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'Suits' Season Finale Teaser: Mike Might Not Ever Be a Lawyer, His Friendship with Harvey Is Tested

All of the issues from season 6 of Suits on USA are set to come to a head in the season finale Wednesday. Just when it seemed as if Mike was getting closer to legally reaching lawyer status, he's pushed back even further after a shocking setback that could stand in his way for good. ...Read More...

Suits Spinoff Starring Gina Torres Eyed By USA

Jessica Pearson could be getting her own show. USA Network is in early talks for a potential new series toplined by former Suits standout Gina Torres . While a Jessica Pearson spinoff had been talked about on- and off- for over a year as USA had been interested in pursuing an offshoot, I hear conversations recently heated up as Torres had been fielding a slew of broadcast pilot offers for a second straight year. Last year, she was cast as the lead in the ABC drama pilot The   ...Read More...

'Suits' Star Sarah Rafferty on 'Darvey' Relationship and 'The Donna' Business Venture

The sexual tension between Harvey and on-again and off-again assistant Donna has been a mostly unspoken state of affairs on Suits . It's a sexual tension that many fans would like to see finally consummated. Though the midseason premiere gave fans a glimpse of that with a Harvey and Donna kiss, it was within a dream. The woman who brings Donna to life on Suits ,Sarah Rafferty, sat down with TVLine to talk about the current state of affairs with "Darvey" as well the character's new business venture, a personal assistant app called "The Donna." ...Read More...

Suits Star Sarah Rafferty Talks Donna's Identity Crisis, 'Darvey' Hand-Holding

SuitsDonna and Harvey arent exactly touchy-feely types, but are they trying to avoid having any physical contact with each other? I think they actually never touched each other until they held hands at the close of the Season 6 fall finale, star Sarah Rafferty notes. Thats why I loved that scene. It just speaks to []

SideReel Power Ranking: Week of February 12, 2017

It's back! Following its midseason premiere, The Walking Dead immediately soars to the top of the SideReel Power Ranking, a weekly look at the TV shows garnering the most attention on It's followed by the week's other big mover, HBO's soon-to-depart comedy, Girls . The third spot goes to last week's champ, Suits , which is in front of The CW's duo of dark and campy dramas, Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries . And yes, Game of Thrones continues to bounce around the lower half of the list, proving that there's no end to viewers' appetite for all things Lannisterian.       Top 10 Shows on SideReel: February 12 - February 18   1 - The Walking Dead ▲▲   2 - Girls ▲▲   3 - Suits ▼   4 - Riverdale ▼   5 - The Vampire Diaries ▼   6 - Grey's Anatomy   7 - The Flash ▼   8 - Legion ▼▼   9 - This Is Us ▼   10 - Game of Thrones ▼ p { text­align: justify; }

Suits Promo: Will Harvey Be Sent To Jail?!?

Could Harvey wind up in prison? That appears to be a possibility on the official preview for Suits Season 6 Episode 15 . Rachel turns to Harvey to say that he should take the blame if anything goes wrong. This is down to the fact Harvey was the one who persisted for Mike to find a way back to the firm. However, it seems there are some issues with the plan. ...Read More...

SideReel Power Ranking: Week of February 5, 2017

Suits just managed to earn a third consecutive week at the top of the SideReel Power Ranking, a weekly look at the TV shows garnering the most attention on Hot on the USA Network drama's tail is one of a trio of newcomers to the ranking, Legion . The unique FX show is another critical hit for the network, earning raves for its striking visuals and attention-commanding storytelling. The next three spots are taken by CW dramas, with newcomer Riverdale jumping over the soon-to-depart Vampire Diaries , followed by The Flash . The list's two other newbies are very different in every possible way: 24: Legacy explodes into the eighth position while the final season promo for Girls pushes the HBO comedy into 10th.     Top 10 Shows on SideReel: February 5 - February 11   1 - Suits   2 - Legion ●   3 - Riverdale ▲   4 - The Vampire Diaries ▼   5 - The Flash ▼   6 - Grey's Anatomy   7 - This Is Us   8 - 24: Legacy ●   9 - Game of Thrones ▼   10 - Girls ● p { text­align: justify; }

Suits Promo: Will Mike Take the Bar?

Will Mike be able to take the bar without Anita Gibbs showing up? That will be a huge question on Suits Season 6 Episode 14 when it will become clear that the convicted felon will face an uphill battle. Harvey wants to make things right with Mike and he feels like having him return to being a lawyer would be the best bet. Rachel will worry about the effects Mike taking the bar could have on her chance at the bar. ...Read More...

SideReel Power Ranking: Week of January 29, 2017

For the second consecutive week, Suits reigns atop the SideReel Power Ranking, a weekly look at the TV shows garnering the most attention on The USA Network legal drama once again is followed by Grey's Anatomy , which is currently leaving poor Meredith alone for a minute (Alex, on the other hand…). The next three spots are taken by CW dramas: The Vampire Diaries , which is racing toward its series finale; the network's newest teen soap, Riverdale ; and superhero series The Flash , which will air a two-night crossover musical event next month.       Top 10 Shows on SideReel: January 29 - February 4   1 - Suits   2 - Grey's Anatomy   3 - The Vampire Diaries ▲   4 - Riverdale ▲▲   5 - The Flash ▼   6 - Game of Thrones   7 - This Is Us ▼   8 - How to Get Away With Murder ▲   9 - Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian ▼   10 - Westworld p { text­align: justify; }

Suits Promo: Is Rachel's Career Ruined?

There are tough times ahead for Rachel. On the official preview for Suits Season 6 Episode 13 , Rachel find out that she's not getting into the bar. It's a revelation that has the possibility to ruin her whole career, but will Louis and Harvey be able to help? Considering Harvey tells Mike he has a way to get him into the bar, it probably means he came to that conclusion while helping Rachel. ...Read More...