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Supernatural Season 13 Poster: Sam, Dean and Cas Face 'Dawn of Darkness'

In case you were still worried about Castiels fate, The CW has released a new Supernatural poster, which reaffirms that the angels portrayer, Misha Collins, will be back for Season 13. The image below features Sam, Dean and their pal Cas, with the tagline Dawn of Darkness. (Not to be confused with Season 11s The []

Come Torture Yourself with Supernatural's Most Heartbreaking Moments

  If you're anything like me, you've already started rewatching all the best episodes of Supernatural in preparation for the Season 13 premiere next month. After all, with so much mythology and history to keep track of, we all need a quick refresher course, right? The downside of this little   ...Read More...

Supernatural Stars Raise Over $225k for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Celebrities have been pulling overtime raising money for various relief funds to help combat the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. One of the most impressive campaigns so far was launched by Supernatural stars (and Texas boys) Jensen Ackles , Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins .   ...Read More...

Supernatural: Rowena Talks About (Bad) Sex in Deleted Season 12 Scene

Before her untimely demise at Lucifers hands, Supernaturals Rowena was just another money-hungry witch looking for love. In this exclusive deleted scene from the CW series Season 12 DVD release, Ruth Connells spellcaster gets sexually explicit with her wealthy paramour when the subject of past relationships comes up. His name was Ben, but it didnt []

Supernatural Vet Joins CBS' SEAL Team

Supernatural alumna Alona Tal is taking on a non-military role in CBS fall drama SEAL Team, our sister site Deadline reports. The series, starring David Boreanaz (Bones), follows the professional and personal lives of the most elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high stakes missions our country []

8 Times Supernatural's Dean Winchester Broke Our Hearts

  Supernatural , and Dean Winchester ( Jensen Ackles ) in particular, has pretty much cornered the market on the singly manly tear. Over the course of 12 seasons, the CW's longest running series has proven time and again that putting the Winchester boys through the emotional wringer is just great TV.   ...Read More... ...

'Supernatural' Season 13: Lucifer's Son Is Out and About in New Set Video

If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Supernatural 's Sam and Dean better hope a little hunting expedition won't cause their nephilim cohort to unleash Jack Nicholson levels of crazy.  ...Read More...

Supernatural Promotes Lucifer's Son to Series Regular Ahead of Season 13

Supernatural is filling the void left by Mark Sheppards departure with a new series regular for its upcoming 13th season and this ones no angel, either. (Or is he?) Alexander Calvert, who was introduced as Lucifers son Jack in the CW dramas 12th season finale, will return full-time this fall, reports. Per his []

'Supernatural' Season 13 Spoilers: The First 9 Episode Titles Promise Big Answers

Cliffhangers aside, the Supernatural 's hell-atus just became intensely unbearable. Titles for the first nine episodes of season 13 hit the internet, scratching that spoiler itch with the promise of some major answers.   Interspersed with a few clever puns and pop culture references, the titles initially appear innocuous. Nevertheless, at least four give us exciting insight into where Supernatural season 13 will go.   ...Read More...

Supernatural EP on Spinoff's 'Different Set of Stories' and New Characters

If at first you dont succeed, try again and thats exactly what the Supernatural team is doing after its unsuccessful first spinoff attempt, which failed to earn a series order. Unlike Season 9s backdoor pilot Bloodlines, which was by design meant not to feel like the long-running CW drama from which it was spawned, []