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Why No Name Change??

Why hasn't the name been officially changed to Scrubs: Med School, on all the TV schedules and stuff. Because to be honest this one is crucifying one of the best sitcoms ever.

Cancellation Buzz: Are Scrubs and Ted in Trouble? (Probably) - Featured

The Futon Critic has reported that ABC intends to run double episodes of their Tuesday night comedies Scrubs and Better Off Ted throughout January beginning on Tuesday the 5th. ABC is also airing 2 episodes of Ted and one of Scrubs on Friday, January 1st (seriously...will anybody know or remember to watch these?!) They will then alternate episodes of the 2 shows on Tuesdays - airing Scrubs at 8 & 9 and Ted at 8:30 & 9:30. Collectively, these airings will burn off both shows' 13-episode orders. Both series have been struggling in the ratings since they premiered earlier this month. Thus, ABC dumping all of the episodes quickly might not be such a great sign for their future survival. From TV By the Numbers : "Though it won't likely quiet speculation from fans, this seems to significantly reduce (all the way down to zero) the likelihood that either show will get renewed for additional episodes." While I thus far have not been wowed by Scrubs: Med School, I'd be kind of sad to lose Ted, which I think has really excelled in its second season. How about you?

Ratings: The Good Wife Goes Out with a Bang

The Good Wife headed into its winter hiatus on the strength of its largest audience to date, helping CBS land yet another Tuesday night ratings win. The freshman legal drama pulled in 14.1 million viewers, handily defeating The Jay Leno Show (5.2 million viewers) and a repeat of The Forgotten (3.3 million viewers), capping off a characteristically strong Tuesday showing for CBS. New holiday episodes of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles were watched by 20.5 million viewers and 17.4 million viewers, respectively. Putting up the best fight was NBC's The Sing-Off, which averaged 7 million viewers over two hours and improved 13 percent among adults 18-to-49. Leading out of another airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas (6.6 million viewers), ABC's Scrubs (4.3 million viewers) and Better Off Ted (3.2 million viewers) continued to plunge, with the former down 13 percent and the latter hitting an all-time low in the demo. On Fox, the So You Think You Can Dance performance finale pulled in 6.3 million viewers, but only 4 million viewers tuned into Gordon Ramsay's live cooking show. Two repeats of The Vampire Diaries averaged 1.4 million viewers for the CW. Source here

Scrubs: Preview of Episode 9.04 "Our Histories"

We're getting another goodbye on tonight's episode of Scrubs, which will feature the return (and departure) of two characters from the past. We're not talking about J.D. and Turk even though Dr. Cox would like to throw them out the window though. This is about Ted (Sam Lloyd) and Gooch (Kate Micucci). On "Our Histories", the couple returns to bid farewell to Dr. Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins). The three of them meet up in a nearby university bar to catch up on each other's lives, leading to another exodus of beloved characters. Here's hoping they get an appropriate and hilarious exit just like the Janitor. Meanwhile, back to J.D. (Zach Braff). He and Turk attend a med student's party all dressed up, even though it isn't asked of them. The professors show up in cowboy suits and play out a number of scenes that would be fit for one of J.D.'s daydreams. As we expect, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) isn't pleased with the antics of his childlike colleagues. He continues to mock the two, but might just end up joining them in their game. The new blood of Winston University, on the other hand, is having trouble supporting one another when crisis strikes. Each of them has to learn that they have to work as a team in order to survive med school, but it's getting harder when they're all only looking out for themselves. Okay, so that was a rip-off of Lucy's (Kerry Bishe) speech on the sneak peek below. She probably says it better too. Source & Preview

Bill Lawrence on the New Scrubs: "Give It a Chance"

Executive producer Bill Lawrence says that the Scrubs we all knew and loved is over. Sure, Zach Braff & Co. will be sticking around for a few episodes to help launch the new Scrubs, but Lawrence thinks the new cast is just as funny and endearing as the old one. We spoke to Lawrence about how he decided to reboot the series, who will be checking in to the show's medical school and what fans of the old show can expect of the new. To Read More CLick Here .

SCRUBS "Our Histories" Season 9 Episode 4

Watch a sneak peek of SCRUBS "Our Histories" Season 9 Episode 4 which airs Tuesday, December 15 9:00-9:30p.m., ET on the ABC Television Network. Episodes synopsis: J.D. and Turk show up in costume at a med student's party. Meanwhile, Kelso bids a fond farewell to Ted and Gooch, on "Scrubs," TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15 (9:00-9:30p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Source & Preview

Scrubs Preview: "Our Histories"

On next week's Scrubs, we get one last chance to see Ted (Sam Lloyd) and the Gooch (Kate Micucci) as Kelso takes them out for some farewell drinks. Meanwhile, we'll get a taste of the old when Elliot and Carla are out of town and J.D. and Turk head for a night out... in costume... at a med school student's party. Okay, not exactly a taste of the old, but it sounds entertaining none the less. It looks like things crash and burn and somehow Turk ends up on the floor with Cox taking some pictures. Source & More Photos

Did the Scrubs Reboot Jump the Shark?

Sacred Heart Hospital has closed for good. In fact, it's been leveled. In its place stands a shiny new medical school campus that is the home of the rebooted Scrubs (Tuesdays at 9/8c). For now, the setting change notwithstanding, things are pretty much the status quo on the ABC sitcom. J.D. (Zach Braff), Turk (Donald Faison) and Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) plus former intern Denise (Eliza Coupe) have all joined the faculty of the new medical school. A very-pregnant Elliot (Sarah Chalke) is waddling through the halls. Carla and The Janitor are no longer on the show, their absences explained tidily early on in the new season. But things will change soon. Only Faison, McGinley and Coupe are full-time cast members of the new Scrubs. Braff and Chalke will recur, though it's unclear how often. There are new interns, of course: Lucy (Kerry Bishé), Drew (Michael Mosley), Cole (Dave Franco) and Maya (Nicky Whelan) exhibit much of the charming insecurity, vanity and hilarity of the show's original quartet. But here's the question: Are you buying this reboot? With much of the talent still in place, it's hard to judge, but do you like the newbies enough to watch an entire 22 minutes of them? Source here

Scrubs: Is it a Boy or Girl for J.D. and Elliot?

On the season premiere of Scrubs, we got a glimpse of a very pregnant Sarah Chalke portraying the mother of J.D.'s baby. She's actually due sometime this month, following the news of fellow series star Judy Reyes recent delivery. But while 33-year-old Canadian actress is expecting a boy soon, what exactly can we expect about her character? Sarah Chalke talked to DVR Playground about her return to the ninth season of Scrubs, discussing what's in store for the on-screen couple. She claims she'll be back for a few more episodes in the future, and is excited about how her story will unfold. The actress also revealed the gender J.D. and Elliot's baby, which is definitely something to look forward to. Possible spoilers below! To Read More Click Here .

SCRUBS "Our Role Models" Season 9 Episode 3 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of SCRUBS "Our Role Models" Season 9 Episode 3 which airs Tuesday, December 8, 9:00-9:30 and 9:30-10:00 p.m on the ABC Television Network. Episodes synopsis: J.D. and Drew learn a tough lesson in mentoring when Dr. Cox and Lucy show them that sometimes the student is the teacher, on "Scrubs," TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8 (9:00-9:30p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Source & Preview