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Jensen Ackles Jared & Padelcki Christmas Photo

I just made this picture using photoshop(though I am not good at it,I just tried it)Here you go Jensen Ackles like Santa Clauss and Jared Padelcki!! Sam & Dean Xmas photo

*Spoiler Alert*

Spoiler!! * * * An important character whom we all Supernatural fans love is going to die in the Reaper episode that is going to be aired in 2009.You can read about it fully here An Important Character in Supernatural is going to die

Young Sam

In the upcoming episode 'After school special' (airs January 22th) while on a hunt, the boys will have to visit a high school the briefly attended while on one of their fathers infamous hunts, unfortunately this brings with some of the not pleasant memories of highschool for sam who, even at fourteen, hated having to move around all the time and found it difficult to make new friends. Young fourteen year old sam will be portrayed by Colin Ford, pictured, who has taken on the role of young Sam before. While eighteen year old Dean will be played by actor Brock Kelly, pictured below.

New Clips From 'Supernatural' January 2009 Episodes

'Family Remains', 'Criss Angel is a Douche Bag' and 'Afterschool Special', three episodes of 'Supernatural' that will air in January next year are previewed. Read more.

Misha Collins Season 5 regular.

Misha Collins (Castiel) to become a regular on Supernatural Season 5 if the show is picked up for it's final year. Big news for Castiel fans as up to now they've only guaranteed he gets 6 more episodes. Source: Reading Eagle

Preview of 'Supernatural' 4.11: Family Remains

Look forward to a horrifying episode involving Dean in 'Supernatural' when it returns on The CW on January 15. Read more.

Misha Collins interview on supernatural

Misha Collins is having a hell of a good time on Supernatural. The actor plays Castiel, the angel who saved Dean Winchester from you know where, and he's fast emerged as a fan favorite. And so Collins, an actor whose credits include Charmed, Girl, Interrupted, 24 (as Dennis Hopper's assassin son), ER, CSI: NY and Over Her Dead Body, will appear in at least another half dozen episodes of Supernatural this season and just might stick around far longer than that. UGO recently caught up with Collins for an exclusive interview. Here's what he had to say. UGO: So, your gig on Supernatural started out as a six-episode recurring character arc and now it looks like you're going to on the show for the foreseeable future. How cool is that? Collins: It's totally awesome. It's kind of like a dream come true, really, because it's so much better to come into a show like this that's establish and, in my opinion, really good, than doing a pilot that might shoot six episodes of and you don't know if it's going to catch on. It's so great to come into something that's established and already has a fan base. It's a great character. I have got nothing to complain about. I love Vancouver. I'm sort of pinching myself. It's great. UGO: How are you enjoying working with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Robert Wisdom, who plays Uriel to your Castiel? Collins: I can say in all honestly that this is probably the best television set I have ever worked on, which is amazing because it's probably also the hardest working set I've ever been on. They are working incredibly long hours and Jared and Jensen are shouldering virtually ever scene. So they work really hard, and they're not doing season four eye rolls or yawning or spending the entire time off in a corner texting their girlfriends. They're really there and they do their work, and they have senses of humor. They're both actually really witty and sarcastic, which makes it so much more fun to work with them. And Robert Wisdom is an awesome guy. We had an incredibly long van ride back from the set one day, where the traffic was just horrible and we were in the van for about two and a half hours. We told each other our life stories and we found out that he had lived in Washington, D.C. and I lived in Washington, D.C. I had interned at the White House and he had interned at the Capitol. We both worked at National Public Radio headquarters in D.C., and we're both now playing angels. We both practice similar kinds of meditation. So he's a fascinating guy. UGO: We couldn't help but notice that in last week's episode, Uriel did all the heavy lifting in the fight scenes. When is Castiel going to kick some ass? Collins: I'm going to make an uneducated prediction and say by the end of this season there will be some ass-kicking. The show is going on a little break, but it should pick up after that. (In last week's episode) I was a bit disappointed when we choreographed the fight scenes and I thought Castiel got cheated of his warrior qualities, but I'm sure that time will come. Source: UGO


Heres a nifty little scan from Tv guide about the upcoming young Dean and Sam moments in supernatural on january 22nd. Not loving young Dean in this picture but I know Brock has looked better Im still hoping hes up to this part. Young Sam is adorable though gotta love that kid Enjoy!

Is Dean's Angel Gone Forever?

Is Dean's Angel Gone Forever? Fans are dying to know just one thing about Supernatural this season: Will Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) ever see Anna again now that she's been taken back by the original man in her life, God? Heaven's messengers including superfine seraphim Castiel (Misha Collins) were introduced in the season premiere, but it was the arrival of former angel and sometime crazy-person Anna (Julie McNiven) that turned Supernatural season four totally epic. So, does Anna come back for more unnaturally good sex with Dean? I've got the exclusive dish... After those last two episodes of white-hot chemistry between Dean and Anna (not to mention their literally steamy sex scene in the backseat of the Impala), cutting us off from more Deanna would be a crime, so it's a good thing she's not gone for good! Insiders whisper that producers do want to bring Anna back to earth, although it's not clear when or for how many episodes. What is clear is that good-hearted bad boy Dean and ambivalent angel Anna are perfect for each other. Plus, there's the obvious mirror image of Dean dating a gorgeous disgruntled angel while Sam (Jared Padalecki) screws around (and/or is madly in love) with gorgeous reformed demon Ruby (Genevieve Cortese). Could the Winchester brothers' respective romantic entanglements possibly turn them against each other or is having both heavenly hosts and hell-spawn on their side a trump card they could use against Lilith? What do you guys think of the introduction of Anna? Any guesses about the nature of her past with Castiel? And would you want Anna and Ruby to be regulars in season five or are you keeping Sam and Dean for yourself? Post in the comments! Supernatural returns to the CW with new episodes on Thursday, Jan. 15. Source: E!Online Personally I didnt think Dean and Anna were 'perfect for eachother' I saw her as what he needed to be able to begin opening up about his experiences in hell and I think the sweetness of the moments they shared together would be made a little stale if they tried to make them and official couple or something. But thats just my opinion whats yours?

Sex and violence: Upcoming episode

what's in store for the beloved Winchester brothers? In the upcoming Supernatural episode titled "Sex and Violence," there will be rainbows and unicorns. Nah, just kidding—there will be sex and violence. Both Sam and Dean make new friends, and one of the boys gets laid. Later Sam and Dean fight each other, but not over the girl—over a guy! Source: E!Online Casting call for sex and violence: [NICK VARNER] 25ish - This clean-cut, likeable, eager-beaver FBI agent gets in the good graces of one of our heroes to help investigate a series of suspicious small-town murders. However he turns into a sinister, conniving monster able to put anyone under his spell. He gleefully incites violence between even the closest of persons...GUEST STAR (please submit all ethnicities) (23) [DR. CARA ROBERTS] 30, This attractive, sexy, intelligent woman with a little a small-town doctor and occasional coroner who has been helping the Sheriff's office investigate a string of bizarre murders. Even though a professional, she has a touch of the femme fatal to her. She has a wild side - she's into drinking and one night stands...Think a little bit Linda Fiorentino in "The Last Seduction"...GUEST STAR (please submit all ethnicities) (9) Source: spoiler tv and lastly from the lovely Ausiello we learn that there's a Cougar alert! Supexecs are casting the role of a sexy and smart thirtysomething doctor who likes booze and one night stands. And young men with the last name Winchester. (This is most likely the above character Dr Cara Roberts) Source: EW