Jonas Brothers Getting Their Own Disney Show

I've ignored them for as long as I could, but there's no denying that the Jonas Brothers are like the Backstreet Boys of the new generation. They have a bunch of hit singles out, star in the hit Disney Channel original film Camp Rock and appear on all kinds of TV shows these days (including ones that I actually watch, such as the finale of So You Think You Can Dance this Wednesday). seems the Jonas exposure is only going to increase, as E!Online has confirmed that the boys are getting their very own Disney Channel original series that they describe as having similarities to HBO 's Flight of the Conchords , which they say is one of their favorite shows. Read more details here .

FOX Wants More So You Think You Can Dance

With its fourth season finale just around the corner, So You Think You Can Dance has been picked up for a fifth summer run on FOX. "So You Think You Can Dance" has evolved into a reliable seasonal performer for FOX, so its renewal was something of a foregone conclusion. "We're delighted to have 'Dance' back for a fifth season next year," says Mike Darnell, FOX's unscripted programming guru. "Fox is very lucky to have television's preeminent performance competitions in 'American Idol' and 'So You Think You Can Dance,' and it's no coincidence that creator and executive producer Simon Fuller and executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe have been a part of both these successes." "So You Think You Can Dance" has also been nominated for four Emmys, including three nods in the outstanding choreography field, a category the show won last year. More At:

Castoffs Chelsie and Mark Dish on Dance

Thursday night's So You Think You Can Dance results show brought highs, lows and even some crazy costumery (I'm talking to you, Lady GaGa) -- plus the end of the road for Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura. Despite sizzling dance moves for almost the entire competition, the pair was voted off the show. Friday, the two spoke to press about how they're faring, what advice they'd give to future dancers, and what's next (after the tour, that is). Here's what they had to say on: How They're Faring After Being Cast Off: Mark: I know it sounds like, 'Oh, he's covering up his emotions or whatever,' but I'm feeling really, really, really happy actually. I feel everything lined up for me to leave on an awesome, awesome note. In my own aspect, I feel like I've won. Chelsie: I'm feeling great right now. I'm very grateful and so blessed to be a part of this show and make it this far. The biggest thing is, I feel like I put everything into each of my performances, and at that point it's out of your control what happens. I can't control the public, so I'm happy with myself and that's the most I could ask for. To visit the source and read more, Click Here .

Episode Recap: The Top Four Dancers Revealed

You already know that Katee and Joshua are safe. Who joins them? Of course they throw in a musical performance and a few commercial breaks first.Courtney is safe. It's a bit of a surprise to me, but a very happy one. I think she was outstanding last night and I think she deserves a spot in the Top Four. That means Chelsie is out. She gets very emotional and says she's overwhelmed but so grateful. It was a pleasure to see her dance on the SYTYCD stage. She'll be missed. Twitch is also safe. This is also a bit of a surprise and a bit of a disappointment for me. I think Twitch is great and last night I said I would be happy with either guy making the Top Four. And I thought that was true until I realized I was waiting for Cat to declare Mark safe. So while I'm a little disappointed, I do think Twitch is a very good addition to the Top Four. I really can't be too upset. Mark is so happy for Twitch and expresses his gratitude. He appreciated that people kept him in the competition so he could learn and grow. To read the Full Recap, check out the source at: TV Guide So You Think You Can Dance

SYTYCD: The Kherington Payne Interview

You've probably heard it already by now, but... Spoiler Alert Seemingly invincible Kherington Payne was the first lady cut from the Top 10 in last night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance . Many were surprised by this, as Comfort has been struggling for weeks, yet Kherington has consistently been at the top of the bunch. Read what Kherington has to say about her elimination and overall experience here: Exclusive Interview - Kherington Payne

So You Thought Comfort Was Out?

