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'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: Terrible Tierra and No-Kissing Selma

This week on The Bachelor , Tierra stole the spotlight once again as she earned a rose despite having huge meltdown while Selma stood out as the girl who wouldn't kiss Sean Lowe. Not surprisingly, these two women also pretty much dominated this week's Bachelor blogs. Read on to find out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky, Bachelorette season 8 runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Sean himself have to say about them.

Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: How Far Does Selma Alameri Make It?

Selma Alameri might not be willing to plant a kiss on Sean Lowe's sensual lips, but there's no denying that these two have chemistry. Sean and Selma have been making eyes at each other since Selma sashayed out of her limo during The Bachelor's Season 17 premiere, and their relationship heated up during a super-romantic one-on-one date. There's no doubt that Selma gets far in the competition, but does she win Sean's heart? Don't count on it, ladies who want Sean's babies. This brunette...

'The Bachelor' Week 5 Sneak Peek Photos: The Ladies Chop Wood and Milk Goats for Sean Lowe

Photos from The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 5. ABC tells us: "Eight of the bachelorettes discover canoes, hay, a wood chopping station and goats at a local lake - uh-oh! They are once again split into two teams for a Montana relay race. The final part of the challenge will be milking a goat and chugging its milk! The winning team will be rewarded with extra time with Sean that night, while the losing team will head back to the hotel. One team finally squeaks by to win. But Sean makes a surprising decision when it comes to the losing team that is bound to upset the winners. And to make things more interesting, Tierra, upset that she will be on the two-on-one date, shows up at the after party." The Bachelor episode 5 airs Monday, February 4 at 8pm. Add the show to your personal watch-list with the free BuddyTV Guide app .

Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Who Goes Home in Canada?

It's double the pleasure double the fun in Bachelor Nation! In the first week of February, fans will be gifted to two episodes of The Bachelor, which will take place in both Montana and Canada. Color us excited, eh? (Sorry, we had to.) Expect Sean Lowe to break more than the usual amount of hearts — in fact, he'll be left with just 9 women to choose from after Jackie and Robyn are eliminated in Montana. We know, 26 down to 9... how did this happen so fast?! Shockingly, three ladies...

Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelor Blog: Don’t Be Fooled By Selma’s Virtues or Tierra’s Conniving

When it comes to insight about eating giant sandwiches or being perfectly adorable, Ali Fedotowsky is your girl. But did you know she can also see through giant boobs and behind terrifying eyebrows? Cuz she can. In her Bachelor blog for Season 17, Episode 4, Ali isn’t afraid to tout some truly strong opinions about the baddest b*tches on The Bachelor. So far, we know that Selma Alameri is a hot, religious Persian Muslim with giant... fears of the outdoors and a love scent that seeps...

Bachelor 2013: Watch Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's First Kiss (VIDEO)

Sean Lowe and lovely Catherine Giudici have had barely any onscreen time together so far on The Bachelor Season 17, but, in Episode 4, they managed to sneak off and make out. Check out this supercut of all of Catherine's amazingness during the episode.

Bachelor 2013 Deleted Scene: Sean and Selma Finally Kiss (VIDEO)

Sean Lowe and Selma Alameri might have some major religious differences, but their obvious chemistry manages to overpower everything in this deleted scene from The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 4. Want to know who Sean picks? Click here!

Bachelor 2013 Deleted Scene: AshLee Frazier Steals Sean Lowe Away to Kiss Him (VIDEO)

In The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 4, Sean Lowe might not have gotten to kiss Selma Alameri, but he did get to make out with Catherine Giudici, Lindsay Yenter, and, in this deleted scene from the episode, AshLee Frazier! Check out this sweet moment between the two Texans during the cocktail party. Want to know who Sean picks? Click here!

Bachelor Season 17: Should Sean Lowe Have Sent Tierra Home?

Hands up if you want Tierra to be your personal muse/spiritual leader? This feisty gal's irrational attempts to get Sean Lowe's attention on The Bachelor are out-of-this-world crazy, and we expect her to fake-break her boobs at any moment –– just so Sean will massage them. Of course, as much as we love Tierra and her open heart tattoo (Jane Seymour is so happy right now), there's no denying that she's slightly catty with her competition. Tierra can be sullen and argumentative,...

'The Bachelor' Deleted Scenes: Creative Kissing with AshLee and Selma

AshLee and Selma are rapidly emerging as front-runners in the race for Sean's heart. If Sean really does love sweethearts, these two are a good match for the lovelorn bachelor.  Let's be honest: He'll eventually see through Tierrable. (He has to, right?) Catherine may be too quirky for the traditional guy. Lesley and Robyn have somewhat strong personalities, while Jackie and Daniella have barely made an impression. If I were a betting woman, I'd put money on AshLee and Selma in the finale, although Sarah is certainly still in the running.  Read More...