Day Will Bring Bloodbath, What New Is In Store For Fitz?

After a successful Season 5 run, Scandal is ready to return with an even more engaging Season 6. Season 6 will meet the Election Day right on its premiere. Speculations are running high about what the event would bring. This is especially after Bellamy Young a.k.a Mellie from Scandal predicted that the election would bring bloodbath. But what could be the circumstances leading to this situation? The Election Day would have Mellie representing the Republicans standing up against Frankie (Ricardo Chavira) from the Democrats. Mellie may have all her strategies ready for beating Frankie. But it is not the presidential election that threatens her position. Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is after the vice-president position and if he succeeds in beating Jake (Scott Foley), he will bring down hell upon her. READ MORE...

Kerry Washington Is Producing a Female Police Drama for ABC

The show stars four women with badges and secrets. ...Read More...

Scandal Season 5 Bloopers Include a Nixed Kiss, Potty-Mouthed POTUS

Kerry Washington isnt opposed to the delivery of some on-screen sugar and yet one of her leading men dares to leaveher hanging in the blooper reel from Scandal: The Complete Fifth Season. Also among the ABC dramas highly entertaining foul-ups, bleeps and blunders: Tony Goldwyn turns into the Cusser-in-Chief upon blowing a line, Katie []

Scandal Season 6 Will Jump Straight From the Convention to Election Night

#ImWithHer. ... 

'Scandal' Recasts Jake's Wife With Jessalyn Gilsig

The 'Vikings' alum replaces Joelle Carter as the bride to Scott Foley's character....   Read More...