Here's some interesting So You Think You Can Dance news: They just can't seem to get rid of Comfort! That sounds mean, but if you're an avid watcher of the show like me, you couldn't help but noticing how cruel the judges have been towards Comfort...and it probably wasn't all that shocking when she finally received the boot last week. Except that Comfort has been un-booted (has gotten a reboot?)! Due to an unspecified injury, we have learned that on the advice of her doctors, Jessica will be departing the competition (and Comfort will be returning to take her place). More details will be provided on this week's show (though if you peruse the FOX message boards, some claim that it was a mental, not physical type of injury...) Source: TV Guide

So You Think You Can Dance 6/25 Recap

First to perform was Kherington and Twitch. There style for tonight was hip hop, they danced to "Don't Touch Me" by Busta Rhymes. There dance was so fantastic that all of the judges did not have anything negative that they could say about them. Nigel Lythgoe said, "You both are brilliant dancers, you both have a spirit and an energy that goes beyond dancing.. For more info and lots of beautiful dancing pictures visit Tell me who you are rooting for? Which guy and girl do you think will be leaving? Leave a comment. HOW EXCITING!

SYTYCD: Say Goodbye to Your First Two Dancers

First off, let me say that if you are not watching So You Think You Can Dance , you are missing out on not only some of the summer's best TV, but also some of the best reality TV around! Whether you are a dance aficionado or merely a casual fan, there's no way that you won't appreciate the quality of dance that the contestants bring to the screen! That being said, it makes me sad that dancers have to be eliminated at all. Based on the first night of performances on Wednesday, nobody was all that bad. In fact, I thought that Nigel's few criticisms were unduly harsh. Since SYTYCD is a reality show though, one boy and one girl do have to go each week - you know the rules! However, since the results show is an hour long, we are first subjected to a few dance performances, including an intro group dance, a performance by the Pussycat Dolls and a performance by the founder of popping (and his son). Popping has certainly been getting a lot of SYTYCD attention this season and if you haven't seen Robert Murraine's audition footage yet, it is definitely worth a glance. I thought the intro number was pretty entertaining, especially Robin's rendition of Cobrastyle that everyone danced to, though Nigel's acting was a little too hokey for my taste. I don't know if it was just me, but I thought that Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls sounded awful (and I have already seen this same number one too many times on other reality shows, though which particular ones I already cannot recall). Onto the bottom couples: Matt and Kourtni, Rayven and Jamie and Jessica and Will all danced for their lives last night. Looking at the girls, Kourtni was quickly declared safe based on her performance, which was definitely accurate - she was undeniably the strongest of the those three. Between Rayven and Jessica, the judges decided to eliminate Rayven, telling her that they thought her performance wasn't strong enough and that frankly they were surprised she opted to dance on demi-pointe, since pointe is her specialty. Personally, I found Rayven to be slightly more interesting than Jessica (or perhaps I was just blinded by her odd tutu and fishnets combination). Looking at the guys, Will (the Debbie Allen protege) was immediately declared safe, though it wasn't so clear cut to me that he was the best of the three. This left Jamie and Matt. The judges accused Jamie of lacking technique and Matt of lacking personality. They decided to chop Jamie, who held back tears upon receiving the news. So...Rayven and Jamie, so long, we hardly got to know you! Is it too early for me to ask if you guys have favorites or see frontrunners yet? Since Katee & Joshua (the military themed hip-hop number) were the strongest on Wednesday, we are obviously going to keep our eyes on them. I also was pleasantly surprised by Twitchington (Kherington & Twitch). I was skeptical that Twitch would have enough versatility or that Kherington would have enough technique (from the auditions she struck me as a cute high school girl that liked to dance, but wasn't necessarily SYTYCD material), but both were really impressive on Wednesday night and for me are ones to watch!

So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Photo Shoot Video

Video from the photo shoot featuring the top 20 finalists from SYTYCD. SYTYCD Photo Shoot Video

So You Think You Can Dance Announces This Seasons Top 20 Finalists

Bios and Photos Of The 20 Finalists From This Season SYTYCD Top 20 Finalists