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Showtime in spring: That means 'Weeds' and more series premiere dates!

We have to say Showtime is "Shameless-ly" killing us with its current offerings, but we're still waiting in anticipation for some of our other favorites to return plus the network's new crop of original series.On Tuesday (March 1), the network unveiled its spring premiere dates and we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Check out the spring schedule below: Returning original series: "Nurse Jackie" (Season 3) premiere: Monday, March 28 at 10 p.m. ET"United States of Tara" (Season 3) premiere: Monday, March 28 at 10:30 p.m. ET"Secret Diary of a Call Girl" (Final Season) premiere: Thursday, April 7 at 10:30 p.m. ET"The Real L Word" (Season 2) premiere:  Sunday, June 5 at 10 p.m. ET"Weeds" (Season 7) premiere: Monday, June 27 at 10 p.m. ET"The Big C" (Season 2) premiere: Monday, June 27 at 10:30 p.m. ETNew original series: "The Borgias" premiere: Sunday, April 3 at 9 p.m. ET with new episodes airing at 10 p.m.... http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/03/showtime-in-spring-that-means-weeds-and-more-series-premiere-dates.html

The Player Gets Played on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

Whitney Mixter has been the love-'em-and-leave-'em cast member of 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO). But on the first-season finale, she discovers a taste of her own medicine isn't so delectable. At the annual Dinah Shore gathering in Palm Springs, Whitney thinks she and Sara are "starting to expand our relationship ... We're definitely, like, learning about each other and potentially developing trust." By day two, the player says, "At this point, I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of like only eyes-only on Sara." Next thing you know, she discovers Sara making out with Romi in the pool. Back in the hotel room, Whitney says, "I like to pride myself on not needing anybody." But the tears streaming down her face tell a different story. Source & Video

'The Real L Word': Mikey Proposes to Her Girlfriend on the Catwalk (VIDEO)

On 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO), L.A. Fashion Week producer Mikey Koffman popped the question on the runway at the Dolce Vita Fashion Show. She called up Raquel Castaneda, her makeup-artist girlfriend, from backstage. Getting down on one knee, she asked, "Will you marry me? Please say yes. It'd be really embarrassing if you say no right now," she said, as the audience (including fellow cast mate Whitney Mixter) clapped and cheered her on. It was a big "yes." Raquel later said, "That is so amazing to me. Mikey doesn't have the easiest time showing how she feels, so saying something that loud really got my attention, and I just can't believe she made a statement like that." Mikey explained it this way: "I wanted to speak her language. I felt like she likes big gestures, and I was trying to give her that." Mission accomplished. Source & Video

Alex's Reality Rant: 5 Decent Shows That Inspired Crappy Reality TV Counterparts

It may not be something you think about while you're marathoning your favorite series, but ideas for TV shows come from a wide variety of sources -- novels, comic books, movies, video games, and more. Inspiration for reality shows specifically is even more , um, "innovative"... sometimes snatching ideas from something as simple as cooking, daily life on the Jersey Shore, or a trashcan (isn't that how The Bad Girls Club was invented?). In fact, some reality shows are even inspired by other shows... and while they're certainly never an "improvement" on the original (well, at least not in most cases...), these reality spawn definitely put an "interesting" spin on the preceding fictional versions. Here are 5 beloved shows that became reality-ized (no, not a real word, but it works), much to the annoyance of fans mostly everywhere. Cue eye-roll: Original Series: Desperate Housewives Reality Spawn: The Real Housewives of Orange County Confession: I never watched "Desperate Housewives," but I am a recent jumper-on-the-bangwagon of The Real Housewives series, and my guess is that it's a tough call, but the latter is more dramatic! Another confession: sometimes I accidentally call it "The Desperate Housewives of (insert town here)"... & I'm not sorry about it. Original Series: The L Word Reality Spawn: The Real L Word Probably the least subtly-titled reality "spin-off," The Real L Word may have a lot to live up to, but so far it seems to be doing pretty well in viewership (not like that's saying much in the quality department, but I have yet to check it out for myself. I mean, it's been almost as popular as Pretty Little Liars in Twitter Trending Topics (okay, not quite, but comparatively well considering some variation of Justin Bieber's name always reigns supreme in that arena)! Original Series: Nip/Tuck Reality Spawn: Dr. 90210 Aside from the graphic surgery room scenes, it's hard to imagine anything about Nip/Tuck being real . Enter Dr. 90210 , which features a successful, attractive surgeon, not too unlike playboys Christian Troy and Sean MacNamara. Plus it has nearly the same sky-high boob job count -- plus some more similarly off-the-wall surgeries -- from a bit more "realistic" point of view. Original Series: The O.C. Reality Spawn: Laguna Beach Looking back to when the idea for Laguna Beach was first announced by MTV (advertised as The "Real" OC), it seemed like blasphemy to turn the current teen TV staple into a reality show, of all things. Sure enough, it turned out to be an even bigger phenomenon than the original. Of course, this isn't taking into account the later seasons of LB with the younger-classmen who weren't nearly as interesting as LC & Kristin... Original Series: Sex and the City Reality Spawn: Downtown Girls Okay, so the recent (failed) reality series Downtown Girls on MTV may not have been an intentionally direct copy of Sex and the City , but if you've seen any of the episodes, the 5 BFF "characters" clearly think they're the next Carrie & crew for the younger generation. No offense, but I'd rather watch SATC 2 twice in a row than sit through an entire episode of this show... and that's saying a lot. Do you prefer the original shows, or their reality spin-offs? Weigh in below!

Creamed-Corn Wrestling on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

On 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO), Whitney's barbecue offers creamed corn, but not as a side dish. The ladies in attendance wrestle in an inflatable kiddie pool filled with the vegetable concoction. Scarlett takes on Whitney and says, "I just knew that she would be just worried about her dreads." But apparently they aren't much of a concern, because Whitney wins the contest after her hair is doused in creamed-corn goo. Next up is Tora, who proved to be a "slippery little devil," says Whitney. "I'm also not going to lie to the fact that I'm slightly turned on at this match-up." Source & Video

Tracy Chapman Romancing 'The L Word' Star Guinevere Turner

Soul singer Tracy Chapman has found love with actress Guinevere Turner and the new couple is planning to move in together, according to a U.S. tabloid report. The "Fast Car" hitmaker was introduced to "The L Word" star Turner by a mutual friend earlier this year, and the stars are said to have hit it off immediately. They went public with their relationship at Los Angeles' Outfest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in early July after appearing together at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco, California in June, where Turner was promoting her film "The Owls", reports the National Enquirer. To Read More Click Here .

'Real L Word' Women Unhappy With Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Lesbian Comment

The ladies of "The Real L Word" are pissed at Elisabeth Hasselbeck who made enemies again when she thought older women become lesbians because they can't get men. During Television Critics Association presentation of Showtime, the open lesbians whose life is captured on camera called the "The View" host "ignorant". Hasselbeck said in episode airing Wednesday, July 28, "All the older men are going for younger women, leaving the women with no one." Her co-host Joy Behar disagreed, saying that one just doesn't wake up and decides to be lesbian. But Hasselbeck countered it back by saying sometimes when you get older, it's more about companionship than something sexual. To Read More Click Here .

'The Real L Word' Cast Teases More Nudity, Sex

Viewers will get to see a lot more of the ladies of Showtime's 'The Real L Word' in the last three episodes of their first season. "You'll see several sexual situations and some nudity," said a sly Whitney Mixter. Episode 7, in particular, "is epic," teased Rose Garcia. 'Real L Word' cast members Mixter, Garcia, Jill Goldstein, Mikey Hoffman, Tracy Ryerson, Nikki Weiss were joined by executive producers Ilene Chaiken and Jane Lipsitz on a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour. The group previewed the rest of the season, which Chaiken promised will bring some of the "shock value" that was a hallmark of her scripted series, 'The L Word.' Mixter continues getting into romantic dilemmas. "Apparently, I have the power of the clam. It's a phrase we made up," she laughed. "I'm very flirtatious and I think girls like the unavailable. I'm open, I'm fun with girls and I think that caused me to get into sticky situations and that is what you see for the next three episodes." In addition to the affairs of the heart, family issues crop up for the ladies as the season unwinds. Ryerson said that viewers will see more about her relationship with her mother, who's been less than supportive about her seuality. "[She's] from Puerto Rico and that's been a process for her. You'll see that transpire in the next few episodes," she said. "it was a lot easier to talk to my father about it -- he's a Brooklyn Jew." To Read More Click Here .

Coming Out on Oprah on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

Not getting support from your family can be tough. This is the problem that Nikki is dealing with on 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO). In her twenties, Nikki was married to a man -- but then she decided the whole "straight" thing wasn't for her, and came out as a lesbian in front of a national audience on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show.' These days, Nikki is planning on getting married to her fianceé Jill. But her father isn't happy about the situation. Nikki hasn't heard from her father in four years. The last time she talked him was after she came out on 'Oprah' in 2006. At that point, her dad called her and said this: "I was in my house ... and turned on 'Oprah,' and saw a beautiful woman, and I thought to myself, 'What a waste of a woman,' when I heard the subject matter. And then I realized it was [my daughter]." During a conversation with her finaceé Jill, Nikki revealed that she hasn't spoken with her dad since then. Only her mother will be present at her wedding. " ... It will be a little bittersweet," Nikki said. Source & Video

Sexy Lesbian Photos on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

So what is a good Valentine's Day present for a girl? Flowers? Perfume? Chocolates? ... Sexy lesbian photos? On 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO), Natalie decides to come up with the ideal V-Day gift for her girlfriend Rose. And the present she decides upon is -- you guessed it! -- half-naked photographs. Even though Natalie claims that she's "nervous" and that she's "never done anything like this before," she manages to model for quite a lot of photos, while wearing nothing more than some skimpy lingerie and (occasionally) a gather belt. When Rose gets the naked pics, she calls it "one of the best gifts" she's ever gotten. Oh, like you even care. Just go ahead and watch the video of Natalie posing in her undies. Source & Video