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The Flash Premiere Photos: Team Flash Face a New Foe and a Surprise!

The CW is getting ready to bring back all of its epic superhero shows in early October, including The Flash. On October 10, The Flash Season 4 officially begins as Team Flash must continue without Barry Allen to protect Central City. The network released today new promotional photos for The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 titled "The Flash Reborn." The premiere takes place six months after Barry entered the Speed Force to take Jay Garrick's place. The photos also give us a closer look at a new DC Comics villain who has been a foe to the Scarlet Speedster in the past. Be aware of some possible spoilers before you check the pictures out.   ...Read More...

The Flash Season 4 Premiere Photos Feature Scruffy Barry, Icy Caitlin

It appears that Once Upon a Times Regina/Roni isnt the only TV character now pulling a paycheck at a bar. In the first flurry of photos from The Flashs Season 4 premiere, Caitlin is slinging cocktails (on the rocks, or #TooSoon?) when Cisco appears to reach out to the onetime team member. Coming out of []

The Flash Season 4: Why We Don't Want Iris To Be 'Mrs. Barry Allen'

Before I start this piece, let me just say: yes, I love Barry and Iris' relationship, but that love has a limit. I'm not willing to sacrifice Iris as a well-developed, strong, black woman with a degree in journalism for the sake of Barry's "hero's journey." So, no, as things are now, I don't want Iris to marry Barry because the writers won't bother to write her as Iris West anymore... she'll just be Mrs. Barry Allen.   ...Read More...

15 Things We Know About The Flash Season 4

DC TV is coming back in less than a month on The CW with the big Arrowverse lineup back for more hero action. One of them is everyone's favorite speedster, The Flash, which will premiere in October for its new season. As the show gets ready to return for its fourth year, we've learned a lot about the new season. If you don't want to be spoiled, then stop reading any further. Go through the slides below to find out everything that we know about The Flash  ...Read More...

The Flash Season 4 Promo: Barry Is Reunited With Iris But Is He OK?

The Flash is back in Smallville Central City in a new Season 4 promo. (Come on, I wasnt the only one who thought that shot of a truck on an open road looked the like the home of a past CW superhero, right?) After making a memorable entrance, a scruffy Barry is reunited with his []

