America Goes Back to Work on The Apprentice

As NBC's The Apprentice enters its 10th season, Donald Trump is putting celebrities aside and once again opening up the toughest job interview in the world to regular people. But this season, The Donald hand-picked the batch of 16 contestants based on one particular requirement: people affected by the recession. "We wanted to go back to the original because of what's happening in the economy," Trump told TV Guide Magazine at the Paley Center for Media's Apprentice panel on September 13. "Now we have people with great ambition, but they got zapped [from their jobs] and got really hurt." But even though Trump is working with contestants who are down on their luck, he says he won't be much softer in the boardroom. "At the beginning I sat down with them and said, 'Look, you're in trouble, but let's be tough, let's be smart and let's be fair.' These people are very inspirational, but some just cannot take the pressure coupled with what they've already been through." Trump's daughter and fellow board member Ivanka says that after critiquing celebrities for the past two seasons, she's glad to be able to connect with the general public again. "I tend to be pretty honest, celebrity or not," Ivanka says. "As a young person, it's hard for me to be too aggressive with people who have accomplished so much. I don't think I'm intimidated by them, but I'm definitely deferential to people that I have a tremendous respect for." Trump says we can expect another celebrity season in the spring. The Apprentice premieres tonight at 9/8c on NBC. Source Here

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 9/16

Tonight, make sure to catch the exciting premiere of The Apprentice (2 hours!), but don't forget to tune into the season 6 start of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for your daily dose of twisted laughs. See what else is new tonight: 8/7c The Apprentice on NBC -- 2-hour season premiere! Vampire Diaries on The CW 9/8c Nikita on The CW Project Runway on Lifetime Television The Real Housewives of D.C. on Bravo 10/9c It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX -- season premiere! 10:30/9:30c The League on FX -- season premiere! On the Road With Austin & Santino on Lifetime Television

Recession Raises Stakes for Return of Original Apprentice

After three years of playing host to rockers, actors, playmates, wrestlers and disgraced politicians, Donald Trump is going to focus on something much more serious: the recession. In the new season of The Apprentice, the 16 individuals competing to be Trump's new right-hand man have been hit hard by the economy. "The original Apprentice was in high-flying times where it was about earning more, making more. Now it's about survival. It's about people who really realize only one is getting that job with Trump," executive producer Mark Burnett said on a recent conference call. This season, the 10th in the Apprentice franchise, marks a return to the show's original concept. The ratings show the show badly needs a boost. The first season finale drew more than 28 million viewers in the spring 2004. Just 7.94 million tuned in for the Season 6 conclusion. Celebrity Apprentice has since taken over, most recently with Bret Michaels winning the title in May. To Read More Click here .

Sneak Peeks - The Apprentice Season 10

''While I enjoy watching celebrities get chewed out by Donald Trump on The Celebrity Apprentice, I'm more excited to see normal people compete on the show again - without the benefit of their famous friends. Season 10 of The Apprentice will be premiering on Thursday, September 16 and we have sneak peeks and a press release about the new season for you below. NBC, DONALD TRUMP AND MARK BURNETT INTRODUCE 16 CANDIDATES TO COMPETE ON NEW EDITION OF 'THE APPRENTICE,' PREMIERING SEPTEMBER 16 (9-11 P.M. ET). To Read More Click Here .

'The Apprentice': Donald Trump's very own stimulus package

The original-recipe "Apprentice" returns to NBC in the fall, but instead of featuring corporate sharks stabbing each other in the back, the show wants to have a somewhat more uplifting tone. Donald Trump and creator Mark Burnett have pulled their contestants from people who have lost their jobs in the recession and are framing the series as a way for the winner to climb back up the ladder. The tagline in the promo above -- which gives us our fist glimpse at some of the contestants -- is "There is nothing more American than a second chance." The show has also tweaked a few of its elements to reflect the tougher economic times. Rather than handing out lavish rewards to winning teams, Trump will now give victorious project managers face time with business leaders, with an eye toward giving candidates a leg up. The winner still gets a job with one of Trump's companies at a six-figure salary. "The Apprentice" will air at 10 p.m. ET Thursdays in the fall. Source & Video

NBC Reboots Original Apprentice

NBC is rehiring the original Apprentice, the network announced Wednesday. The non-celebrity version of the reality show from executive producers Mark Burnett and Donald Trump will return for a sixth season with a revised format. It will emphasize the country's economy by casting 14 contestants affected by the recession. The new cast will consist of people who have been laid off, are unhappy with their current career path or recently graduated with few possibilities. "The Apprentice is a proven brand, and we believe its return is more relevant than ever since it will provide new hope for many Americans struggling in this difficult job market," said Paul Telegdy, NBC's executive vice president of alternative programming. The Apprentice premiered in January 2004 and quickly became a hit for NBC. The series not only spawned Trump's catchphrase "You're fired!" but also made several of the show's contestants such as winner Bill Rancic (Giuliana & Bill) and Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth famous. "I am very excited to return to the original premise of The Apprentice," Trump said. "We've got to do something about the economy and this is a terrific way to provide jobs as well as business lessons along the way." The first season of The Apprentice averaged 20.70 million viewers in 2004 and attracted 28.05 million viewers for its first finale. The most recent installment of Celebrity Apprentice premiered Sunday to 8.3 million viewers and a 3.2 rating in the 18-to-49 demo. Open casting calls will be held across the nation for the new season but in the meantime, hopeful contestants are encouraged to e-mail No airdate has been announced. Are you excited for the return of The Apprentice? Source Here