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Excerpt from New Supernatural Novel ''War of the Sons''

The next new Supernatural original novel, written by Rebecca Dessertine and David Reed, will be released on August 31 by Titan Books. The publisher has sent us an excerpt of the prologue for you to read before purchasing the book. We're also giving our readers an opportunity to win one of three copies of the novel or one of three copies of the Official Companion Guide for Season 4 (read about our contest here). Check out the prologue below and then take a look at our review of the novel: To Read More Click Here .

'Supernatural' fans make their Season 6 wishes known

We asked "Supernatural" fans to share their hopes and predictions for the upcoming Season 6, which premieres Friday, September 24 on The CW. As always, you guys were very vocal - both about what you do want to see and what you don't want to see. We've picked out some of the most interesting (and/or hilarious) responses below. Keep them coming! Like you, we're looking forward to finding out what happens when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are reunited after a year of separation. Sam let Dean think he was dead while Dean played domestic daddy. After Dean gets over his relief that Sam is not, in fact, cooking in hell, do you think he's going to be angry? We would be To Read More Click Here .

On-Set Supernatural Photos (Light Spoilers)

We don't usually post on-set photos from Supernatural (or any television show), because they're usually just candid shots of actors. But sometimes people snap something cool - something spoilery - and they're definitely worth a post. We've got two sets of photos for you below, gathered from two fan sources (salsa-babe on LiveJournal and shay_loves_hayden at IMDB). The shots featuring the building are from salsa-babe. She thinks they're from episode 6.03 (or thereabouts, which would make sense with the filming timeline) and described a bit about what she saw: To Read More Click Here .

Sebastian Roche to Play Shady Angel on Supernatural

Sebastian Roche will appear on multiple networks this fall. The actor, who will reprise his shape-shifting role on Fringe, has just been cast on an October episode of Supernatural. According to producer Sera Gamble, Roche will appear on the installment titled "The Third Man" as an angelic friend of Castiel's named Balthazar. “Remember when Cass was dragged back to Heaven as a prisoner? Balthazar was actually the only friend who stood up for him,” Gamble told Fancast. “During the Apocalypse, Balthazar went AWOL, and Cass thought he was dead. Turns out...not so much.” To Read More Click Here .

"You Can't Handle The Truth"

The Episode 6.05 of Supernatural will be called "You Can't Handle The Truth" source: spoiler TV

Supernatural Season 6 Fredric Lehne back as Azazel?

There's no studio confirmation just yet, but actor Fredric Lehne says he'll be returning to CW's Supernatural, Season 6 to reprise his role as Azazel. announced that Lehne gave fans the good news at Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural convention in New Jersey. I had the opportunity to attend a similar Twilight convention offered by Creation Entertainment in Atlanta, Georgia, and it was fantastic! read more click here!

First Trailer for Supernatural Anime

The first trailer for Supernatural: The Animation has popped up online. In case you hadn't heard about this unusual project, this is a Japanese anime series based on the Warner Bros. produced CW show - and quite a notable spinoff for a series with such origins. As the trailer notes, Supernatural: The Animation debuts in January in Japan on DVD, though there is still no word on a US outlet for the project. Check out the trailer below. Source & Trailer

TheCW Confirms - Supernatural Returning to Season One Structure

Expect the unexpected on this season of Supernatural, but according to TheCW head Dawn Ostroff the series is returning to its roots. As the each season of Supernatural has passed, the show has risen the stakes when it comes to the overarching stories - partly by design. The race up to the Apocalypse was meant to lead to a controlled end of the Supernatural story. When it comes to discussing the sixth season of Supernatural the question most often asked is "How do you follow the Apocalypse?". Ostroff knows how. To Read More Click Here .

Vampire Diaries Season 2 & Supernatural Season 6 Previews!

Sick of waiting for the fall season to roll around so you can get back to watching all your fave shows on The CW like Vampire Diaries and Supernatural ? Well, we certainly can't help you time travel, or help the fall shows get here any faster than they're scheduled to arrive, but we can help make your long wait seem more worthwhile with some sneak peeks at the upcoming seasons! Below, check out links to the trailers for both upcoming seasons of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural , set to premiere Thursday, September 9th and Friday, September 24th, respectively, and start the countdown to a killer fall season! Vampire Diaries Trailer Supernatural Trailer

Supernatural: Life Beyond Season 6?

The CW's president Dawn Ostroff spoke to the press today at the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour and was asked about the decision to renew Supernatural for a sixth season - given the show had originally been planned as a five-year series by creator Eric Kripke. Said Ostroff, "Creatively I think it had its strongest season ever. We also saw that the ratings went up. Eric Kripke, who's been a fantastic executive producer and showrunner, felt that the show should go on – he had more stories to tell." Ostroff noted that they were very excited about the newly promoted Sera Gamble -- who has taken over as showrunner -- and that at the same time, "Eric is still involved in a day to day basis." To Read More Click Here .