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Teen Wolf Season 6: Meet the New Teacher We Already Don't Trust -

Beacon Hills High School is welcoming a new teacher in Teen Wolf ‘s sixth season. (Any chance he isn’t harboring a supernatural secret?) Pete Ploszek ( Workaholics , Shameless ) will recur on the MTV drama as Garrett Douglas, a “charming” educator likely to catch the eye of several students, our sister site Deadline reports. Read the full article at .

Teen Wolf Boss Teases "Ghost Story" Season 6 and a Return to WWII

  The jam-packed fifth season of Teen Wolf finally came to an end on Tuesday night when Scott ( Tyler Posey ) and his pack were finally able to slay the Beast of Gevaudan. The finale also saw the last of the Dread Doctors and Theo ( Cody Christian ), whose sociopathic ways finally got the best of him. The ...  Read More...

'Teen Wolf' boss talks finale: 'Can we possibly save all of these people?'

Heading into the Teen Wolf season 5B finale, villains are everywhere. Not only does The Beast have Mason, but the Desert Wolf is back in town, Deucalion is still looking to steal Scotts eyes, and then theres Gerard, who can never fully be trusted. Everyone is in danger, showrunner...   Read More...

Teen Wolf Season Finale: Ryan Kelley Teases (Fatal?) Clash With the Beast

If youre not at all concerned about Parrish as he prepares to battle the Beast of Gvaudan in Tuesdays Teen Wolf season finale (MTV, 9/8c), you might want to reconsider exactly whats at stake here. It looks like Parrish and the Beast are going to square off with only one of them surviving, star Ryan []

Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: Theo Betrays the Last Member of His Pack

  So much solidarity when it comes to fighting The Beast on Teen Wolf . Anyone still holding out hope that Theo ( Cody Christian ) could redeem himself should be wary of the following clip. The chimera alpha is trying to heal from his battle with ...   Read More...

'Teen Wolf' sneak peek: A hot makeout turns deadly

If you thought Theos one true love was power well, youre probably right. In a sneak peek from the Teen Wolf finale, Tracy tends to an injured Theo when things turn oddly romantic. But because Theo is determined to prove that hes the worst, he decides that hes less into kissing Tracy......   Read More...

Teen Wolf's Marisol Nichols Joins Riverdale Pilot as Veronica's Mom

Marisol Nicholsis leaving her Teen Wolf pack behind for a residency inRiverdale. The24alum whos currently recurring on the aforementioned MTV thriller has been cast as Hermione Lodge in The CWs Archie-inspired drama pilotfrom Greg Berlanti (Arrow), Deadline reports. In the potential series, Hermione is the upscale mother to Veronica (played by newcomerCamila Mendes) who []

'Teen Wolf': Is Mason Really Gone Forever?

"The Beast of Beacon Hills" ended in a huge Teen Wolf cliffhanger heading into the season 5 finale. The Beast transformed, without a tradio frequency, and the event that was warned all season finally came to pass. The teenager, Mason, inside the Beast, was forgotten and the man was reborn. Sebastian Valet, the original Beast, is back and in Beacon Hills. While things look dire for Liam's BFF, this can't be the end of poor innocent Mason, at least it shouldn't.   Read More...

Teen Wolf: Will "Only Villains Survive" This Week?

Lotta bad guys in Beacon Hills these days. Lotttta bad guys. But who will be the baddest? The Beast? The Dread Doctors? The Desert Wolf? Deucalion? Theo? Let's talk about it!   Read More...

Teen Wolf Video: Kira's Plan to Save Mason Comes With a Serious Catch

When the going gets tough, the tough get the hell out of Beacon Hills, apparently. A sneak peek from TuesdaysTeen Wolf(MTV, 9/8c) finds Kira leaving a frantic voicemail two voicemails, actually in which she shares some good news (she wants to help!) and some bad news (shes skippingtown again!) with Scott. I have []