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Teen Wolf Midseason Finale Trailer Reveals First Look at Stiles' Return

Hes back! Hes really, finally back! Following Tuesdays Teen Wolf, during which Scotts pack made a last-ditch effort to rescue Stiles, Dylan OBriens character is very much alive in the official trailer for the Jan. 31 midseason finale (MTV, 9/8c). Of course, Stiles presence isnt the only reason this trailer is getting us excited. The []

What Did You Think of The Reveal of Stiles' First Name on 'Teen Wolf?'

A series-long mystery has been solved on Teen Wolf . Stiles' first name has finally been revealed. At the tail end of the latest episode, "Blitzkrieg," we finally learned Stiles' real name. Stiles is no longer Stiles Stilinski, his full name isMieczyslaw Stilinski. ...Read More...

Teen Wolf Finally Reveals Stiles' First Name and It's Definitely Unexpected

Mischief managed. Teen Wolf finally solved one of its biggest mysteries in the Jan. 17 episode, finally revealing Stiles' (Dylan O'Brien) real first name, and it's safe to say... ...Read More...

5 Reasons We Miss Stiles on 'Teen Wolf' Season 6

It is not really Teen Wolf 's fault that the final season of the show has, so far, been largely missing one of the show's most important characters. Due to actor Dylan O'Brien's commitment to The Maze Runner movie franchise (and his subsequent injury on that set) Stiles had to be quasi-written off of Teen Wolf season 6. While his friends and family have finally remembered him, Stiles has only appeared in two episodes in the final season. It's unfair to hold Teen Wolf accountable for Stiles' absence given the behind-the-scenes complications but it doesn't make the character any less missed. Here are five reasons we hope Stiles returns to Teen Wolf season 6 as soon as possible. ...Read More...

Is There Too Much Liam in the Final Season of 'Teen Wolf?'

Teen Wolf has a lot of storylines in the proverbial oven during its final season. Between the Ghost Riders, Mr. Douglas, Stiles' abduction and the existence of the previously deceased Claudia Stilinski, MTV's supernatural teen drama has a lot things to wrap up. This is not really a bad thing. There is more than half a season to go on Teen Wolf, which is more than enough to bring everything together. ...Read More...

'Teen Wolf' Brings Back Scott's Father for Final Season

For the final season of a relatively long-running show, Teen Wolf hasn't seen much in the way of returning characters and actors. This is especially true for characters who have been gone for the show for more than a few seasons. This might be all about to change. When Teen Wolf returns for its final season in 2017, there will be another familiar face on-screen. TVLine reports that Scott's dad is coming back to Beacon Hills.   ...Read More...

Teen Wolf: [Spoiler] Announces His Return in the Final Season

Another former Beacon Hills resident is coming home to help bid Teen Wolf adieu in 2017. Matthew Del Negro better known to Teen Wolf fans as Papa McCall shared the news of his return Friday on Instagram, confirming that we havent seen the last of Scotts father: Del Negros character was last []

Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: The Truth About Mr. Douglas Is (Sort of) Revealed

Now heres a shocker: The hot new teacher at Beacon Hills High School is harboring a supernatural secret. TVLines exclusive sneak peek of Tuesdays Teen Wolf (MTV, 9/8c) finds Liam, Hayden, Mason and Corey back in Mr. Douglas physics class, only theres a twist this time and its not just that Corey manages to []

Teen Wolf Boss Previews Malia's 'Progressive' Arc in Final Season: 'She's a Wild Animal With Needs of Her Own'

Stiles may be stealing the focus of Teen Wolfs final season, but that doesnt mean the remaining members of Scotts pack have been wait for it forgotten. We really wanted to give Malia a lot to do this year, executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine of Shelley Hennigs character. Shes one of our []

'Teen Wolf' Just Dropped a Clue to Stiles' First Name

It turns out that erasing Stiles from history on Teen Wolf does a little bit more than take away everyone's favorite comic relief character and sidekick. In the latest episode of Teen Wolf 's final season, "Superposition," Stiles' long-dead mother came back to life. While Sheriff Stilinski has lost his son, he has regained his wife and that's not all the Stilinskifamily drama happening. The episode also released a tantalizing hint to Stiles' first name. In a recent interview with TVLine, executive producer Jeff Davis sat down to talk about some of the big revelations. ...Read More...