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Teen Wolf Boss Previews Malia's 'Progressive' Arc in Final Season: 'She's a Wild Animal With Needs of Her Own'

Stiles may be stealing the focus of Teen Wolfs final season, but that doesnt mean the remaining members of Scotts pack have been wait for it forgotten. We really wanted to give Malia a lot to do this year, executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine of Shelley Hennigs character. Shes one of our []

'Teen Wolf' Just Dropped a Clue to Stiles' First Name

It turns out that erasing Stiles from history on Teen Wolf does a little bit more than take away everyone's favorite comic relief character and sidekick. In the latest episode of Teen Wolf 's final season, "Superposition," Stiles' long-dead mother came back to life. While Sheriff Stilinski has lost his son, he has regained his wife and that's not all the Stilinskifamily drama happening. The episode also released a tantalizing hint to Stiles' first name. In a recent interview with TVLine, executive producer Jeff Davis sat down to talk about some of the big revelations. ...Read More...

Teen Wolf EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Return, Confirms Clue to Stiles' First Name

Stiles might have been M.I.A. from Tuesdays Teen Wolf, but there was no shortage of Stilinskis in Beacon Hills. This weeksepisode featured the surprise return of Stiles mother yes, the same mother who died more than 10 years ago though it remains anyones guess (for now) how she reappeared among the living. We []

Teen Wolf Season 6: Who Will Die? PREDICTIONS

With Teen Wolf entering its sixth and final season, I share my predictions on which Teen wolf character is going to die this season.  ...Read More...

Teen Wolf's Alpha Transition: Is Liam Ready to Become the New Scott?

Teen Wolf may be ending in 2017, but the MTV dramas characters will continue to live on if only in our hearts which means somebodys got to replace Scott as the new alpha of Beacon Hills.The options, as it turns out, are kind of limited. Part of the season is Scott trying to []

Teen Wolf Season 6: Scott McCall and The Heros Journey

With Teen Wolf entering its sixth and final season, I decided to explore how Scotts journey paralleled the classic hero journey narrative and how that might inform how things will end for him.   ...Read more...

Teen Wolf: 11 Burning Questions from the Final Season Premiere

  Teen Wolf has returned for its sixth and final season on MTV and the first hour of the McCall pack's final adventure was a doozy and emotional one. Stiles ( Dylan O'Brien ) has officially been taken by a mysterious group of horsemen known as the Storm Riders. They kidnap people and erase them from the ...Read More...

Teen Wolf Boss Talks Stiles and Lydia's Big Premiere Moment, What's Next

Teen Wolfs final season may revolve around the concept of memory loss, but Tuesdays premiere was easily one of its most unforgettable. TVLine spoke with executive producer Jeff Davis about the episodes biggest moment (Stiles and Lydia!), but first, a quick recap: Tuesdays premiere marked the long-awaited/dreaded arrival of the Riders, a sinister band of []

Don't Worry, Teen Wolf Fans! Stiles Is Still Alive in New Season 6 Super Tease

Things may not be looking so good for fans of Stiles after tonight's Teen Wolf premiere, but fear not! In this season six super tease, exclusive to E! News, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien)...  ...Read More...

Tyler Posey Sounds Off on Teen Wolf's Mind-Bending New and Final Season

The end of an era is upon us. Teen Wolf's final season debuts tonight, and it's something a little different from what we're used to. As the promos have revealed, the... ...Read More...