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Supernatural Family Values

Supernatural is about to enter Season 6 - something that was once seen a long shot, as the network was sometimes slow to renew the series, while series creator Eric Kripke spoke about the five-year plan he had for Sam and Dean Winchester. But this past year, The CW renewed Supernatural relatively early, ensuring that we will see what happens to the Winchesters in the wake of their battle with the devil. With Kripke stepping down as showrunner, Sera Gamble was a natural to take on that role this year. Having been with the series since it began, Gamble had already been made an executive producer on the series, writing many notable episodes along the way. To Read More Click Here .

Supernatural Spoilers - The Campbell Family & Season 6

Every day I wait patiently for a new Supernatural promo for season 6, or even for new episode photos. We've got them for 90210 and The Vampire Diaries, but still none for Supernatural. It makes me sad. We have, however, posted some cool on-set photos (here and here) and now the CW has revealed a bit more information about the Campbell family in season 6. By now, everyone's pretty aware that Mary Winchester's family, the Campbells, will be playing a role in season 6 of the show. We know Mitch Pileggi will be returning as the boys grandfather (though we don't know HOW, considering he's dead), and we've also heard rumors that we'll be seeing a character named Christian who is related to the boys (maybe a cousin?). The question is how we'll meet the Campbells. The CW has put out a longer description of season 6 and it looks like Sam will be the one to introduce his brother to their extended family: To Read More Click Here .

First Supernatural Season 6 Photo - Grandpa & the Winchesters

I'm freaking dying of laughter over here. During the Supernatural Comic Con panel, Jensen Ackles was asked what would be different with Dean in season 6 and a fan shouted out he'll tuck in his shirt!” (it's the third video here). Ackles and Kripke ran with the joke, with the audience laughing along. Now, lo and behold, the first promo photo for season 6 has been released (courtesy of big Supernatural fan Mo Ryan) and, what do you know! Dean's shirt is TUCKED IN. And it looks so weird. Untuck your shirt, Dean, then hug your grandfather and let's get back to business. These demons aren't going to kill themselves. To Read More Click Here .

Supernatural Season 6 Promo Pics

TheCW is readying the hype machine for Supernatural Season 6, as evidenced by this set of intriguing promo pics from the season 6 premiere “Exile on Main St.” As you can see, Grampy Campbell (Mitch Pileggie) has returned, and the word on the street is that this is not the last we will see of him this season as the boys switch gears and run down their Mother’s bloodline of prolific hunters, a history that has mainly eluded them throughout the five previous seasons of Supernatural. Season 6 of Supernatural will open a new chapter for the series as the brothers reunite after averting the apocalypse, one of them from beyond the grave, to hunt evil and protect mankind as solitary and anonymous mercenaries. The big question is, who do you fight after you’ve fought the Devil? Prepare to find out. To Read More Click Here .

Supernatural's Misha Collins Wants to Catch People Off-Guard With Random Acts of Kindness

Supernatural's Misha Collins, who plays an angel who doesn't help people, hopes to use his stardom and Supernatural fandom to lead people to reach out to others in any way they can - through his Random Acts charity. "If it's something unusual and something people aren't expecting, then it has a greater chance of having a lasting impact," the 36-year-old actor tells us. Among his projects: raising money to help build three orphanages in Haiti as well as raising funds for the victims of the flood in Pakistan. His effort also includes simply buying flowers for someone for no reason other than trying to make their life better. Collins explains why Twitter led to his new endeavor, how his small beginnings made him motivated, and why he finds himself in a powerful, yet bizarre, position. To Read More Click Here .

Supernatural Show Runner Teases Season Six: Goodbye, Impala!

Monsters and vampires are all coming to season to six of Supernatural. What else can viewers expect when they tune in for the September 24 premiere? Show runner Sera Gamble says fans should expect to see a different, committed side to Dean. "[He] has been retired from hunting; he hung up the gun, he walked off the battlefield," she tells TV Squad in a new interview, though we can confirm Sam will soon come knocking, setting in motion the events of the new season. To Read More Click Here .

More Supernatural On-Set Photos

Ten days ago we posted some spoilery photos from the Supernatural set. Now, thanks to Artic Front’s Flickr, we have ten additional photos from recent filming for the show. We’re not sure which episode this is from, but enjoy them anyways. I’ve asked this before, but when are the boys going to do a job in a warmer climate? It must suck wearing all those layers all the time. Do they not have demons in Florida or something? The one time they went to California doesn’t count - the weather looked terrible. To Read More Click here .

Excerpt from New Supernatural Novel ''War of the Sons''

The next new Supernatural original novel, written by Rebecca Dessertine and David Reed, will be released on August 31 by Titan Books. The publisher has sent us an excerpt of the prologue for you to read before purchasing the book. We're also giving our readers an opportunity to win one of three copies of the novel or one of three copies of the Official Companion Guide for Season 4 (read about our contest here). Check out the prologue below and then take a look at our review of the novel: To Read More Click Here .

'Supernatural' fans make their Season 6 wishes known

We asked "Supernatural" fans to share their hopes and predictions for the upcoming Season 6, which premieres Friday, September 24 on The CW. As always, you guys were very vocal - both about what you do want to see and what you don't want to see. We've picked out some of the most interesting (and/or hilarious) responses below. Keep them coming! Like you, we're looking forward to finding out what happens when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are reunited after a year of separation. Sam let Dean think he was dead while Dean played domestic daddy. After Dean gets over his relief that Sam is not, in fact, cooking in hell, do you think he's going to be angry? We would be To Read More Click Here .

On-Set Supernatural Photos (Light Spoilers)

We don't usually post on-set photos from Supernatural (or any television show), because they're usually just candid shots of actors. But sometimes people snap something cool - something spoilery - and they're definitely worth a post. We've got two sets of photos for you below, gathered from two fan sources (salsa-babe on LiveJournal and shay_loves_hayden at IMDB). The shots featuring the building are from salsa-babe. She thinks they're from episode 6.03 (or thereabouts, which would make sense with the filming timeline) and described a bit about what she saw: To Read More Click Here .