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Possible Major Spoiler Tonight's 'Supernatural'

If you want to go into the final Supernatural episode of 2009 completely blind, I suggest reading no further. There have been some pretty major spoilers circling around the Internet for a while about the events of "Abandon All Hope," so stop reading if you don't want to be even remotely spoiled. This is your last warning. STOP NOW. Now, the widespread rumor is that two major characters will die on Supernatural tonight, and by major, they mean ones that we've met before and that we know. Since Supernatural doesn't have a very long list of characters fitting that description, the candidates for death are pretty small. Let's look at them. Sam and Dean Not a chance. I realize both of them have already died on Supernatural, but a show with only two leading actors wouldn't kill off one of them halfway through a season. Or would they? No, they really wouldn't. Castiel Misha Collins has been on fire this season, so I really hope he isn't one of the fatalities. However, the preview photos do show him and Lucifer face-to-face, which can't be good. On the bright side, if Cas does die, God can just bring him back again. Bobby Sadly, this seems to be the most popular prediction among fans. Bobby has been sidelined in his wheelchair all season and in "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester," he lamented his fate and wished he would die. This episode might feature the lovable old coot performing one last act of heroism to save Sam and Dean. Ellen and Jo Harvelle The mother-daughter hunting team is back, and it's certainly an odd sign that these two return in an episode rumored to have two deaths. Basically, if the rumors are true, I don't see any way that both Ellen and Jo survive. Will Ellen sacrifice herself to save her daughter, or will Jo meet an untimely demise? Rufus There's not even an indication that Rufus will show up in the episode, but in every way, he seems like Supernatural's most expendable character. Meg The demon known as Meg has had many forms, and she's back again in this episode. Will she finally join her daddy as a victim of the Colt? Zachariah If there's one angel that needs to get ganked, it's this douchenozzle. Lucifer I have no idea what Supernatural would do with the second half of the season if Sam and Dean succeed in killing Lucifer in this episode, but it would definitely be unexpected. The Impala While not technically a character, the Impala is more beloved than most Supernatural characters by the fans, and if Lucifer really wanted to hurt Dean, killing his car would be the best way to do it. So those are the best possible choices for which characters will meet their maker. The only real way to know who dies tonight, if anyone, is to check out Supernatural at 9pm on the CW. Right now, if the rumors are true, I'm picking Bobby and Ellen. Killing those two would be the best way for Lucifer to prove he's not just another demon. Source here

SUPERNATURAL "Abandon All Hope" Season 5 Episode 10 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of SUPERNATURAL "Abandon All Hope" Season 5 Episode 10 which airs on Thursday November 19 at 9 p.m. on The CW. Episode Synopsis: Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) track down the Colt and head off to find Lucifer (guest star Mark Pelligreno) to send him back to Hell. It's a hunters' reunion when the crew joins forces with Bobby (Jim Beaver), Ellen (guest star Samantha Ferris) and Jo (guest star Alona Tal) for what could be their last night on Earth. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Ben Edlund Source & Preview

Another Sneak Peek - Supernatural 5.10 "Abandon All Hope" Preview

I have already posting a sneak peek and promo (and promo photos) for the November 19th new episode of Supernatural and now EW has released an exclusive clip of the beginnings of a showdown between Meg and Dean. Soak it up, because this is the last new Supernatural episode before it goes on hiatus until January. Source & Preview

