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The Originals Season 4 Extended Trailer (Finally) Reunites Klaus and Hope

After five long and painful years emphasis on that second part Klaus Mikaelson isfinally about to have a conversation with his daughter. (And its even more adorable than you imagined.) The CW on Wednesday released an extended trailer for The Originals current season, giving us a look at the good, the bad and []

The Originals Photos: Will Rebekah and Marcel Reunite?

The Mikaelsons are not ready to roll over and accept defeat. That is made clear from the official stills for The Originals Season 4 Episode 2 . While Klaus turns to Cami for support, his siblings go off on solo missions with the aim of getting their brother out of captivity and taking their city back. Marcel is not willing to give it back, so another war kicks off, but did everyone make it out alive before a truce was made? Remember you can watch The Originals online right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up now! ...Read More...

The Originals Photos: Cami's Memory Offers Klaus 'Solace and Relief'

Two of the most important women in Klaus life return to The Originals on Friday (The CW, 8/7c), though they do so by very different means. As previously confirmed to TVLine by executive producer Michael Narducci, this weeks episode features the long-awaited though, sadly, hallucinated appearance of Leah Pipes as the late, great []

The Originals Promo: Cami Is Back!

Are you still reeling from the developments that went down during the season premiere of The Originals ? Based on the official teaser for The Originals Season 4 Episode 2 , things are going to get even crazier. How so? Elijah, Rebekah, Haley and Kolreturn to New Orleans to save Klaus from Marcel. Will their mission be a success? ...Read More...

The Originals Season 4 Post-Mortem: Charles Michael Davis on Marcel's Rift with the Mikaelsons

The Originals Season 4 Post-Mortem: Charles Michael Davis on Marcel's Rift with the Mikaelsons ...Read More...

The Originals Premiere: EP Explains Creepy Cliffhanger, Confirms a Death

At last, theMikaelsons have returned! (Well, most of them, anyway.) Fridays season premiere of The Originals picked up five years after the familys defeat, with King Marcel and Reverend Vincent working (somewhat uncomfortably) as one to prolong the citys new era of peace. Unfortunately for Klaus, a key step in keeping that peace involvestorturing him []

The Originals' Charles Michael Davis on Marcel's Deepened Rift with the Mikaelsons

  The Mikaelsons are back! The Season 4 premiere of The Originals saw the family of Original vampires woken up from their various afflictions. Hayley ( Phoebe Tonkin ) found the werewolf venom she needed to cure Elijah ( Daniel Gillies ) and Kol ( Nathaniel Buzolic ) of their Marcel ( Charles Michael Davis ) ...Read More...

The Originals Preview: Meet Hope Mikaelson

For anyone who pondered who the child of Klaus Mikaelson would grow up to be, that question will soon be answered. When The Originals returns for its fourth season, a significant amount of time will have passed and Klaus and Hayley’s sweet baby girl is no longer a baby. Summer Fontana takes up the role of the youngest Mikaelson, now 7 years old. Five years will have passed when the series returns, and we’ll get to see if Hope really is her father’s daughter. Given her dad’s many vices, the witches and vampires of New Orleans may need to be scared Hope takes after daddy. READ MORE...

The Originals Star Previews Marcel and Klaus' Fifty Shades Moment (of Sorts)

When The Originals (finally!) returns for its fourth season on Friday (The CW, 8/7c), fans will quickly discoverthat Marcel has gained a substantial lead in the shows ongoing game of thrones. Its going pretty well, Charles Michael Davis tells TVLine of his characters smooth reign over New Orleans, adding that its a nice change of []

The Originals Boss on How the Mikaelsons' Return Will Shape Season 4

  The Mikaelsons are returning to New Orleans and are ready for blood. The Originals pulled a shocking move at the end of Season 3 when it took down its central family . Klaus ( Joseph Morgan ) was stabbed by Marcel ( Charles Michael Davis ) with the Tunde blade, putting him in a pain induced-coma. Klaus' ...Read More...