Amazing Race's Nick and Vicki: We Regret Taking the Six-Hour Penalty

Quitting has its consequences. After opting against finishing the Detour on The Amazing Race last week, Nick DeCarlo and girlfriend Vicki Casciola, both 26, incurred a six-hour penalty, forcing them to miss the first flight to Seoul this week and a shot to make the final three. "I don't think we had any chance of making that flight," Vicki tells "We got to the airport a little too late. ... But we were still in good spirits in thinking that you never know what's going to happen." See what else the two have to say about their disastrous penultimate leg, if they did all the tasks this week and why Nick felt "a little OK" quitting last week. To Read More Click Here.

TV Ratings: Sunday Night Football scores for NBC again

Fast National ratings for Sunday, December 5, 2010. Football did its thing for NBC Sunday night as viewers recovered from the first round of the holidays came back to watch Pittsburgh school Baltimore. FOX also got its expected early boost from the football runover. NBC led the night with 16.1 million viewers and a 9.6 rating/15 share in households for Sunday. FOX followed with 11.6 million and a 6.7/10, then CBS (10.9 million, 6.6/10) and ABC (8.7 million, 5.3/8). The adult 18-49 demo title also went to NBC with a 5.7 rating, followed by FOX, 4.6, CBS, 2.6, and ABC, 2.5. To Read More  Click Here.

'The Amazing Race': Time for another all-star edition? Do we need another all-star edition?

CBS won’t spill a thing, but the web is chock full of spoilers suggesting that the 18th edition of   The Amazing Race  will feature all-stars from seasons 12-17. Rumors abound that Mike White and his dad Mel will stage a comeback, not to mention   Luke Adams and his mom Margie  as well as Kris and Amanda — all from season 14. If true, this would be the second all-star edition of the Emmy-winning show; the last one aired during season 11 and averaged 10.5 million. The next installment of   Race   is expected to bow in February or March. So do all-star versions score that much better in the ratings? They certainly haven’t broken any records for  Survivor , which has done at least three. Though the show’s   first all-star edition in 2003 did pretty dang well (21.7 million), the other two have mostly been on par with the regular folk editions ( Fans vs. Favorites  averaged 13.6 million while  Heroes vs. Villains  got 13.8 million). And if the current edition is any indication,  Survivor  doesn’t need visits from Rob Mariano or Johnny Fairplay to juice ratings: The show is up 86 percent in viewers versus what CBS was doing in the Wednesday period a year ago. It’s also up two percent versus what the show was doing on Thursdays last season. Maybe that’s why  Dancing with the Stars  hasn’t bothered with an all-star edition (though who wouldn’t want to see a Mel B/Jennifer Grey showdown?) To Read More  Click Here.

TV Ratings: NBC football scores, CBS' 'November Christmas' a gift Sunday

Fast National ratings for Sunday, November 28, 2010. Football viewership dipped during the holiday weekend, but still stayed strong enough to give NBC a win on Sunday in both households and in the adult demo.   FOX also bit into viewership by starting the night with an expected boost from the football runover, but still fell behind CBS in total viewers, which had a pretty strong showing for its Hallmark movie "November Christmas." NBC drew 13.5 million viewers and a 8.2 rating/13 share in households for Sunday. CBS followed with 12.5 million and an 7.6/12, then FOX (10.4 million, 5.9/9) and ABC (5.5 million, 3.3/5). The adult 18-49 demo title also went to NBC with a 4.9 rating, followed by FOX, 4.3, CBS, 2.3, and ABC, 1.4. To Read More  Click Here.

Amazing Race's Chad and Stephanie Are Married, Expecting, and Regretting That Ice Cream Break

Chad Waltrip, 26, and Stephanie Smith, 23, say they're living the "amazing life" after The Amazing Race. After getting engaged on the race, the two got married this weekend and are expecting their first child. "Things are going great," Stephanie tells "We're so excited. We didn't win, but we're still happy with how we did and life is definitely moving on!" Find out their other plans, why they decided to take an ill-timed ice cream break at the airport and more. To Read More Click Here.

