Nigel Lythgoe Developing New Dance Show

So You Think You Can Dance executive producer Nigel Lythgoe wants to bring dance to TV again — this time, Olympics style. Lythgoe, who also serves as a judge on Dance, announced earlier this year that he would be leaving his producing duties on American Idol to concentrate his efforts on Dance, as well as a new show he hopes will be global in scope. Nigel told the new show, tentatively titled Dance Stars of the World, would be set up like a dance Olympics. The reality competition will "bring dancers from all different countries in teams [that include] soloists, pas de deux and groups to represent their country." read from TvGuide

Dance's Winner Warms Up for More Hot Moves on Tour

So You Think You Can Dance champ Joshua Allen was last seen grinning ear-to-ear with confetti raining over him after his Season 4 win. Starting Saturday, fans can catch him — and the rest of Dance's top ten -- on tour in cities across the country. Despite the two-month-plus pause in public face-time, Joshua and his cohorts have barely missed a beat. They had just two weeks off after the show's finale before returning to the studio to prep for the tour, but for the big winner, the vacay was anything but restful. For more from the source, click here .

Dance's Top 10 Are "IV Real," and the Ink Proves It

For the top 10 contestants from So You Think You Can Dance's fourth season, it just might be. During the hiatus between the show's finale Aug. 7 and their national tour, which kicks off next week, almost all of them got the same tattoo, inking the phrase "IV Real" into their skin. "IV Real" first got audiences buzzing after a Dance episode in June in which all the contestants wore T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase across their chests. Following his exit from the show, Will Wingfield divulged how the line represents the spirit of the show's fourth season. But on Friday, he gave more details on why it deserves the ink, and how it relates to where he and his fellow Dancers are going. For more from the source, click here .

New Poster from So You Think You Can Dance

Fox recently released this latest promo trailer for their hit series "So You Think You Can Dance". Read More

Contest to win So You Think You Can Dance Tour Tickets and SYTYCD Music

The website Pure So You Think You Can Dance has posted 2 So You Think You Can Dance contests. One is a So You Think You Can Dance video contest where you could possibly win SYTYCD tour tickets and $100. The other contest is to win CDs of Elisa Toffoli's music , which was used multiple times on So You Think You Can Dance. Her most famous song is called Dancing which was used multiple times on the show, but you'll probably remember Lacey and Kameron's solo to that song. This season Courtney also danced to her music.

Could Same-Sex Partnering Quickstep to Dance?

Could same-sex partnering make its way to the So You Think You Can Dance stage? "Anything can happen," Dance choreographer and guest judge Adam Shankman told after the Season 4 finale. "It's reality television." Since rumors that Lance Bass could be a contestant on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, some fans speculate that dance shows might soon include same-sex partners. For more from the source, click here .

Variety Is the Spice of Dance

As we gear up for the biggest and truest reality extravaganza of the summer, the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, a few thoughts on my other favorite competition of TV's off-season: Fox's So You Think You Can Dance , which wrapped its fourth season Thursday night with a smashing display of dancing versatility, flexibility, passion and unabashed emotion that puts the summer's other reality contests (including the cheesy-beyond-belief America's Got Talent) to shame. Now this is how you produce a finale. First, reprise the greatest hits from the season--did anyone else notice how many numbers Katee was asked to recreate, making me think she probably would have been the judges' pick. She certainly was mine. Kudos for rewarding her a surprise $50,000 bonus for being the top-ranked female. (Making me even more OK with Joshua winning; that charmer was my runner-up.) The Bollywood number rocked. The pas de deux was near perfection. The door routine sizzled. For more from the source, click here .

More SYTYCD Finale Scoop

We already know that America has chosen a winner on So You Think You Can Dance . Read some final words and thoughts from the Final 4 as well as the judges' thoughts about them over at E!Online .

Who Did America Think Could Dance? [SPOILER ALERT!]

The final week of So You Think You Can Dance 's Season 4 saw Twitch Boss' big smiles and krumping style face off against Joshua Allen's power jumps and hip-hop showmanship. Each week brought Courtney Galiano's steady improvement matched up against wildly versatile Katee Shean. In the end, though, America chose Joshua as their champion. Joshua's success, and the presence of hip-hopper Twitch in the Top 4, set a new precedent for hip-hop dancers on the show. "I hope that [now street dancers] will know that they can learn all these different steps and come on [So You Think You Can Dance] and possibly win," choreographer Shane Sparks told after the results were announced. "I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of other dancers come on this show, get their training in,...and represent." For more from the source, click here .

Episode Recap: The Finale, Part One

Wow. Tonight's show was packed with a lot of great dancing and some very nice personal moments on Cat's couch. Although I will admit to tearing up once or twice (or three or four times), I'm going to leave the personal stuff out because I kind of consider it filler. Very interesting and emotional filler, but filler just the same. And I want to hear what you think of tonight's performances so let's get right to it. Courtney and Twitch start the night off with a Hip-Hop piece choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Mandy: Courtney has come so far. She has spirit and soul when she moves. Mary: She's been great throughout the season. Courtney's lived it and fought. She's an inspiration. Nigel: He's so delighted Courtney's in the Top Four. She's a bundle of joy and energizes everyone around her. Joshua and Katee dance a Lyrical routine choreographed by Wade Robson. Mandy: Beautiful. So nice to have Wade back. Very honest. They're telling a story anyone could watch and relate to. Technically she would have liked to see more work through the legs and feet. To read the rest of the Recap, click here .