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Top Moments: Jessica Simpson Lets Something Slip and The Bachelor's Women Tell... the Truth?

Our top moments of the week: 12. Don't Speak Award: Switched at Birth films a groundbreaking all-American Sign Language episode that proves that silence can be more powerful than words. When the Carlton students learn that their school will be closing, they stage a protest. During the school play, the fire alarms sound and as the parents and staff head outside, Daphne, Emmett & Co. hold up signs reading "Take Back Carlton" and lock themselves inside, vowing not to come out until their voices are heard. Read More...

'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: He Said, She Said

Going into the "Women Tell All" episode, I always felt that the highlight would be the return of Tierra, who caused the most drama in on The Bachelor season 17. While it was interesting to see Tierra face-off with the other women, another bachelorette took center stage with a revelation that left viewers wondering who's telling the truth: Sean or AshLee?

What Did Sean Really Say to AshLee in the Fantasy Suite? Bachelor's Chris Harrison Weighs In

It was a case of he said-she said on The Bachelor' s Women Tell All special. On Monday's penultimate episode, Sean was reunited with all the women he had rejected, including a very confused AshLee . While the 32-year-old professional organizer swears that Sean told her he had no feelings for the other remaining women, Sean was adamant he said nothing of the sort. So who does host Chris Harrison believe? Read our Q&A below to...

'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All': 10 Things You Didn't See on TV

THR was at the taping and caught all the behind-the-scenes drama between Sean Lowe and the brokenhearted contestants.

'Bachelor' Sean 'didn't expect' what he got from AshLee during 'Women Tell All' special

Monday night (March 4) was the always-entertaining "Bachelor: Women Tell All" reunion special on ABC, where most of the bachelorettes were happy to see Sean Lowe and each other. Except for AshLee, who still wanted answers as to why she was eliminated. Sean blogs about the awkward reunion between the two of them for People:I knew AshLee was an emotional person, so I didn't really expect her to be all smiles like Des was, but I definitely didn't expect what I got ... Let me set the record straight - I never said [I didn't have feelings for the other women]. I would never say that. It just doesn't make sense. Of course I had feelings for the other two women. That's been apparent for weeks! And not only did I have feelings for them, I was falling in love with them. I even had feelings for women like Des and Leslie, who weren't even...

'The Bachelor' Preview: More Tierra Drama in the 'Women Tell All' Special

Tonight marks the highly anticipated Women Tell All special where eliminated contestants reunite to basically talk about the drama that transpired this season on The Bachelor . Of course none of this really matters if the season's villain doesn't show up. Fortunately, Tierra returns and so does her infamous eyebrows. But who cares about Tierra's eyebrows? Apparently, America does because it has it's own Twitter .

'The Bachelor' Finale Prediction: Will Sean Pick Catherine or Lindsay?

The season finale of The Bachelor airs next Monday, and fans are anxious to find out which of remaining women will win Sean's heart. Will it be Catherine, the goofy graphic designer from Seattle? Or will he choose Lindsay, the substitute teacher who introduced herself while wearing a wedding dress? The two women do share some traits. They both pride themselves on being funny, goofy pranksters who keep Sean on his toes, and they're obviously both lovely people. (No Tierraists made it through the screening process.) Aside from that, though, Lindsay and Catherine don't have all that much in common. So who will Sean decide on? His choice will reveal a lot about him.

'The Bachelor: Women Tell All': Tierra is 'delusional,' says Robyn

brightcove.createExperiences(); Check out these preview clips from "The Bachelor: Women Tell All" special, airing Monday, March 4 on ABC. Above, Robyn and Jackie talk about Tierra.Robyn starts in, saying that Tierra acting all sweet and innocent at the reunion is a load of crap and that she's "delusional." Then Jackie adds, "She was not there to be apologetic, to be friends, anything. She was there to be fake, to show Sean a good face and that's it."Then below, Tierra talks about her fight with AshLee and saying she can't control her infamous eyebrow: "It's just my facial expressions ... you don't know what you look like when you talk. Who cares about my eyebrow?!"And below, Sarah talks about how she let her guard down with Sean. Do you think Sarah would make a good next "Bachelorette"? We have to imagine she's one of the frontrunners."The Bachelor" airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on...

'The Bachelor's' Chris Harrison on the next 'Bachelorette,' Tierra and 'The Women Tell All'

"Bachelor" host Chris Harrison spoke with the press Thursday (Feb. 28) about the upcoming "Bachelor" finale and "Women Tell All" special. It sounds pretty juicy, especially in regards to Tierra, who doesn't come back to the reunion as remorseful as one might think she would."I don't think [Tierra] is a bad person. I think she is young, maybe misguided in certain ways," says Harrison. "I was hoping, a la Courtney or Michelle Money, she would see some of the errors of her ways. Usually people do that, they watch the show back and learn something about themselves ... I was surprised and maybe a little disappointed she didn't come back a little more contrite and apologetic. She really didn't come with that. It got a little awkward with her [and the other women]."Another rather awkward reunion is between Sean and AshLee, the woman he just sent home on the show. Harrison says it's not so...

'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: Predicting the Winner

Now that Sean Lowe has eliminated AshLee, we're down to two girls on The Bachelor season 17. While both Lindsay and Catherine have equal chances at winning as they both bring out a different side of Sean, this week's overnight dates have allowed viewers to see more of Sean's chemistry with his final two--- which gives us more clues as to who Sean would pick in the finale. Below you can find what reality stars have to say about Lindsay and Catherine: