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'The Bachelor's' Chris Harrison on the next 'Bachelorette,' Tierra and 'The Women Tell All'

"Bachelor" host Chris Harrison spoke with the press Thursday (Feb. 28) about the upcoming "Bachelor" finale and "Women Tell All" special. It sounds pretty juicy, especially in regards to Tierra, who doesn't come back to the reunion as remorseful as one might think she would."I don't think [Tierra] is a bad person. I think she is young, maybe misguided in certain ways," says Harrison. "I was hoping, a la Courtney or Michelle Money, she would see some of the errors of her ways. Usually people do that, they watch the show back and learn something about themselves ... I was surprised and maybe a little disappointed she didn't come back a little more contrite and apologetic. She really didn't come with that. It got a little awkward with her [and the other women]."Another rather awkward reunion is between Sean and AshLee, the woman he just sent home on the show. Harrison says it's not so...

'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: Predicting the Winner

Now that Sean Lowe has eliminated AshLee, we're down to two girls on The Bachelor season 17. While both Lindsay and Catherine have equal chances at winning as they both bring out a different side of Sean, this week's overnight dates have allowed viewers to see more of Sean's chemistry with his final two--- which gives us more clues as to who Sean would pick in the finale. Below you can find what reality stars have to say about Lindsay and Catherine:

The Dying Rose: AshLee's Journey to 'The Bachelor' Heartbreak

Check out AshLee's journey on The Bachelor .

'The Bachelor' Week 8 Preview: Fantasy Suite Dates in Thailand

Now that Sean Lowe has narrowed down his bachelorettes to three, it's time for the much awaited fantasy suite dates in Thailand where he's expected to get to know Catherine, Lindsay and AshLee more intimately. But will he actually go through with? This should be interesting since he reportedly considers himself a "born-again virgin." Warning: This article may contain spoilers for tonight's episode.

The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Sean and Lindsay Bug Out in Thailand

Just how far will Lindsay go to prove that she's adventurous enough for Sean ?

The Bachelor Spoilers: Who Will Win Season 17?

The drama. The tears. The heartbreak. The Bachelor spoilers . Every season of the ABC reality hit features all of the above. Now that we're down to the wire in the 17th (!!) iteration of the dating show, speculation is running rampant over who wins the final rose. Sean Lowe has a tough choice ahead of him. Will it be ...

Top Moments: Death Meets Revenge and Downton, and Good Wife's Weak Moment

Our top moments of the week: 14. Family Doesn't Know Best Award: On The Bachelor' s hometown dates, things were going well for Desiree until her brother spoke up. After he tells Sean that he's a playboy, not right for his sister, and acts like an all-around jerk, Des gets the boot. Lesson learned: If she's the next Bachelorette, keep her bro...

'The Bachelor': Sean Lowe wishes he'd kept Jackie on the two-on-one date

It's the hour-long "Bachelor" special where Sean supposedly "tells all." We'll see about that. Is this going to be a worthwhile use of an hour, or a lot of blah-blah-blah and nothing juicy?The Desiree DefeatWe have to relive Sean's struggle over who to send home last night. He says Desiree's brother had another conversation with him, before what we saw, where Nate seemed to really like Sean. And they show us a clip of it -- so what happened?! Weird. Sean also says that it wasn't just his visit with her family that sealed her fate. The connection just wasn't there between them anymore. So, what do you think of the rumor that Desiree is the next Bachelorette?The Other GirlsThey touch on Sarah, which wasn't really that big of an issue. She seemed like a great girl, but we didn't really see it between them, so it didn't really shock us when she got sent...

'The Bachelor' Deleted Scenes: Sean Passes AshLee's Friend Test, and Lindsay Gets a Diamond

To reconfirm that AshLee and Lindsay are the front-runners for Sean's heart, ABC posted some bonus videos of their recent dates with Sean. AshLee invites some friends over to grill Sean (as if he didn't already have enough fun with her parents). Lindsay keeps things a little more low-key, strolling her date through a small town antique shop. As a result, Sean gets Lindsay a sparkly piece of jewelry that just might be a clue to viewers.

The Bachelor's Chris Harrison on Des' Exit: I'm Pretty Sure Sean Let the Love of His Life Go

Did The Bachelor' s Sean just say goodbye to his soul mate? Host Chris Harrison thinks he might have. "I'm pretty sure he let go of the love of his life," Harrison tells about Desiree's exit. On Monday's episode, Sean headed to the hometowns of the four remaining women. Although he and Desiree have had a connection since the start of the season, her brother's negative comments to Sean turned him off, and he let her go. But what did viewers not see from Des' hometown date? Harrison fills us in on that and more in our weekly interview.