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THE L WORD ''The Last Word'' Season 6 Episode 8 - SERIES FINALE

In the final episode of the series, what starts out as a celebration of friendship quickly ends in a web of betrayal and deceit; the girls find themselves in the slammer with Sergeant Duffy (Lucy Lawless); and the investigation into Jenny's death begins. Airing March 8 at 9pm on Showtime . To Watch Sneak Peeks Click Here .

'The L Word' Holds Red Rarpet Farewell Party - Featured

In a bid to give a proper goodbye to lesbian drama " The L Word " which has spanned for 6 seasons, Showtime held a farewell party at West Hollywood's Cafe La Boheme. The March 3 event was made in the package of a movie premiere, with the stars gracing the red carpet for photo sessions before going inside the venue. Spotted in the crowd are the show's lead actresses such as Laurel Holloman, Katherine Moennig, Daniela Sea, Rose Rollins and Mia Kirshner as well as several supporting actors such as Marlee Matlin, Kate French, Janina Gavankar, John Wolfe Nelson, and Eric Roberts. Creator and show runner Ilene Chaiken is also present along with other guest stars. Missing from the event are the other main cast, Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Pam Grier and Rachel Shelley. The show will wrap it up on Sunday, March 8 with the episode "Last Word" which preview can be seen here. The character Alice will then continue her journey in a spin-off which production has been kicked off in December 2008. Source here

'The L Word' Preview of Season Finale: Last Word - Featured

" The L Word " is nearing the end. The series about lesbians living in upscale Los Angeles will run its final episode on March 8 with a two hour event that includes a look back through the memorable moments as well as exclusive interviews about the show with creator Ilene Chaiken in the first hour. Then starting at 9/8c, the final conclusion of the show which has been revealed to include the death of Jenny will be aired. Called "Last Word", the episode will be personally directed by Ilene. A celebration of friendship ends in disaster. The girls find themselves in a situation with the law. Sergeant Duffy (Lucy Lawless) investigates Jenny's death, and someone; Bette, Tina, Alice, Shane, Helena, Max, or Kit will take the fall. The series has spawned a spin-off that will center on Alice. No title has been given yet, but production had been kicked of in December last year for a premiere later this year. Famke Janssen (" Nip/Tuck "), Laurie Metcalf ("Roseanne") and Melissa Leo (" Frozen River ") have all been booked to join the pilot. For The Preview Click Here . Source here

Cancellation Buzz: Ilene Chaiken on the End of 'The L Word'...or Not. - Featured

It's still the plan to wrap up The L Word series at the end of this 6th season, but will that really be the end of The L Word? As has been rumored, it seems it will not! L Word creator and executive producer, Ilene Chaiken, dishes on the the final days of the series, plus gives some scoop on the hopeful spin-off and even the possibility of a movie - it's no renewal of the series, but considering L Word is getting the chance to properly wrap up, do you fans think you'd like to see more in these other forms? Ilene Chaiken on the End of 'The L Word'...or Not. Want to help campaign for L Word renewal or spin-off and movie? See how you can help: Cancellation Buzz: Save The L Word! Photo courtesy of

Preview of 'The L Word' 6.05: Litmus Test

On February 15, "The L Word" will come up with an episode called "Litmus Test" which preview is available. This time, Helena, aided by her friends will test the authenticity of her former flame Dylan whom she met in the Hit! Club. Also, Jenny's new script sells and Alice feels that she stole her idea. While their relationship gets stronger, Jenny consequently intrudes on Shane's rights when she found out that Shane meets Niki. Bette and Kelly make business plans while Jamie plays a third-wheel crush to Alice and Tasha. "Litmus Test" will be the fourth episode before the show wraps up for good on March 8. The producers have decided to trim it to 8 episodes only for the final season where Jenny will meet a devastating end. For Preview Click Here . Source here

Featured Cancellation Buzz: Save The L Word!

The L Word 's Status: The L Word is now in its 6th and final season on Showtime . While there will be some closure to the series with this the planned final season, The L Word is a unique and creative show that still has a lot that could develop, so it's not too late to keep the L Word on the air! Here's what you can do to help: Example: SideReel Page: The L Word Graphic: Tell Showtime how much you love the show and want more: Call Showtime: (310) 234-5200 Contact Bob Greenblatt, President of Entertainment at Showtime Call Greenblatt: (310) 234-5301 Fax Greenblatt: (310) 234-5448 Write a letter: Bob Greenblatt, President of Entertainment Showtime 10880 Wilshire B. Los Angeles, CA 90036 Get some inspiration from this great fan video to save this show: Save The L Word Season 6 Promo Join our Facebook Group and invite others to spread the love and keep up to date on L Word's status: Save The L Word Facebook Group Sign the petition: Save The L Word Petition We'd love to hear about anything you do to help the campaign, so feel free to post any efforts you've made here in the comments to inspire other fans to help too!

Two Sneak Peeks of 'The L Word' 6.02: Least Likely

Two sneak peeks to the upcoming episode of " The L Word " are available. One is taking the scene of Alice and Tasha's visit to Tina's therapist to discuss their problem as a couple and the other one is on Nikki projecting her anger to Jenny and throwing everybody out of her mansion. Also in the episode called "Least Likely", Max readies for the final surgical procedure in his female-to-male transsexual operation but gets a surprise that puts it on hold. Bette encounters an old college friend (guest star Elizabeth Berkley) at an art showing while Shane continues to seek Jenny's forgiveness. Helena also stumbles upon an old flame that complicate her current life. "Least Likely" the second episode of the sixth season will air on January 25. Elizabeth Berkley (" CSI: Miami "), will star for a multi-episode arc playing the straight girl who got away from Bette in college. For clip number 1 click here For clip number 2 click here Source here

The L Word Ladies Gear Up For Last Hurrah...and Spinoff!