Amazing Race's Gary and Mallory: We Shouldn't Have Trusted Our Map

No, it wasn't an exaggeration: Gary, 53, and Mallory Ervin, 24, drove for nine hours before finally getting to Oman's Jebel Shams on The Amazing Race. "It was insane. I don't think they showed it, but I was like, 'Oh my gosh! Nine hours, we could've driven to Disney World from Kentucky!'" the former Miss Kentucky tells us. "I have never driven that long in my life." The elongated detour sealed the father and daughter's elimination, but the duo still managed to keep things close until the end. To Read More Click Here.

Chad Proposes to Stephanie on 'The Amazing Race' (VIDEO)

Chad decided about a month ago that girlfriend Stephanie was "the one." With a ring he'd been carrying across the world in 'The Amazing Race' (Sun., 8PM ET on CBS) competition, Chad popped the question in Oman. "You've come into my life and done so many amazing things and taught me so much. I couldn't see spending my life with anybody else other than you," Chad told her. He knelt down, asked Stephanie to marry him, and she gave a hearty, "I will!" But that wasn't all their good news. The couple later nabbed first place at the Al Alam Palace pit stop and won a trip to Belize -- honeymoon destination solved! Source & Video

Amazing Race's Michael and Kevin: Getting Two Penalties Was a "Shock to Us"

The No. 1 rule of The Amazing Race is to always read your clue. Kevin, 20, and Michael Wu, 58, failed to do so twice — illegally having a cab lead them to a location and then taking a cab — causing them to incur a one-hour penalty, which led to their elimination in Russia. "When we got to the Pit Stop, we had no idea we broke two rules," Kevin tells us. "That's why we were smiling walking up because when Chad and Stephanie had to go pay their taxi, we thought we were safe." See what else the father-son duo and YouTube sensations had to say about their time on the race, if Michael's heat exhaustion in Ghana was a factor and more. To Read More Click Here.

Two Straggling Teams Penalized for Breaking Rules on 'Amazing Race' (VIDEO)

On 'The Amazing Race' (Sun., 8PM ET on CBS), being faster than a competitor doesn't really work if you've broken rules along the way. Two teams battle to reach host Phil Keoghan in sixth place and avoid elimination from the competition. Chad and Stephanie's strategy is to leave their luggage behind. But Keoghan makes them turn back, retrieve their bags and pay the cab driver. He also penalizes them by a half-hour. Meanwhile, Michael and Kevin also (unintentionally) break the rules on this leg of the race, using cabs instead of walking. They're forced to wait an hour as penalty. Who will make it, and whose journey is over? Source & Video

'The Amazing Race' recap: Horrible Clowns

It's easy to make fun of Nick, since his typical response to adversity is to insult everything, complain like a fifth-grader, and swear like a fifth-grader. He exemplifies the "scream English loudly" method of inter-cultural communication. If Nick says that he's good at something – music, biking, healthy communication with his significant other – he's invariably awful at it. Finally, only two men in human history have ever successfully rocked the bandana, and Nick, we know Bret Michaels and (sniff!) David Foster Wallace, and you're not either one of 'em (although you could be a character in a Poison song/DFW short story.) Still, the guy's been slowly winning me over – I like how he lies to other teams for no reason, just to be a douchecatazz – and last night, we learned that Nick's negative personality can all be traced back to a terrifying childhood trauma. "Gramma had a clown room," he explained. "When you woke up at nighttime, you'd see a clown face, and it'd just scare the crap out of you." (First of all, do grandmothers have clown rooms?) Yeeesh, just watching It when I was a kid drove me into years of therapy. No wonder Nick is in such a perpetua-bad mood. You would be, too, if you went to sleep every night terrified that a giant clown face would appear in your nightmares. To Read More Click Here.