Gary and Matt Survive 'Amazing Race' Elimination

Father and son Gary and Matt were saved from elimination round this week on " The Amazing Race ". However, the team who arrived last at the Pit Stop in Sweden had to suffer the consequence. Next week, the remaining teams will travel to Estonia but Gary and Matt will have to do a task that the other teams would not have to perform. Gary and Matt checked in to the Pit Stop mat just behind Sam and Dan. They had difficulty in the Roadblock that imitated the notorious Roadblock performed in the sixth season, which is finding flags among hay bales. Flight Time and Big Easy took the leap from being third place last week to the first this week. They won a trip for two to the Turks and Caicos Islands. In respective order, those who managed to finish the haystack challenge second to fourth are Meghan and Cheyne, Brian and Ericka, and Sam and Dan. Through the preview released for the next episode called "We're Not Meant for the Swamp", two teams battle it out physically to be the first. Source here

Survivor, Amazing Race and Criminal Minds to Become Video Games

Survivor , The Amazing Race and Criminal Minds are just a few of the CBS shows expanding into the video game realm. CBS Consumer Products announced the upcoming release of video games based on those shows as well as Ghost Whisperer , Diagnosis Murder and Hollywood Squares. The Survivor and Amazing Race games require players will participate in various challenges like those in the reality shows in order to win. Like their TV counterparts, Criminal Minds and Diagnosis Murder will require players to examine crime scenes for clues to help solve murder mysteries, and Ghost Whisperer will have players help the recently deceased and their loved ones find closure. The Hollywood Squares game will play just like the game show and will also include bonus footage from the TV show. Like the other games, Squares will be available on computers and gaming consoles, but it will also be accessible on the iPhone. The Amazing Race is scheduled to hit stores at the start of the show's next season. All the other games are scheduled to come out in 2010, but no specific release dates have been announced. Source Here

Amazing Race's Maria and Tiffany: We Didn't Want to Quit

Poker players Maria Ho, 26, and Tiffany Michelle, 25, ran out of luck on Sunday's Amazing Race when they were forced to withdraw after failing to summon enough strength for either Detour. After bailing on a carnival test-your-strength bell-ringing device, they headed to the golf field before switching back, and then switching back again to golf - before calling it a day. "We are tough girls and like to win, but at that point, we realized we had nothing more that we could physically give," Tiffany tells us. How much time did they spend attempting both tasks? Find out below - and whether they really thought gay brothers Sam and Dan were straight. To Read More Click Here .

Maria and Tiffany Quit 'Amazing Race'

From being in the second place in the last leg of " The Amazing Race ", poker players Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle plunged deep into the last position. They quit after being unable to complete tough detour challenges in Netherlands where they had to choose between Farmer's Game and Farmer's Dance. At the beginning of the race, Tiffany said, "Second place is awesome, but we've learned from poker that it's really, really easy to get comfortable and get involved in pots that you shouldn't." Then came the challenges that forced them to give up. They first chose the dance that required them to learn a traditional Dutch dance, perform it and eat a salted herring. After several failed attempts, they switched to the Game. In the Game challenge, teams must strip to their underwear and swim across the creek to a golf course. Once there, teams must complete eight holes or under. Maria and Tiffany found it hard to do the strokes because of the weather. "We were back at the golf course weaker than we were before and more freezing than we were before," Tiffany said after the umpteenth time. They gave up on the spot and were approached by host Phil Keoghan. Maria and Tiffany actually had a shot to catch up because Brian and Ericka got the 30 minutes penalty for not riding bikes as instructed in the clue. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean arrived first at the Pit Stop, taking sand buggy as a prize. Next week, the remaining five teams go to Sweden where they perform one of the unforgettable challenges from an "Amazing Race" past. Source Here

Amazing Race's Canaan: I Was Not Abusive Toward Mika on the Waterslide

Canaan Smith, 26, and Mika Combs, 22, saw their Amazing Race dreams slide away when Mika, paralyzed by her fear of water and heights, couldn't take the plunge down the Leap of Faith waterslide in Dubai, allowing Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy to pass them. "I knew I had to go," Mika tells us. "I knew in my heart I would be OK, that I wouldn't die or anything, but it's six stories high and I just couldn't do it." See what else the couple has to say about her teary meltdown that played out for 45 minutes. Plus: Did they really think Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was Queen Elizabeth? To Read More Click Here .

Amazing Race's Lance and Keri Did Decapitate a Snowman

Self-professed "directionally challenged" couple Lance Layne, 41, and Kerri Morrione, 33, not only got lost in the desert, but all over Dubai, too, causing them to be the fifth team to get the boot on The Amazing Race . "In this day and age, you normally rely on a GPS," Lance tells "But Dubai was tricky. They definitely had a lot of highways intersected and there weren't a lot of clear signs. We knew it wasn't going to happen for us." What did happen was a kick to a snowman's head. Get the full story on the beheading, why the duo wouldn't have helped out other teams and more. To Read More Click Here .

Amazing Race: Interview with Week 3's Eliminated Team

For the second time in three seasons, a lost passport did in a team on The Amazing Race . Read an interview with this week's eliminated team over at TV Guide: To Read More Click Here .

Weekend Ratings Roundup (aka Weekly Dollhouse Death Watch) - Featured

Since the TV ratings for Friday nights generally don't fluctuate all that much (CBS dramas always win...), the only statistic that I really about is how well (or, more accurately, poorly) Dollhouse performed. So, for some slightly encouraging news, in its 3rd week, Dollhouse was actually slightly - wait for it - UP in the ratings! This week's episode had 2.2 million viewers (up from 2 million last Friday). Eliza Dushku thanks you via Twitter. Another piece of good news: DVR ratings for the first week of the show finally came in and the Dollhouse numbers increased by 50% upon adding on DVR viewers from the 7 days following its live airing. You can check out the rest of Friday night's ratings over at Zap2it . On Sunday, sports dominated the night with NBC's Sunday Night Football winning both the 9 and 10PM timeslots. However, CBS won the night overall with a strong performance from NFL coverage and 60 Minutes at 7, as well as their usual Sunday night lineup, including 13.1 million viewers tuning in for The Amazing Race . The ABC dramas and Fox's animated comedy lineup were both down slightly for the night. Check out all of Sunday's ratings over at Zap2it .

Amazing Race's Marcy and Ron Find Closure in Vietnam

Dating couple Marcy Maloy, 60, and Ron Shalita, 59, wanted to represent "older couples" on The Amazing Race, but their time was cut short Sunday after falling behind on a far-flung Detour. There was little disappointment, however, since the pair was eliminated in Vietnam, the same place Marcy's father was shot down and later rescued while serving in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. "It was so wonderful to be there," she tells "Obviously the war divided the north and the south, and we met people from the north and the south, and they were the most beautiful, smiling people." See what else the two had to say about their emotional exit, why they did not misunderstand the Detour clue and more. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Amazing Race Latest Episode: Season 15, Episode 2 - It's Like Being Dropped on Planet Mars'

The ten remaining teams depart Cai Be, Vietnam, on the third leg of a race around the world for one million dollars. Watch & Discuss: Watch The Amazing Race: Season 15, Episode 2 - It's Like Being Dropped on Planet Mars' Read The Amazing Race's Review: Season 15, Episode 2 - It's Like Being Dropped on Planet Mars'