November Sweeps: More Wednesday & Thursday Show Stars & Stunts! - Featured

November Sweeps are in swing which means a lot of our favorite shows are going for guest stars aplenty, ratings stunts, and more! Check out some special features for this Wednesday and Thursday, 11/18 - 11/19. Wednesday Modern Family - ' Great Expectations ' - Modern Family rolls out the big names as Edward Norton and Elizabeth Banks guest star this week! Norton, who is, according to , a "long time pal of Modern Family star Ty Burrell" (Phil), will be playing Izzy LaFontaine, one of Phil and Claire's favorite musicians. Since it's Claire and Phil's anniversary, she wants to surprise Phil with a private concert. ( more info ) As for Banks, she will be playing Sal, a hilarious party girl and best friend of Cameron and Mitchell who's appearing because Cameron and Mitchell go out for a night on the town... I smell trouble and fabulous dancing! Cougar Town - ' Two Gunslingers ' - It's Jules' birthday and as she tries to enjoy a birthday weekend getaway with Ellie and Laurie, she runs into her "nemesis" and the woman's husband, played by guest stars Rachael Harris ( In the Motherhood , Reno 911! ) and Alan Ruck ( Spin City , Greek ). America's Next Top Model - ' America's Next Top Model Is... ' - It's finally time to find out who will be... America's. Next. Top Model. In this thrilling 2-hour finale, the final two models of the 13th cycle will be put through their final tests and then the winner will be revealed! There will be a special appearance by Eddie Murphy as well. Thursday Supernatural - ' Abandon All Hope ' - Guest stars Samantha Ferris as Ellen, Alona Tal as Jo, and Jim Beaver as Bobby help Sam and Dean in their search for Lucifer! 30 Rock - ' Sun Tea ' - Al Gore will make a cameo appearance in relation to Kenneth trying to make TGS more "green." Former The Daily Show correspondent Nate Corddry guest stars as Liz Lemon's neighbor who Liz is scheming to get out of his apartment so she can buy it to combine it with hers... perhaps for night cheese storage space? The incredible (and completely unqualified and insane) Dr. Leo Spaceman, aka Chris Parnell, will be reappearing this week as well. Fringe - ' August ' - The Observer will be the focus of this week's episode as new information is revealed. Word is we'll need to prepare for "multiple Observers!" Project Runway - ' Finale Part 2 ' - It's time for the Project Runway season finale! In Part 2 of the season finale, the final three designers will have their ultimate challenge at New York's Fashion Week, finally resulting in the Season 6 winner! What November Sweeps star or stunt are you most looking forward to?

'Supernatural' Video: Ellen and Jo Return Season 5, Episode 10

It's time to horde every last morsel of Supernatural you can, because after this Thursday's new episode, the show is going on a Winter Break until January 14, 2010. Since this week's episode, "Abandon All Hope," is the big mid-season finale, expect plenty of fireworks and major upheaval in the story. In this video clip from the episode, we see that Sam and Dean have once again involved the Harvelles in their plan. Not only that, but it seems Ellen and Jo have made a new friend: Cas. Source & Preview

'Supernatural' Video: Sam and Dean Find the Colt (Season 5, Episode 10)

Next week's episode of Supernatural is the mid-season finale, meaning it will be the last new episode for about two months. Therefore, it's safe to assume we won't be watching a lot of silly, pointless comedy. Instead, Supernatural finally gets back to the Apocalypse and Lucifer. In this video clip from the episode, "Abandon All Hope," Sam and Dean meet Crowley, the demon Bela gave the Colt to. Source & Preview

'Supernatural' 5.10 Preview: Abandon All Hope

In the next " Supernatural ", Sam, Dean and Castiel track down the Colt and head off to find Lucifer to send him back to Hell. It's a hunters' reunion when the crew joins forces with Bobby, Ellen and Jo for what could be their last night on Earth. The episode is called "Abandon All Hope" and it will boast the guest starring appearances from Alona Tal, Samantha Ferris and Mark Sheppard. The first two reprise their roles as Jo and Ellen respectively while Mark makes his debut as Crowley. The episode will air on November 18 as the last episode of 2009 and the show is scheduled to return with originals on January 14. Talking about the episode that will leave fans hanging, Misha Collins aka Castiel told Huffington Post that there will be a huge showdown between him and Lucifer. "Well, as with the Devil's trap, which is used to trap demons, there is, actually, as we've discovered on the show, Angel trapping technology, that I introduced to the show. It's a ring of holy fire," he explained. "And Lucifer ends up using my own tricks against me and interrogates me, in a way. Basically, Lucifer tries to persuade me to join his ranks as a fellow Fallen. A fellow rebellious angel. It's quite a face off." Source & Preview

