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Supernatural: To the Future

In an interview with Jensen Ackles, he told a few secrets for season 6. One of them being that season 6 will be set in the future to see where the characters are now. Does this seem like a good idea or will it just fail in the making?

'Supernatural' Season 6 Scoop: Jensen Directing and Old Character Returning

The summer is a pretty dry time for Supernatural news, but here are the latest bits of news to keep you excited until the boys return for season 6 in September. -According to Examiner, Jensen Ackles will be directing an episode of the show's sixth season. There have been rumors for a while that we was going to direct, and it looks like season 6 will finally be his time to step behind the camera on Supernatural. -According to EW's Michael Ausiello, Supernatural is looking to bring back Mitch Pileggi for multiple episodes in season 6. Fans definitely remember Pileggi as Samuel Campbell, Sam and Dean's grandpa who presumably died after being possessed by Azazel. Is Grandpa Winchester alive? Does this mean season 6 will feature a lot more time travel? I'm not sure how Supernatural could do it, but since she show's biggest strength is the family issues the characters deal with, I'm in favor of bringing back all the Winchester relatives you can. To Read More Click Here .

The CW OMFG FYC: Could Jensen Ackles or Nina Dobrev win an Emmy?

Though The CW consistently comes in last place in the ratings, there's no denying that the viewers they do have are fiercely loyal and totally obsessed. But are they Emmy voters? Warner Bros. Entertainment seems to believe they are, because for the first time ever, The CW's shows are being marketed for Emmy consideration. In the most recent issue of Emmy Magazine, Warner Bros. launched the "OMFG FYC" campaign for its five CW-housed shows, officially submitting "Vampire Diaries," " Gossip Girl ," " One Tree Hill ," " Smallville " and " Supernatural " for consideration for Outstanding Drama Series. To Read More Click Here .

Supernatural Goes Anime in 2011

Well this is interesting. Cinema Today is reporting that highly acclaimed Japanese anime studio Madhouse is producing a 22 episode season of Supernatural that will cover the first two seasons of the cult CW demon-hunting favourite starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. According to their website, this would be the first overseas drama to ever be developed by a Japanese animation studio. To Read More Click Here .

'Glee's' Cory Monteith: 'Supernatural' monster's midnight snack

Before Cory Monteith was singing in the showers on "Glee," he showed up on "Supernatural" in one of his first-ever roles. Monteith made a guest appearance on the episode "Wendigo" as Gary, and while he didn't last long, his high-pitched scream is certainly memorable. We love Cory's bandanna -- but we don't love how quickly he gets gobbled up by the monster of the week, an immortal, evil cannibal who lives in caves and can only be killed with fire. "Wendigo" was the first episode of "Supernatural" shot in Vancouver, B.C.. Monteith is a native of B.C., and his Canadian accent was much more noticeable back then! Now that he's playing Ohio native Finn Hudson, it's harder to hear it. Want to check out the scene in high definition? Season 1 of "Supernatural" comes out on Blu-Ray DVD this Tuesday, June 15. If Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles weren't reason enough to pick up this box set, Monteith certainly is! Source & Video

TV Ratings: FOX masters the 'Dance' Thursday

There wasn't much competition for " So You Think You Can Dance 's" seventh season premiere, which handily won Fox the ratings war Thursday night with okay numbers. A slew of reruns (including a strong episode of " The Mentalist ") went up against the reality show, in addition to the series cliffhanger finale of ABC's " FlashForward ," which pulled in lower ratings than the previous week's penultimate episode. NBC's " 100 Questions " wasn't noticed by even less, sandwiched between sitcom reruns. FOX averaged 8.2 million viewers and a 5.0 rating/9 share in households for the night. Next came CBS with 7.5 million and a 4.9/9, then ABC (3.8 million, 2.6/5), NBC (2.7 million, 1.8/3) and The CW (1.6 million, 1.0/2). FOX also took the 18-49 demo with a 3.0 rating, far ahead of the distant second-place CBS, which had a 1.6. NBC had a 1.1, ABC a 1.0 and The CW trailed with a 0.6. To Read More Click Here .

Cas and Bobby Returning for 'Supernatural' Season 6

Supernatural fans can rest easy this summer thanks to Zap2It. The site confirmed that both Jim Beaver and Misha Collins will be back for season 6. It's unclear if that means for one episode or most of the season, but whatever the case, Sam and Dean won't be alone. The bigger question is how. Chuck's closing narration mentioned that Dean and Bobby's farewell marked the last time they'd see each other for a long while, which might mean that Chuck isn't the infallible deity I thought he was. Castiel was last seen heading back to Heaven to take control of the chaos left in Michael's absence, so somehow the new sheriff of Heaven will worm his way back into Dean's heart. It definitely means that angels aren't leaving anytime soon. Most importantly, more Cas and Bobby means more Misha Collins and Jim Beaver, which is a good thing. They've become as much a part of Supernatural as Sam and Dean, so it would've been hard to imagine a show without them. The show will already have one big change for season 6 (creator Eric Kripke stepping down as show-runner and is being replaced by writer/producer Sera Gamble). Having some familiar faces around should make the transition a lot easier. Source Here

Breaking: The CW's new fall schedule

The CW just unveiled its 2010-11 schedule and here are the highlights: 90210 is shifting to Monday (paired with Gossip Girl), One Tree Hill is moving to Tuesday (paired with Life Unexpected), Supernatural is relocating to Friday (paired with Smallville), and new actioner Nikita has nabbed the plum post Vampire Diaries slot on Thursday. The complete schedule is below. To Read More Click Here .

OMG! The CW spoils new season of Supernatural

Season six will be a season of mystery and shadow. Heaven and Hell have been left in complete disarray since the apocalyptic events of season five. And now, monsters, angels and demons roam across a lawless and chaotic landscape. And so Dean Winchester, who has retired from hunting and sworn never to return, finds himself being pulled back into his old life - pulled back by none other than Sam Winchester, who has escaped from Hell. The two reunite to beat back the rising tide of creatures and demon-spawn, but they quickly realize that neither are who they used to be, their relationship isn't what it used to be, and that nothing is what it seems. Source Here

Is 'Supernatural' Moving to Fridays for Season 6?

The CW's Upfront presentation is this Thursday when the network will announce its fall lineup including new shows, returning shows, and new timeslots. While we know some things (six shows have already been renewed), the rest of the schedule is still a mystery. One thing that could definitely change is when fans can watch the sixth season of Supernatural. The show was already renewed, but its Thursday timeslot at 9pm might be in jeopardy. As proof, you only need to look at the CW's summer schedule. On May 27, Supernatural will air in its original timeslot with an encore of the season 5 premiere, but the show will then move to Friday at 9pm the following day. Starting Thursday, June 3, reruns of Moonlight will take over Thursdays at 9pm while Supernatural reruns will continue airing Friday nights, following Smallville. To Read More Click Here .