Switched at Birth 4x09 - Promo "The Player's Choice"

Iris urges Daphne to broaden her college experience by rushing a sorority. Bay inserts herself when Travis's popularity as a UMKC baseball player starts to affect his relationship with Mary Beth. Meanwhile, Toby plans to ask Lily to move in with him. Airs Tuesday March 03 on ABC Family.

Switched at Birth: Can Bay and Emmett Survive Their Biggest Hurdle Yet?

  When Switched at Birth hit the college years, it could've played it safe with stories about typical freshman year hijinks. Instead, the ABC Family drama has continued to push the envelope and take on timely issues, which it tackles in a real and honest way. Most recently, the show put a spotlight on ...   Read More...

'Switched at Birth' creator weighs in on Bay and Emmett's post-rape future

On Tuesday's (Feb. 10) "Switched at Birth"the university made their decision to expel Tank (Max Adler) after the incident with Bay (Vanessa Marano), supposedly concluding the show's two-part consent storyline. Yet moments after Bay finds out what's happened to Tank, she turns around to see that Emmett (Sean Berdy) has returned from California to see how she's doing.Emmett showing up at the Kennish house may seem like the two are reconciling. His last trip home was less than successful with the two of them getting into major fight about their long distance relationship that lead to Bay getting drunk at the dorm party and ending up with Tank. Then another fight broke out when Bay tried to tell Emmett what happened. "Switched" creator and showrunner Lizzy Weiss reveals to Zap2it that a reconciliation will be more complicated than another visit home. "The next episode really delves into Emmett trying to understand. For him its...

Switched at Birth 4x6 - Black and Gray Preview

An investigation is launched when the college administration gets wind of Bay's personal matter. Airs Tuesday Feb. 10 on ABC Family.

Switched at Birth Creator, Cast on Why They Needed to Tell a Campus Rape Story

  Switched at Birth 's Bay may want to forget drunkenly sleeping with Tank, but when the college launches an investigation into the possible rape, she'll be forced to confront what did -- or didn't -- happen.   Read More...

Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 5 Review: At the First Clear Word

On tonight's Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 5 we dealt with the very serious subject of rape; though we are going to start off with the lighter stories first before jumping into the main storyline of the night. 1. What Happened? - Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 5 Bay waking up the morning after. But what exactly happened? I was totally with Daphne when she rolled her eyes at what Vimla had to say because I was doing the same thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Daphne wanting to know if she could do a side project, but no Vimla has to be a complete brat about things and try to take control of the group. It seems as though they have forgotten they get advanced notes thanks to Daphne so maybe they should treat her with a little more respect.   Read More...

Switched at Birth 4x5 - At the First Clear Word Preview

Bay spends an evening drinking with Tank but cannot remember her actions from that night. Airs Tuesday Feb. 3 on ABC Family.

ABC Family's "Switched at Birth" Partners with Break the Cycle for Live Twitter After-Chat on the Issue of Sexual Consent

Vanessa Marano, Max Adler and Lizzy Weiss will be part of a special Twitter "After-Chat" moderated by a Break the Cycle specialist.   Read More...

Switched at Birth Photo Gallery: What Happened To Bay?

At the end of Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 4 we all collectively held our breath when Bay woke up naked next to Tank. On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 5 we get a clearer picture of what happened as Bay tries to go through the events of the night. Bay's family will rally around her as she tries to cope with life and the issues of trust.  Read More...

Switched at Birth We Were So Close That Nothing Used to Stand Between Us Season 4 Episode 4

Switched at Birth We Were So Close That Nothing Used to Stand Between Us Season 4 Episode 4 airs Tuesday Jan 27th 2015 at 9/8c on ABC Family. In tonights episode, Emmett surprises Bay with a visit. Bay feels pressured to maximize her short time with Emmett when he comes for a surprise visit. Daphne []