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The Fosters Mega Buzz: The Anchor Beach Protests Get Worse Before They Get Better

  It's Mariana ( Cierra Ramirez ) against the Anchor Beach Board of Directors when The Fosters returns this summer and Lena ( Sherri Saum ) is stuck right in the middle. Mariana was the loudest voice in the protest to stop Anchor Beach from becoming a private school in the season finale, and that ...Read More...

David Henrie's Wedding Was a Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion -

Those magical Russo kids all came back together this weekend for a very special occasion: David Henrie's wedding. The Wizards of Waverly Place star invited his former onscreen family, including TV siblings Selena Gomez and Jake T. Austin, to the event as he said "I do" to Maria Cahill on Saturday. Henrie told People Magazine, "You always hear you should marry your best friend, and I actually get to do it," about his nuptials to Cahill, a former Miss Delaware beauty pageant winner. The two were married in a ceremony inspired by Old Hollywood and, in keeping with that tradition, Gomez and Austin were on hand to support their former onscreen brother as he walked down the aisle. A special day with some amazing people. — Jake T. Austin (@JakeTAustin) April 22, 2017 Read the full article at .

The Fosters EP on Darkest Cliffhanger Yet, Callie's 'Awakening' and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesdays episode of The Fosters. The Fosters wrapped up Season 4 on Tuesday with Callie singing A Great Big Worlds Youll Be Okay, but everything was far from OK for the teen. Unaware that Troy had confessed to the murder of his grandmother and thinking she had nothing to []

The Fosters EPs on the Show's Dark Turn into Teen Prostitution

  [Warning: The following contains spoilers from The Fosters Season 4 mid-season finale. Read at your own risk!] Poor Callie . That seems to be how we feel at the end of every season of The Fosters , but we're not taking it lightly when we say that we've never felt more sympathy for Callie Adams-Foster ...Read More...

The Fosters Showrunner Says Freeform Drama Is More Important Than Ever

The Fosters has never been a show to shy away from getting political, but showrunner Peter Paige says the stakes are higher now than theyve been in the past. The Freeform family drama revolves around a lesbian couple and their multi-ethnic family, includingseveral children theyve adopted through the foster care system. Thats exactly the kind of family that stands to lose a lot in todays political climate. I think on some level, this show is more important than ever, Paige said in an interview with TheWrap. For people who might feel kind of other-ized by the current political environment. To have a place where they can come, feel seen, and recognize their challenges and stories. ...Read More...

'The Fosters' Sneak Peek: Will Callie Go to Prison?

The future is looking bleak for Callie, who is about to face her fate in the spring finale of The Fosters . Though the possibility of jail has tormented Callie since she left the scene of the car accident that she and Troy caused at the beginning of the season, the likelihood of going behind bars has never been more apparent until now.

The Fosters Mega Buzz: Is Callie Going to Jail?

  The prospect of going to jail has been weighing on Callie Adams-Foster ( Maia Mitchell ) since she left the scene of the car accident that she and Troy ( Levi Fiehler ) caused in The Fosters ' season premiere. Now here we are at the season finale, and her worries are about to become real. ...Read More...

The Fosters Photo Preview: Mama's On A Stakeout

There will be team-ups abound on The Fosters Season 4 Episode 19 . Lena and Monte cast their tension and differences aside and join forces to figure out what the heck Drew has planned for Anchor Beach. He has proven to be conniving and devious, and Lena has caught word of some of Drew's shady dealings. Stef and her new partner, Margo, continue to work the prostitution case in hopes of capturing Diamond's pimp. Stef also has to take in all the new things popping up with Callie's impending trial. ...Read More...

The Fosters Breaks Ground Again With Transgender Romance

  [Warning: The following contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode of The Fosters! Read at your own risk.] It's official: Callie ( Maia Mitchell ) and Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) are a for-sure item on The Fosters . Fans have been expecting the two to become a real couple ever since Aaron kissed Callie on the ...Read More..

The Fosters: Aaron and Callie Will "Get Closer" After a Trip to Visit His Parents

Callie ( Maia Mitchell ) and Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) are going on a road trip on the next episode of The Fosters , and it's going to bring them a lot closer. It's Aaron's father's birthday and he asks Callie to accompany him to Los Angeles to serve as a buffer at a family dinner that turns very ...Read More...