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Live-Tweeting

Live Tweeting, what is it? Live Tweeting is a way to transform your solo TV-watching experience into a communal one where you’re effectively watching the show with a large group of people instead by your lonesome. And the best part is, you don’t even have to put pants on! How does it work, in theory? TV fans, (such as yourself) begin by using Twitter to comment on a show in real time, typically in reaction to something that happens on-screen. Then, by using Twitter’s unique hashtag (#) system to archive your tweet, other fans watching the show can then see your comment by doing a search for that hashtag, thus accessing a live feed of all the comments people make about the show. Is this really a thing? Who does it? There are 4 groups of users who live-tweet. The SuperFan – hardcore fans of a show who are overflowing with emotions and opinions ranging from unbridled excitement, to complete shock, to absolute dread. This is you. TV Publications – Online TV publications have dedicated round-the-clock teams of fans working on schedules to live tweet each and every show. These live-tweet services are extremely useful for people just starting to live tweet, because ultimately, it is through the comments section of these tweets where you will almost inevitably meet your live-tweet crew. The Writers The actual writers of the show live tweet every episode like it’s part of their job. (It is.) The Cast – That’s right, the actors in the show, even the famous ones -- the people you’re watching on your screen right now are sitting on their couches (possibly without pants) watching what you’re watching and commenting about it in real-time. And they are literally doing this to hear all the things you say about the show that their in. What is a live-tweet crew, and how do I get one? Think of a TV show as a spaceship like the Enterprise. You are a crew-member of the Enterprise, operating in the bridge as a live-tweeter. Your crew, is a dedicated group who are also on the bridge, live tweeting with you. In other words, a group of people who watch this show with you every week, laughing and crying with you. Your friends. The best way to find a crew for a show is to follow one of the many online TV publication services that live tweet. Some such publications are @TVAfterDark , @TalkNerdyWithUs , @StarryMag , @ScannerDromeMag , @TellTaleTV_ , @PrimetimeDrama , @WeSoNerdy , @TNE_TVTalkPod , @WeGeekGirls , @GeekTrench , @TVOvertime (Canada) and lots more. Simply follow them on Twitter, and when it’s time for the show you like to start, open your app, and live-tweet along with them by replying to their tweets about the show. Other people will reply to your comments and those people are your potential live-tweet crew. Follow them, tell them you plan to live tweet this show each week, and you’ll be amazed by how quickly you’ll make new friends. What’s the point of all this? Why should I jump on the train? Have you noticed that in the years since smartphones and E-readers, TV-shows just can’t hold your interest in the same way they used to, and that at every waking chance you get, you find yourself looking down at your phone or tablet, checking your social media, your email, skimming a page, and then occasionally looking back to the TV? Well, Live-tweeting gives you something to do on your phone or tablet while you watch TV that actually makes the whole experience more enjoyable. And you still get to check your emails. I like TV enough already, why does live-tweeting make it more enjoyable? Through the multiplier effect of cooperative enjoyment. Math. You, as an individual have the capability to enjoy a show up to 100%. There is nothing higher than 100% enjoyment. Other people, also as individuals, have this same threshold for enjoyment. However, when you watch the show with another person, the capacity for enjoyment you both have, your individual thresholds, actually rises to heights greater than 100%, because you will inevitably enjoy the show more if someone else with you is also enjoying it. For example. You see a movie by yourself, and you liked it about 70% out of the possible 100%. Or; you see that same movie with a friend. You like it 70%, and he or she likes it 90%. Your 70% will then exponentially increase because you like the fact that they liked it, and by watching it with them, you had a better time than you ever could watching it alone. Their enthusiasm seeps into you, and even though you didn’t necessarily think it was the best movie there was, you couldn’t imagine a more fun thing to do. That’s why live-tweeting is remarkable. Imagine how much you can enjoy a show when you have the 100% enjoyment capacity of your entire crew. Okay, you’ve sold me – what do I do? The Basics: Create an account on Twitter if you don’t already have one. You can use the website, or you can download the app via the app store on your phone or tablet. To Live-Tweet a Show Whenever you have something to say, create a new tweet (limit 140 characters) and before, or after you write your comment, type #NameofShow. So for example, if you’re watching Game of Thrones you could tweet, "If I didn’t want a Dragon before … you can bet your arse that I want one now… #GameOfThrones" Tagging To tweet to people directly (this includes accounts for shows, writers, and cast members) type @TheirTwitterHandle before your tweet. This will send the tweet directly to them. For example, if you want to send a tweet to Syfy and tell them they better renew Dark Matter or you’ll boycott all their other shows, you would write "@Syfy Hey #Syfy, you better renew #DarkMatter or else I’m outta here." How will people see this? Twitter has a search function. On the website, its on the top right, on the app, it’s the second tab over from Home. Type in the hashtag and filter by "most recent." Your tweet, and all other tweets with that hashtag