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Interview: Tony Bellissimo of So You Think You Can Dance

This morning I had the pleasure of talking with Tony Bellissimo, the first male dancer to be eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance . The quirky hip-hopper was an early fan favorite, thanks to his charming personality, boyish good looks, and a hilarious Vegas week performance that had Nigel Lythgoe stalking him on stage. Despite being the heart-throb of Season 5 and a fan favorite, Tony was the first guy to be eliminated after he struggled with a routine in his own genre. Ever the optimist, Tony doesn't regret a single thing about his time on So You Think You Can Dance and hopes to continue exploring new genres and growing as a dancer. He also plans on voting for every single couple left on the show, because he can't pick favorites from his "new family" on who to vote for. To Read More Click Here .

'So You Think You Can Dance' Eliminates 2 From Top 20

One guy and one girl from the Top 20 were sent home on " So You Think You Can Dance " on Thursday, June 11. It was just a coincidence that the eliminated ones happened to be a couple who joined forces on Wednesday's performance night, Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo. Paris and Tony were coupled on the Top 20 round, crafting a Hip-Hop piece for Black Eyed Peas' "Let the Beat Rock". While Tony is originally a Hip-Hoper, Paris is leaning more into contemporary style. And their Wednesday performance, which was choreographed by the D'umo couple, was rather slow for the beat and not memorable. Based on audience votes, Paris and Tony were in the bottom three along with two other couples, Asuka Kondoh and Vitolio Jeune as well as Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero. But the final elimination was determined by the panel of judges who must pick one guy and one girl to be cut off. As their final effort to stay in the game, Paris did a solo piece of "It Doesn't Hurt" by Katie Thompson while Tony danced to The Gap Band's "Early in the Morning". However, they were announced as the outcasts by head judge Nigel Lythgoe who said that the judges were unanimous on deciding who should leave. Source Here

Ratings: Is I'm a Celebrity Suffering a Lack of Speidi Bite?

Wednesday's ratings recap: * For the first time in three weeks of head-to-head competition, Fox's So You Think You Can Dance toppled ABC's (special double dose of) Wipeout, 8.7 million total viewers to 8.42 mil. * I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! , now sans drama magnets Spencer and Heidi Pratt, welcomed 4.6 mil to the jungle. That's a drop of 600K from the survivors' last outing, and the show is now off a full 28 percent from its season premiere. * At 10 pm/ET, the penultimate episode of ABC's The Unusuals drew 4.67 million viewers, placing third behind CSI: NY and Law & Order repeats. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, June 11, 2009

* So You Think You Can Dance (9 pm/ET Fox) Only Mary Murphy truly knows what her Hot Tamale Train is all about, but tonight's first results show of the season will find two of the Top 20 dancers getting off at the next station. Before that happens, however, the bottom three couples will dance for their TV lives in solo routines, and if that's not enough sizzle for you, rapper Sean Kingston performs "Fire Burning" from his second album, Tomorrow. * American Chopper (9 pm/ET TLC) The Teutuls are no strangers to family conflict, so they should have plenty in common with tonight's featured client: Jon Gosselin, star of Jon & Kate plus 8 and recent tabloid target. Jon has commissioned OCC to build him a custom chopper, so Senior, Junior and Mikey take a trip to the Gosselins' Pennsylvania home to get a better idea of what he wants. And the guys get on Kate's good side by bringing her a pink scooter of her own. * She's Got the Look (9 pm/ET TV Land) The search for modeling's new face - over-35 division - is back for a second season of smiles, tears, laughs and fears. Host Kim Alexis guides 20 women through a grueling competition that rewards the winner with an exclusive contract and a photo spread in Self magazine, and as an extra incentive, also comes with a $100,000 prize. Tonight the hopefuls move into the New York City loft they'll share for the next seven weeks, and begin their quest to redefine what it means to be a "model" citizen. * Raising Sextuplets (10 pm/ET WE) There's a new family of multiples in town. Spun from WE's 2008 special OMG! Sextuplets!, this series follows first-time parents Bryan and Jenny Masche as they wade through the chaos of parenting six toddlers. In tonight's premiere, just giving the dog a bath turns into an ordeal for the gang. Jenny is also preparing to return to work and training for a marathon. Bryan, on the other hand, hasn't sprung back into shape as quickly as his wife and struggles to shed sympathy weight he packed on during Jenny's pregnancy. * Tosh.0 (10 pm/ET Comedy Central) Last week's premiere gave us a taste of what to expect from comic Daniel Tosh's new show, which uses the boob tube to show us what YouTube - and everything else on the Internet - has to offer. OK, so there weren't any sneezing pandas, but there are nine more episodes to go. And if you thought the Afro Ninja's Web Redemption was touching last week, wait until Miss Teen South Carolina takes another stab at world geography. Source Here

