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Bachelor 2013: Watch Catherine Giudici Gush About Sean to Her Mom! (VIDEO)

Bachelor contestant Catherine Giudici is a gorgeous spitfire of a girl — and one we've barely seen on Season 17 so far. Check out this clip of Catherine frolicking around Seattle (her hometown) and showing her mom photos of "beefy" Sean Lowe. Want to know who Sean picks? Click here!

Bachelor 2013 Episode 4 Sneak Peek: Will the Girls Warn Sean About Tierra? (VIDEO)

Until now, Sean Lowe has been blissfully unaware of Tierra LiCausi's conniving ways. In a new clip from The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 4, it looks like Sean might finally be alerted to her manipulative nature.

Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk Jr. Support Bachelor Sean Lowe in Matching Shirts

Despite the awkward ending of The Bachelorette Season 8, wherein Jef Holm was chosen over Arie Luyendyk, Jr., the two boys have a bromance like only two Eskimo Brothers can have. Throw in cutie musician Michael Nance (who also starred on Emily’s season), and you have the cutest band of traveling hipsters the world ever did see. So, how does it get any better than this trio of reality stardom? Just throw Sean Lowe into the mix. The current Bachelor star threw the boys some Factory Girl...

Bachelor 2013 Sean Lowe Hates Dating Girls Who Are "Self-Absorbed"

We're still cooling off from Sean Lowe's steamy hot tub makeout session with Bachelor Season 17 contestant Desiree Hartsock. Frankly, we're surprised she didn't pass out in that pool of water, especially considering that Sean's body heat raised the temperature like 1,000 degrees. "My mom did make it a point to say, 'Please limit your hot tub makeout scenes for my sake,'" Sean tells Us Weekly while wearing a massive cowl neck sweater. "I don't know if I necessarily held up my end of that...

'The Bachelor': Roller derby date leads to the hospital

On the next episode of "The Bachelor," one bachelorette is rushed to the hospital. And no, it's not because Tierra pushes her down the stairs. The group date is a roller derby, which is awesome. Talk about an environment where you should put a bunch of women on wheels and encourage them to knock each other around. We're surprised only one woman goes to the hospital, frankly. Meanwhile, Selma and Leslie H. get the one-on-one dates. Selma mistakenly thinks she's headed for a luxury date, when in fact she is going rock climbing with a presumably-shirtless Sean. Leslie is actually the girl who gets the "Pretty Woman" treatment -- no, not prostitution. A Rodeo Drive shopping spree and a private concert by Ben Taylor.And in Tierra News, the resident drama queen fights with Robyn and storms off, shedding big ol' tears and needing Sean to comfort her. Is it all a manipulation to get a...

Bachelor Sean Lowe Continues to Be a Saint Among Mortals, Visits Kids in Hospital

Sean Lowe stopped by Cook Children’s Hospital today with the Starlight Children’s Foundation to shine his bright 6’2” light into the linoleum-tiled hallways. One lucky girl who got a visit by the Season 17 Bachelor? Lindsey Holifield, who is currently holed up with an acute case of cellulitis, according to her Twitter account. (Ouch).

Bachelor 2013 Promo Analysis: Tierra LiCausi Says She's "Being Tortured"

Watching the promo for next week's Bachelor Season 17 episode is the best part of our day. Like, we literally just flail around all over our Sean Lowe-shaped body pillow while huffing a bunch of roses. Next week's episode looks even more fantastic (read: deranged) than usual, mostly because Sean forces Selma to scale a cliff. And yes, he probably pushed her off said cliff. We've analyzed each second of promo content and created a detailed analysis of what’s to come! 0:25 — Sean's...

'The Bachelor' Week 4 Sneak Peek Photos: A Hardcore Afternoon of Roller Derby

Photos are from The Bachelor Season 17, episode 4. From ABC: "A gritty warehouse is the location for a topsy-turvy roller derby with Sean and eight of the bachelorettes. Sarah faces another physical challenge that causes her to have emotional breakdown, but Sean proves to be supportive and helps her to try and overcome her fears. All of the women push themselves past their limits until one woman falls hard and is rushed to the hospital."

'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: Reality TV Stars Weigh In on Kacie's Mistake, Pick Front Runners

A lot of things happened this week on The Bachelor , including Sean's record-breaking kiss with Lesley, a group date that involved a competitive game of beach volleyball, Tierra's tumble inside the mansion and Sean's heartwarming date with Ashlee at Six Flags Magic Mountain. However, Kacie's "mistake" seemed to have overshadowed all that considering Sean Lowe and other notable personalities from The Bachelor franchise have blogged about it.

Bachelor 2013 Promo: Tierra Has a Major Breakdown About the Girls (VIDEO)

Tierra LiCausi is a spitfire — and a very divisive one. In the promo for The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 4, Tierra is fed up with "fakeness," and goes as far as to lurk in the shadows during Sean's date so she can pull him aside to cry at him. Yeesh, girl.