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'Storage Wars' Star Ordered to Pay $122,000 in Legal Fees

Does Dave Hester owe A&E a bundle in legal fees? Yuuuup. The former "Storage Wars" star -- who's suing A&E Networks and "Storage Wars" production company Original Productions in a complaint that claims the show is staged --- was ordered to pay $122,692 in legal fees to A&E and Original, after they prevailed in an anti-SLAPP motion. Read More...

'Storage Wars' Star Brandi Passante Wins 'Stalker Porn' Lawsuit

After suing a porn provocateur over a nude video, the A&E reality star was granted just $750.

Storage Wars Star Wins Lawsuit Over Porn Tape

The cast of Storage Wars finds all kinds of crazy stuff when they open up other people's storage lockers, but it's the alleged skeleton in one of the cast member's closets that ended with her getting a day in court. Storage Wars star Brandi Passante sued Hunter Moore, former owner of revenge porn site Is Anyone Up, for $2.5 million plus $5,250 in statutory damages after a fake porn video of her was allegedly posted on his site, with Judge James V. Selna ruling in her favor on Friday, according to Us Weekly. READ MORE...

'Storage Wars' drops 3 cast members from extra episodes - report

Popular A&E reality show "Storage Wars" is back in the spotlight this week, as Radar Online has published a report that three cast members of the storage bin-bidding program have been left out of extra episodes. Reportedly, bidder Darrell Sheets (pictured) and auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson were kept out of some extra episodes that were shot for the current season.A source tells Radar, "They lived up to Darrell's contract, but then shot more episodes that weren't covered by his contract and kept him out of those. He was not happy to say the least."RELATED:'Storage Wars' lawsuit: A&E's partial victory against Dave HesterThe source claims the reason for cutting them back was the money. It might not have anything to do with former cast member Dave Hester's lawsuit, but he did file suit against the show late last year alleging that the show plants items inside the storage bins that are bid upon by the...

A&E's 'Storage Wars' Laura Dotson on Bid Rigging Controversy

“I can say Dave (Hester) still comes to our auctions, even though there's animosity that he's not on the show. If it was rigged, why would he show up?” the TV auctioneer insisted.

A&E's 'Storage Wars' Headed to Canada's OLN Channel With Format Deal

The Canadians insist they won't rig their local version, as has been alleged in a lawsuit by David Hester about the popular stateside series.

New Seasons of 'Storage Wars' and 'American Hoggers' Premiere Tuesday, April 16

America’s most addictive treasure hunting series is back… and the bidders are ready for some more intense action.

'Storage Wars' Lawsuit: A&E Wins Partial Victory

A&E and "Storage Wars" have taken the first round in its ongoing legal tangle with its former star Dave Hester, who claimed in a lawsuit that the reality show is staged. Read More...

'Storage Wars': Mark Balelo Commits Suicide (Report)

The reality star was jokingly called "Rico Suave" on the show for the snazzy attire he wore to auctions.

'Storage Wars' Lawsuit: A&E Strikes Back at Claims Show Is Fake

A&E says in a legal filing that former "Storage Wars" star David Hester concocted a "tabloid-worthy drama" when he claimed the series was faked. In response to a lawsuit he filed last month in Los Angeles Superior Court, A&E said the complaint was groundless and a "transparent attempt to distract from the issues."