So You Think You Can Dance Invites Katie Holmes as Guest

Apart from running the competition, " So You Think You Can Dance " apparently is hiding a surprise guest for its future episode. Katie Holmes reportedly is tapped to make a "special performance" on the Fox hit TV show, either later this season or the sixth season which will come in fall. Bringing in such story is Life & Style which quotes its source as saying "She's met with judge and producer Nigel Lythgoe and everyone hopes she appears on this season or next season of the show." The magazine further adds that Katie has been spotted frequently visiting a dance studio around L.A. in the past few weeks. The guest performance seems unlikely but Katie once displayed her dancing skill in ABC's now-canceled " Eli Stone ", guest starring as a sexy jazz dancer. She was also on Broadway production of "All My Sons". The fifth season of "So You Think You Can Dance" is on-going. On Wednesday, June 10, the Top 20 had their first performance before judges, being paired to demonstrate a piece of collaboration. The eliminated pair will be announced on the Thursday, June 11 episode. Source Here

So You Think You Can Dance: Hello Again, Wade and Shane

Here's one reason--no, two reasons why this season of So You Think You Can Dance will sizzle a bit more. One: Wade Robson. Two: Shane Sparks. They are, indeed, returning to the show to choreograph routines for the top 20. This was confirmed by the contestants themselves, when they met up with the folks at Zap2it. And, perhaps, it's about time. Then again, their departure from the show wasn't really a falling out of sorts. Both were just busy: Wade was doing choreography for Criss Angel's show in Las Vegas, and Shane was judging America's Best Dance Crew on MTV. With the former wrapped up, and the latter not returning until August, they can return both to do those rocking routines, and give their take on how that was implemented, too. Also set to return as judge and choreographer: Brian Friedman, who confirmed it himself on his Twitter page. "Yes, I will be back on SYTYCD this season," he wrote. "Get ready!" He was also busy with a few things, including a handful of commitments across the pond, including the time when he almost became a judge at The X Factor--before being relegated to creative director. Finally, another peek at what these guys have to offer, again--that's when So You Think You Can Dance finally kicks off the real nitty-gritty tonight on Fox, from 8pm. Source Here

Top 20 Interviews

It's almost time for the Top 20 to start dancing and for America to start voting on So You Think You Can Dance . To get America acquainted with the 20 dancer's vying for the title of America's Favorite Dancer, Fox Source sat down with the Top 20 for a little interview. During the interview the dancers discuss: their very first dance performances, their experience during Las Vegas week, their strategies to win So You Think You Can Dance, what dance style and choreography they are most worried about, and what they think of the styles they're donning for their promo photos. FOX, it would seem, are multi-taskers, as they interview the dancers two at a time, all while fellow dancers are taking their promo photos and leaping about in the background. And don't get your hopes up too high about the pairings during the interview, we've been told the interview partners are not necessarily also each others dance partners. Considering how great the chemistry is between a few of the pairs, most notably: Janette and Brandon, Karla and Max, and Jeanine and Evan, we can't help but hope FOX is faking us out and these duos really will dance together. However, for Jason Glover's sake, we hope he's not paired with his interview buddy, Paris Torres--he can barely contain his distaste for the pageant queen while she's speaking. (Check out his body language while Paris prattles's priceless.) To Read More Click here .

Ratings: Game 1 of NBA Finals Shoots and Scores for ABC

Thursday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET ABC's coverage of Game 1 of the NBA Finals - which was kicked off by a Jimmy Kimmel special - topped every hour and was the night's most watched program, averaging 9.4 million viewers from 8 to 11 pm. In the 8 o'clock hour, I'm a Celebrity placed fourth (behind repeats of Bones and CBS comedies) with 5.18 mil. That is, however, an 8 percent gain from the night prior. Speidi wants to take credit for the bump, I am sure. * 9 pm So You Think You Can Dance 's reveal of the Top 20 bested a CSI repeat by drawing 8.2 mil, but dipped 10 percent week-to-week. The premiere of NBC's The Listener placed fourth with 5.25 mil. * 10 pm A second episode of The Listener drew 5.34 mil, lagging far behind basketball and a The Mentalist repeat. Source Here

So You Think You Can Dance: Who's Scarier, Mia Michaels or Sonya Tayeh?

The Las Vegas callbacks for So You Think You Can Dance were a bloodbath. In just two hours, the six judges whittled a field of 172 dancers down to just 32, crushing the hopes and dreams of 140 aspiring dancers. But scarier than the prospect of learning six styles in four days were some of the choreographers. Tabitha and Napoleon seem nice enough as does the bubbly and fabulous Tyce Diorio, but there are two female choreographers who I would never want to run into in a dark alley: Sonya Tayeh and Mia Michaels? Which of these tough women is truly the scariest and most bad-ass choreographer on the planet? Let's look at the way they look, the dance styles they specialize in, and their overall attitude to determine who wins the title of So You Think You Can Dance's Scariest Choreographer. To Read More Click Here .

Top 20 Finalists on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Revealed

Top 20 Finalists on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Revealed - With Photos. Click me!