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Supernatural's Jim Beaver, Kim Rhodes Visit Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

The Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders/Supernatural lovefest continues, with the CBS dramas casting of two more favorites from the long-running CW series. As revealed on Twitter by Beyond Borders executive producer Adam Glass, a former writer/EP on Supernatural, both Jim Beaver and Kim Rhodes who have recurred on Supernatural as Bobby Singer and Sheriff Jody []

How Long Should 'Supernatural' Go On? Producers Talk Keeping the Show Fresh

Supernatural has had a shocking 11-season run and seems to have absolutely no end in sight. The showrunners have said before that as long as Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are still game, they're going to keep going. Moreover, we've also heard Jensen and Jared say that as long as there are more stories to tell, they're willing to tell them. After over 200 episodes, you have to wonder -- just how are these guys going to keep coming up with new stories? Here's how executive producer Robert Singer and showrunner Andrew Dabb plan to do that.   Read More...

The CW's 10 Best Shows, Ranked

September 2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of The CW, which has become arguably broadcast television's most daring network. From the brilliant exuberance of The Flash to the witty romance of Jane the Virgin , the current CW lineup features diversity, depth, and edge. But the network has aired top-notch shows since its earliest days as the slightly awkward child of UPN and The WB. So we've come up with a list of the 10 best, from a pool of all hourlong series (including those that originated on the parent networks but spent at least a season on The CW). It was a tough task involving very difficult choices. So breathe deeply and click on. The CW's 10 Best Shows, Ranked Launch Slideshow What are your CW faves? Weigh in below! p { text-align: justify; }

Supernatural Casts Kadeem Hardison as a Man With a Plan for Lucifer

Details, meet devil. Kadeem Hardison will guest-star on a Season 12 episode ofSupernatural as a man from Crowleys past who has put a lot of thought into Lucifers future, reports. Hardisons Russell Lemmons is a music bigwig who apparently has big plans for Lucifers newest incarnation: a rocker named Vince Vincente, who (as previously []

Frequency Casts Supernatural Vet as Imprisoned 'Wily Trickster'

ASupernaturalangel is taking ona tricky new role. Curtis Armstrong, whorecurs as thecelestial being Metatron on the long-runningCWseries, will guest-star onFrequency, the new CW drama from former Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver, TVLine has learned exclusively. Armstrong will playKarl Pierce, a manipulative and charmingformer quantum physics professor whos gone to the dark side. Heis described as a []

See How Jared and Jensen Celebrated 'Supernatural' Day

11 years later and The CW's Supernatural is stronger than ever. Currently entering its twelfth season, the series just celebrated the anniversary of its 2005 series premiere (September 13), now widely known as " Supernatural Day." Check out our roundup of how the cast and show celebrated "12 seasons of saving people, hunting things...and pie."   Read More...

Supernatural: The Best Episodes - by Season!!

Get ready Winchester fans, Supernatural Season 12 is right around the corner. With Supernatural Season 11 Episode 23 ending the battle with the Darkness, Sam getting shot and Mary making a surprise return, the next part of Sam and Dean's journey is sure to be an interesting. But before we dive into the present, let's take a look at the road so far and highlight the best episode from each of Supernatural's 11 seasons. ...Read More...

Supernatural Day: Celebrating the Best Episode From Each Season

Eleven years ago today, Supernatural premiered on The WB with the first of its 241-and-counting episodes. Since then, the show has taught us three things: It will go on forever, nothing can keep a Winchester down, and when picking the seriestop installments from each season, one is guaranteed a lot ofSophies Choice moments. In honor []

Supernatural: The Best Music Moments From the Road So Far

Happy birthday, Supernatural ! While the Season 12 premiere is still a few weeks away, The CW's favorite veteran of all things spooky and weird brought sexy/scary back on Sept. 13, 2005. A lot of things have changed over the years: TVs are flatter, cell phones are smarter, and the WB frog who ... ...Read More...

Supernatural Promo: Rick Springfield vs. Crowley, Bloody Dean and More -

Lucifer is about the rock the hell out of Supernatural . The first teaser for Season 12 features Rick Springfield as Vince Vincente, the fallen angel’s new rock star vessel, in a confrontation with Crowley, aka the former King of Hell. While much has been made of the fact that the British Men of Letters take the younger Winchester brother captive — "Right now, all that matters is getting Sam back," Mary declares — Dean is also in chains and bloodied in the promo. But who’s to blame? Read the full article at .