VIDEO: Watch Ricky Gervais Reprise His Office Role as David Brent

He's back! Watch @RickyGervais reprises his #Office role as David Brent It's been almost 10 years, but David Brent is back! Ricky Gervais reprised his Office role for a 10-minute video, The Office Revisted .

The Office TV News: Zach Woods’ “Sweet” Commercial and Ricky Gervais’ Upcoming Cameo – 1/24/11

It's an all-new edition of The Office TV News! This week, Kira has the scoop on where you can find Gabe (aka Zach Woods) in a recent Starburst commercial. You'll have to look closely, though -- it's hard to spot him beneath all the zombie garb! Could The Walking Dead be in his future? Also, you definitely don't want to delay in watching this week's upcoming episode of The Office -- original UK series creator (and boss!) Ricky Gervais will be making his much-anticipated cameo that was originally being kept on the downlow. Will his appearance really just be a cameo? Get the full scoop by watching the video in the link below! The Office TV News: 1/24/11

Yael’s Top 5: Favorite UK Shows from The Office to Doctor Who – 01/19/11

Lots of Brit-based SideReelers love to get their fix of US series on the site, but the feeling's totally mutual on this side of the pond! In honor of the US adaptations of British hits Skins and Being Human, SideReel Yael gives her countdown of favorite UK shows! What, no Misfits or Extras?! In any case, see why she loves the English version of The Office, adores Doctor Who, and what other across-the-pond shows she includes among her top 5! Check it out by watching the video in the link below! Yael's Top 5: Favorite UK Shows

Ricky Gervais Wants to Drop in on The Office

Is a merger in store for The Office ? Ricky Gervais, the brilliant mind behind the British original, tells exclusively that he'd like to appear in NBC's Americanized version! Exclusive: Will Ricky Gervais Visit American Office Photo courtesy of

New book uses The Office to introduce classic philosophy

Most of us would agree that we are who we are. But could it also be said that we are who we think we are? Is that not a contradiction, or is it also inherently true? These are just a few of the questions explored in The Office and Philosophy , a series of essays that use examples from The Office – both the Emmy Award-winning NBC series, as well as the BBC series (created by Ricky Gervais ) on which it is based – to explore timeless philosophical questions. Edited by Jeremy Wisnewski, assistant professor of philosophy at Harwick College in New York, it’s the latest in a series of books by Wiley-Blackwell that uses popular movies and TV shows as a vehicle to introduce philosophy. With The Office having recently aired its season finale, it’s a fun way to look back at previous episodes until the show returns in the fall. I recently chatted by phone with Wisnewski about the book; click to read our conversation. Ed Robertson Pop Culture Critic and Television Historian


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