5 Things I Want to See in the 'Supernatural' Fan Convention

If last week's TV parodies and shocking angel revelations on Supernatural weren't wild enough, the writers have upped the ante on breaking the fourth wall this week. In "The Real Ghostbusters," Thursday at 9pm, Supernatural super fan Becky tricks Sam and Dean into attending a Supernatural fan convention. Let the inside jokes begin. We got brief glimpses into the world of the Supernatural book series on the show in "The Monster at the End of This Book" and "Sympathy for the Devil," but now Supernatural is diving head first into fandom. What can we expect to see, and more importantly, what do we want to see? 1. Lots of the Fat Dean LARPer In the promo trailer for this episode, we see two guys live action role playing as Sam and Dean, and the comically overweight Dean puts on his huskiest voice to refer to the promise he made to John to kill Sam back in season 2. I don't know who that Husky Dean is, but based on that one line, I want a lot more of him, because that guy is comedy gold. 2. Tons of Obscure Episodic References I recently finished my epic NetFlix journey through the first three seasons of Supernatural, so I'm probably as prepared as ever to try and find all the random obscure, episode-specific references sure to be in this episode. But to be honest, I'll probably need your help, because my Supernatural knowledge isn't as encyclopedic as I'd like it to be. 3. Fan Fiction I'm generally against the fan fiction references Supernatural has done in the past, but at a convention, especially with Becky, it's virtually a requirement. I think seeing Becky moderate a panel on how to write Supernatural slash fan fiction could be hilarious. 4. Complaints In my experience, there are no bigger critics and complainers than the biggest fans. I'm hoping to see these Supernatural fans argue about lame plot twists, bad episodes, and all the other complaints fans might have about Supernatural. 5. Movie Rumors In the world of Supernatural, I'd imagine these fans of the book series would all be hoping and praying for their favorite characters to move to the big screen. Heck, this episode could single-handedly also start demand from fans of the TV show to end things and move on to a big screen adaptation of Supernatural. See, I bet I have you excited already. Source & Preview

'Supernatural' Video: Super Fan Becky's Back! Season 5, Episode 9

After being trapped in TV land, Supernatural sets up a little fan convention this week as Wincest fanfiction writer Becky (guest star Emily Perkins) returns. Not everyone was pleased when Becky first appeared in the fifth season opener "Sympathy For The Devil," since the thought of Sam and Dean hooking up made a lot of fans sick but perhaps her comeback in this week's "The Real Ghostbusters" will shed her in a different light. According to The CW 's official release, super fan Becky uses Chuck's (guest star Chuck Benedict) phone to trick Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) into attending a Supernatural fan convention, complete with fans dressed up as Sam and Dean. One of the activities is a live action role playing game, but things quickly turn sour after a real ghost appears on the scene. While the release alone is enough to tickle your curiosity, you might want to check out the video below. Basically, comedy ensues when Dean and Sam drive all night to help Chuck with a life or death situation only to find out that Chuck is safe and sound. It turns out it's Becky who's responsible for text messaging Sam and this all leads to weird confessions and disturbing fantasies. Source & Preview

Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Engaged - Featured

It's official, Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris have got engaged. A representative for Danneel confirms the matter to Just Jared, but provides no details on when and where the engagement took place. Jensen and Danneel have been friends for nearly a decade. They have been dating for about three years. The pair was spotted on Saturday, November 7 watching the horses race at the Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships at Santa Anita Park in Los Angeles. It was during the occasion that Danneel flashed her engagement finger. On screen, Jensen Ackles is best known for starring as Eric Brady in TV series "Days of Our Lives". He is currently starring in The CW 's drama series " Supernatural ". Danneel Harris, meanwhile, is recognized for starring as Rachel Gatina in The CW's " One Tree Hill ". She, moreover, has also starred in some big screen flicks, like "Fired Up" and "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay". She and Jensen co-starred in the 2007 romantic comedy "Ten Inch Hero". Source Here