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Peter Sarsgaard Previews Season 3 of The Killing, Dark New Role

Are you among those who felt a little burned by The Killing during the first two seasons? Especially the way the murder of Rosie Larsen was handled? You can rest assured that the third season of the AMC drama that defeated cancellation is back in solid form, thanks a new story the network promises will be resolved by season’s end. American Idol

'The Killing' Season 3 Clip: Holder Meets Linden for an Old Case

Holder visits Linden when he investigates a gruesome murder which is similar to a case from Linden's past. Read More...

The Killing Season 3 Premiere 2013 “The Jungle;That You Fear the Most”

The Killing Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 "The Jungle;That You Fear the Most" airs Sunday, June 2 at 8/9c on AMC. Episode Synopsis: The Killing Season 3 Episode 1 "The Jungle"- Sarah’s past comes knocking. Holder catches a disquieting case. Prisoner Ray Seward shows his true colors. READ MORE...

AMC Launches 'The Killing: Story Sync'

Following the success of AMC’s second screen “Story Sync” experience for “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad,” the network today announced “The Killing: Story Sync,” a second screen experience to launch in conjunction with the premiere of the third season of “The Killing&rdquo. Read More...

'The Killing': Peter Sarsgaard on the Rosie Larsen Case, 'Contrived' Endings and Season 3

The actor, who joins the series as a death-row inmate, calls the new season "less contemplative." "It’s a lot speedier and dynamic. It feels a lot more dangerous," Sarsgaard tells THR.

'The Killing' Season 3 premiere clip: Holder visits Linden to talk investigation

"The Killing" returns for Season 3 this Sunday (June 2) night on AMC, which means Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are back as Detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder. Except, Linden isn't actually a detective when the new season picks up.After the prolonged investigation into Rosie Larsen's murder left Linden battered and broken, she's moved on to a quieter life. But Holder knows he needs his former partner's help when he encounters a gruesome series of murders that echo a crucial case from Linden's past, as seen in the following exclusive clip: Any bets on how long it takes Linden to get back into the investigation game?Enos and Kinnaman are the only returning cast members for the new season but they're joined by an impressive line-up of newcomers including Elias Koteas, Amy Seimetz and Peter Sarsgaard as a mysterious inmate on death row. The best news about the Season 3 mystery? Everyone involved has promised...

5 Things You Need To Know Before The Killing Season 3 Premiere

The Killing is coming back from the dead this Sunday (June 2nd), and I for one, couldn’t be happier. AMC dropped the ax on Holder and Linden shortly after season two ended, but thanks to a helping hand from Netflix and lower licensing fees, the network uncancelled the modern noir series. It’s no secret that the series takes its share of hits from the press, but as long as you like your mysteries pitch black, your detectives a little rough around the edges and your visual palette full of rainy skies, you are in good (and moody) hands with The Killing. READ MORE...

The Killing Finds New Life in Season 3

When Rosie Larsen's murderer was not revealed in The Killing 's Season 1 finale, heads across America exploded. It was the most disparaged creative decision since Lost 's purgatory series ender. Still, executive producer Veena Sud believed her gritty crime drama would survive the backlash.

Alan Baldachin: Top Five Reasons Why I Loved The Killing Seasons One and Two: Who Killed Rosie Larson?

Have there ever been a pair of TV cops quite like The Killing 's Linden and Holder? Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) is a committed loner haunted by, we learn near the end of season two, an eerily familiar prior murder investigation which in turn echoes a nightmarish childhood trauma. In the course of investigating the Rosie Larson murder, Linden loses her grip, successively, on her fiancée, her son, her mental equilibrium and finally her own freedom. In fact the ninth episode of season two, when a trapped and drugged-up Linden submits involuntarily to therapy and comes perilously close to sliding down into the rabbit hole, is as chilling and mesmerizing an hour of television that I can recall. Read More...

How 'The Killing' Came Back to Life

Television's new math revived the canceled series as Fox, DirecTV, Netflix and AMC jumped in to fight for it.