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Teen Wolf Season 5B Trailer: Argent Returns, Stiles Fights Scott and More

Teen Wolf fans, youre not prepared for what youre about to see. During its panel at New York Comic-Con on Friday, the MTV drama released the first trailer for Season 5B as well its Jan. 5 premiere date (9/8c!) and its safe to say this show has never been darker. For starters, theupcoming []

Teen Wolf, The Shannara Chronicles Coming to New York Comic-Con

MTV is bringing two of its heaviest hitters well, a heavy hitter and a soon-to-be heavy hitter to New York Comic-Con next month. First, thecast of Teen Wolf (specific attendees TBD) will assemble Friday, Oct. 9 at 5:45/4:45c on the Javits Centers Empire Stage to discuss the insanity parade that was Season 5A []

'Teen Wolf' Creator on Finale's "Death and Resurrection," New "Epic" Storyline

Jeff Davis reveals to THR who's still alive on the MTV drama and how the episode's climactic battle will change things.   Read More...

Teen Wolf Boss Talks Parrish's Finale Reveal and Theo's Next Step, Previews 'Clash of Titans' in Season 5B

Even byTeen Wolfstandards, Mondays midseason finale was alotto take in. TVLine spoke with executive producer Jeff Davis about how the episodesbiggest twists will affect the second half of Season 5, but first, a quick recap of the hours most importantmoments: Parrish was discoveredto be a hellhound; Liam struggled to accept the loss of Hayden; Braeden []

'Teen Wolf' boss answers season 5 finale burning questions, talks Derek

Spoiler alert: If you havent watched the season 5A finale of Teen Wolf , stop reading now! In the final hour of Teen Wolf s season 5A, five people were resurrected, Parrish was revealed to be a Hellhound, and Lydia was left a catatonic state. And thats not even...   Read More...

Tyler Posey talks 'Teen Wolf' finale: Is there hope for Scott and Stiles?

As it turns out, Tyler Posey wasnt kidding when he said Teen Wolf s season 5A would be Scotts darkest yet. With his girlfriend nowhere to be seen, his best friend not talking to him or rather, him not talking to his best friend and his beta trying to kill him, its easy to see why...   Read More...

Teen Wolf's Marisol Nichols Talks Set Secrets, 'Awesome' Desert Wolf Reveal

Now that Teen Wolf has finally put a name to its mysterious Desert Wolf, Marisol Nichols is free to talk about her timeon set even if theres not a whole lotto talk about yet. I was going to tweet on my first day of shooting, and they were like, Absolutely not,' Nichols tells TVLine. []

'Teen Wolf': Cody Christian says finale will have fans 'losing their minds'

For most of season 5, Teen Wolf has pitched the idea that the Dread Doctors are the big bad. And although theyre obviously bad, theres been another villain lurking around Scotts pack Theo. Sure, he might not look as scary as the Doctors, but considering his proximity to Scott and...   Read More..

Teen Wolf Has a Problem Regarding Female Characters and We Need to Stop Ignoring It

Teen Wolf is struggling to develop rich female characters and build strong emotional connections as it ages. And it needs to do better.   Read More...

'Teen Wolf': The Problem with the Dread Doctors and How to Fix It

There's something rotten in the state of Beacon Hills and it's the Dread Doctors. The season five Teen Wolf baddies started out with a lot of promise. They have a haunting costume design, creepy sounds signal their arrival and they are literal mad scientists. This all sounds like a perfect recipe for villainy. Yet as Teen Wolf season 5 progresses and all these aspects remain, the Dread Doctors still haven't been entirely successful as villains. In fact, it's pretty easy to qualify them as failures. Now as Teen Wolf goes into its ninth episode of the first ten episodes of season five, is there anything that can save the Dread Doctors storyline?