will show up here, in real-time. Comment on any, and the author will get a notification, making it so they can write back to you. Note that in the above example I used hashtags. This means that anyone who does a search for #Syfy, or #DarkMatter will see my tweet in their search. This is called archiving, and gets people to support your cause. Entire movements have been started using hashtags. A particular hashtag can "trend" by having a large amount of people use it in their tweets. Trending hashtags can hold a lot of sway. Every night, popular TV shows have trending hashtags. Social analytics are an important factor that network execs consider when making the decision to cancel or renew a show. When a show trends, it means its popular with the fans, and gives the show an improved chance for a renewal. Advanced Live-Tweeting Advanced Live-tweeters have been tweeting for a while, know the ins and outs and at this point just want to get as many people as possible to see their tweets and interact with them. To maximize the number of people who can see your tweet, here is a little Twitter hack that will help tremendously. By typing a period before someone’s Twitter handle, you send the tweet not only to them, but to all the people who follow them. So for example, If you’re watching Arrow , and you write, ".@CW_Arrow #Arrow If season Six even has one single flashback, I swear .... I’ll ... probably still watch it anyway" – then rather than people having to do a search for #Arrow, all the people who follow @CW_Arrow will actually have this tweet appear directly in their feed. This is because of the period before the tag. If you don’t include it, then only the account "@CW_Arrow" and people who search for the hashtag directly will see your tweet. Veteran live-tweeters, who have already formed a crew of people whose tweets they enjoy can set up their Twitter feed to only see tweets from their crew while their shows are on. On Twitter, this feature is called "Lists." Normally, your Twitter feed consists of tweets from everyone you follow. But let’s say it’s 9:00 on Sunday, Game of Thrones is on, and you only want to see the tweets of people you actively know are live-tweeting Game of Thrones right now and have a lot of funny things to say about it. Make a list adding all those people to it, and select it. It will overwrite your home feed, and you will only see tweets from the people on the list. You can even subscribe to other people’s lists. For example, I have created a list, "CW Shows" which contains a group of people who consistently live tweet Supergirl , The Flash , Arrow , and Legends of Tomorrow . While these people have come to be my crew for these shows, I can guarantee you that they can be your crew too just as easily if you watch any of these shows and interact with them. They are all superfans and have a lot to say. Here is the direct link to my CW Shows List, You can add or remove people from lists via the, however to subscribe to other people’s lists, you must use the app. To do so, tap on someone’s profile, tap the gear icon – go to "View lists", tap a list, then on the top right, tap subscribe. To access that list, from the home tab, tap your icon, tap lists, then select the list. To refresh the list, pull down on your screen. Note: You cannot create a tweet while viewing a list, you must tap home first, write your tweet, then return to the list. 5 Tips to Create the Best Live Tweets Never state the obvious. Everyone is watching the same thing you are, they saw it too. Comment on it. What was your reaction to what just happened? Be funny. If your tweets are funny, they will get more traction, and thus you will have an easier time finding a crew and making friends. Don’t say anything polarizing. Remember, Twitter exists on the internet, and for every one-sided opinion you emote, everyone who disagrees with you will tear you a new one and never let you forget it. Make References and use gifs! Twitter allows you to insert images or gifs to your tweet. These track really well with people and get lots of retweets. Tag people. By tagging friends directly, they will get a notification you’ve mentioned them in a tweet. They can then reply right away and you can form a conversation thread. I hope this guide has at the very least piqued your curiosity about the world of live-tweeting, and I hope to see you soon on Twitter. My handle is @Unknownfear I typically live tweet the 8:00 shows. Maybe I’ll see you around and you can be part of my crew!

The Flash: Andrew Kreisberg has Good News for WestAllen Fans

  Ever since Barry ( Grant Gustin ) and Iris ( Candice Patton ) got engaged in The Flash Season 3, we've been waiting for those wedding bells to start ringing. According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, we won't have to wait much longer. "They are finally going to get married this season and then   ...Read More...

Flash Reunion (?), Legends Crossover and More Teased in New DCTV Promo

Has The Flashs Iris tracked down Barry, or is it all but a dream? A reunion between fiancee and fiance is among the moments teased in a new Save the Day promo for The CWs DC TV line-up, which this fall features Supergirl on Monday, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, and Arrow []

Is Katee Sackhoff Joining 'The Flash' for Season 4?

The 'Battlestar Galactica' actress shares a photo of a script for her 'new job' in a now-deleted Twitter post, which features two clues that indicate it may be a script for The CW series.   ...Read More...

The Flash: Grant Gustin Hopes Everyone Can Forgive Barry in Season 4

  After everything that happened with Barry last season in The Flash , Grant Gustin hopes everyone can forgive him when Season 4 premieres this fall. The finale saw him taking Jay Garrick's ( John Wesley Shipp ) place in the Speed Force and rather than endless torment, he'll finally find some peace. "He's  ....Read More...