The sixth and final season of The L Word starts this Sunday. Yesterday, some of the stars and the show's executive producer, writer, and director Ilene Chaiken sat down at TCA to talk about what it has meant to them and what we can expect from these last eight episodes. While the mystery of who killed Jenny Schecter will be a storyline, it's not all we have to look forward to. Warning - There were some The L Word spinoff details revealed and spoilers: * Chaiken on the show's run: "We had our ups and our downs and we hit our stride on the sixth season. It keeps getting better and better and we end on a high." * Chaiken on guest stars to expect this season: Lucy Lawless, Elizabeth Berkley. "As always, some great guest stars and exciting actors we got to work with, but season six is about this core group of characters. We wanted to devote these last eight episodes to tell stories about these characters." * Chaiken on the decision to kill off Jenny: "We said 'What's the story we are going to tell this year?' and the decision to tell that story came out due to a lot of things. The trouble that Jenny has gotten in over the years, she's provoked everyone. All of the dialogue that goes on around the show - journalists, fans, etc - were probably resonating in there somewhere. Jenny has a lot of fans and she's the character people love to hate. She's provoked rage." * Jennifer Beals on her favorite fan moments: "One, a couple won a walk-on [part on the show] as an auction item. They were in their 60s and been together over 30 years and in the closet for longer that. They told us from watching the show that they were able to come out to their friends, family, people at work. Giving people encouragement to be their most authentic self made me feel really proud. Two, I recently got a letter from a young woman [who knows she is gay]. She was 16 and she said it was the loneliest time of her life. She said by watching the show it had saved her life because she had contemplated killing herself. Realizing that there were other people out there, part of a larger community and one day she might be able to take part, she was encouraged." Laurel Holloman also talked about The L Word conventions around the world. Jennifer Beals revealed that she is working on a book of photos of the cast throughout the seasons filming and off set. The proceeds will go to charity including the Matthew Shephard Foundation. For juicy news about the spinoff, the murder mystery and Shane's love through the series just read more. * Katherine on Shane's loves: "I think everyone believes that Shane is meant to be with Carmen. I always look at the Carmen situation as that one first love that got away. You'll never find something that will match that level of intensity. I think the Molly thing was fun and cute, I don't know how profound it was." * On the murder mystery plot: "In all honesty they kept it from us...we guessed it, but they didn't tell us until we had a meeting and sat us all down and revealed it. It's an intense way to go out, but it's television. It's campy, you have to take it for what it is." * At the Showtime Executive's panel, the CEO revealed that the spinoff plot will be that "one of the characters on The L Word goes to prison, so the show goes to prison. . . It's a big group of characters and there's a few lesbians in that group, but it isn't the exact make up of The L Word." * The pilot has been shot, but the execs have not seen a cut of it. If it does get picked up, Chaiken said that this season of The L Word will lead into the spinoff. * We know the show will be centered around Leisha Hailey's Alice. Hmmm, makes us wonder what will land her behind bars? Source here

The L Word Spin-Off Takes Place in Prison - Featured

File this under "Is he serious?" Robert Greenblatt, Showtime 's entertainment president, finally lifted the lid on the much-talked-about The L Word spin-off. The big secret: It takes place in the slammer! "One of the characters from The L Word goes to prison," he reports. Wait, who? It's Leisha Hailey's sweetie-pie Alice, who apparently finds herself on the wrong side of the law some time between now and the lesbian drama's series finale. Though the cast of the new show, which is reportedly titled The Farm, includes a few lesbians, Greenblatt reports that it's a large cast of many different types of women, like "a female Oz" -- a reference to HBO's scary prison drama -- "but not as dark," he said. He also mentioned three high-profile guest stars who appear in the pilot, and may continue as series regulars: Melissa Leo (Frozen River), Famke Janssen (the X-Men movies), and Emmy winner Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne). The first episode of the final season of The L Word (Sunday, 9 pm/ET, Showtime) begins with a shocking scene that reveals that Mia Kirshner's Jenny has been murdered. Series creator Ilene Chaiken said killing off Jenny made sense since "[she] has provoked so many people over the years. She's the character that so many people love to hate." From that point, the season flashes back three months, culminating in the discovery of Jenny's murderer. When asked if that means that Alice is the murderer, Chaiken said, a bit cagily: "That's a complicated question. The two [shows] stand alone separately, but should the spin-off get picked up as a series, then yes, it will." It's also important to note that Showtime promotional material seems to indicate that someone will take a fall for a friend. What do you think? Is a "women in prison" drama the next logical step after a "lesbians in love" drama? Source here

Jon Wolfe Nelson Readies for L Word's Final Sign-off

The L Word isn't just for the ladies. Sure, guys have been on the groundbreaking Showtime series, but none have truly had the lasting stay or impact like Tom Mater has. Originally intended as a guest star/interpreter for Marlee Matlin's character, Tom, played by Jon Wolfe Nelson, has since found himself part of the love mix with his relationship with transman Max (Daniela Sea). And with the sixth and final season approaching (premieres Jan. 18 at 10 pm/ET), things between them are just going to be more "extraordinary," Nelson teases to Find out what else the actor - a real-life interpreter - has to say about the last season, being the drama's sole source of testosterone and if he'll be part of the spinoff. Jon Wolfe Nelson Readies for L Word's Final Sign-off Photo courtesy of