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Simpsons EP Teases 'Crazy Melodrama' in Hour-Long Empire-Inspired Episode Plus: Watch Taraji P. Henson in Action

In crafting The Simpsons first-ever hour-long episode, executive producer Matt Selman wanted to avoid one thing at all costs: Mr. Burns rapping. Some context: Sundays episode (Fox, 8/7c) is being pegged as a riff on The Great Gatsby with a hip-hop twist, of course asMr. Burns befriendsrapper Jazzy James (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key), []

20 of TV's Best Theme Songs

Our previous list of TV's best theme songs caused the impossibly catchy DuckTales tune to get stuck in our heads for days. (A few weeks later, a new version brought it right back.) While 30 may seem like a long enough list, we (with your help) kept coming up with missing themes. So here's round two:   Frasier   In Living Color   One Tree Hill   All in the Family   The Big Bang Theory   M*A*S*H   The West Wing   Taxi   The Muppet Show   The Odd Couple   Moonlighting   The Love Boat   Adventures of the Gummi Bears   Thirtysomething   Life Goes On   The Babysitters Club   Miami Vice   The Simpsons   WKRP in Cincinnati   One Day at a Time   But wait, there's more:   Check out full-length versions of some of these theme songs in this Spotify playlist .   What's your favorite theme song? What did we miss? Let us know below! p { text-align: justify; }

"The Mick" to Air on a Special Night and Time, Following First-Ever One-Hour Episode of "The Simpsons," on Sunday, Jan. 15, on FOX

A new episode of "Family Guy," featuring New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski as a guest voice, will also follow.   ...Read More...

"The Simpsons" to Air First-Ever One-Hour Episode Sunday, Jan. 15, @ 8/7c on FOX

Guest voices include Taraji P. Henson, Keegan-Michael Key, Snoop Dogg, Common and RZA. ...Read More...

The Top 10 Simpsons Christmas Episodes of All Time

The Simpsons has enjoyed a long run on TV that has lasted well over 25 years. The very first episode of the series to debut on television had a Christmas theme and was entitled Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire. After the nation was introduced to the family and their greyhound back in 1989, there was no stopping the series from becoming a huge success. Since then a slew of Christmas themed Simpsons episodes have aired, each quite different from all the others. Here are the top ten Simpsons Christmas specials of all time. 1. White Christmas Blues 2013 ...Read More...

12 Shows of Christmas, Part 1

Well SideReelers, it's that time of year again! In celebration of the season (and the wonderful episodes it brings) Scotwot and TelevisionFanboy have gathered together a bounty of holiday-themed episodes for you to enjoy! Whether you're filled with cheer or are feeling kind of Grinchy, these shows are sure to put you in the holiday spirit. Since Christmas is not always portrayed realistically on TV (we've never sung joyfully with townsfolk after our presents were stolen), we've collected all of the funny, endearing, and heart-warming episodes you'll need to make it through the holidays.   For the first show of Christmas, TelevisionFanboy gave to me... a Simpsons episode bounty Lackluster song parody aside, no show captures the magic of Christmas quite like The Simpsons . Unlike most holiday specials, the show embraces the realistic difficulties of the season. Homer spends too much money on his own presents; Bart shoplifts a gift he wanted but didn't get; even Moe's traditional Christmas suicide attempt is endearingly grounded in reality. If you like your Christmas specials hilarious, absurd, and slightly realistic this is the motherlode. And, of course, Homer's parody of the Grinch is anything but lackluster.   For the second show of Christmas, Scotwot gave to me... a Doctor Who mystery For generations, the BBC has commissioned Christmas episodes of its most popular shows. Over the past decade, some of the most entertaining, compelling, and gripping episodes have come from Doctor Who . This is mainly due to the holiday episodes being intertwined with the current plotline, which leads to lots of surprises -- a new assistant or a plot point that hints at what adventures may come. All of this combined with with superb writing, acting, and cinematography makes for nail-biting Christmas episodes. The BBC also has lots of online treats for Doctor Who fans this year; I absolutely love their Adventure Calendar. (Don't worry about having missed anything. The doors that are already opened still have their gifts available and already — they are everything!) Combined with the BBC's Doctor Who YouTube channel, I'd say we're all set for a very busy Christmas with the Doctor. Plus, we have a sneak peek at the trailer for the Christmas special! The special will be shown in the U.K. and U.S. on Christmas Day. I'm sure that all fans will have a fabulous time with whatever the Doctor has in store for us this Yuletide season! It's Doctor Who at Christmas, so anything can happen!   For the third show of Christmas, TelevisionFanboy gave to me... Chrismukkah from The O.C. For those of you who don't know... Chrismukkah is magical. The brainchild of The O.C. 's Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), this hybrid holiday was created by "drawing on the best that Christianity and Judaism have to offer." While the holiday may seem glib to some, it created a legitimate cultural phenomenon. Mixed-faith children all over the world now had a way of doubling the amount of presents they got while celebrating the traditions of both holidays. On The O.C. , Chrismukkah was all about the DRAMA. It focused on teen romances, friendly squabbles, and the importance of family coming together in celebration. Come for the cute Ryan/Marissa or Summer/Seth moments, stay for the Chrismukkah Barmitzvukkah!   For the fourth show of Christmas, Scotwot gave to me… Friends and fremily Friends will forever perfectly encapsulate that time in our lives when our friends become family. The show was such a cultural phenomenon that we even gave ourselves a new word to describe our way of life: fremily! What I love about Friends holiday episodes is simple: all of them focus on celebrating and putting friendship first, despite the stresses of the season. Through their ups and downs, these friends are always there for one another. (Got ya singing the theme tune, didn't I?) Here are some reminders of how funny, sweet, heart-warming, silly, and lovable the holiday episodes are: The things we do for our friends. Giving them exactly the present they wanted, even though it messes up your perfect apartment and has you vacuuming pine needles till August. Phoebe wasn't expecting this… Making our loved ones feel happy at Christmas is the best gift, ever! That said, it wouldn't be Friends without a quip from Chandler. But wait, there's more! Friends has barely started with its holiday surprises... Oh, Ross. I bet he ordered his costume for Hanukkah very early. Probably mid-July. Talking of costumes, who knew Joey was so competitive about holiday eating?! Just look at those pants! Don't mention pie, please. Just... don't. All this eating, it's infectious! Chandler, put down the plate… slowly back away from the counter. That said, why wouldn't Chandler and Joey enjoy eating too much at the holidays? Especially as they don't have to make the food, which so much thought and hard work has gone into making just perfect. Monica the chef is a control freak even at Christmas. Despite her "helpers" not doing everything to her exact specifications, Monica still makes the most amazing dinner. Plus, to make everything perfect, look — it's snowing! A vintage Happy Holidays to one and all from Friends , plus all of your reel friends here at SideReel!   Check out parts two and three of the 12 Shows of Christmas from Scotwot and TelevisionFanboy . p { text-align: justify; }

How Do You End ‘The Simpsons’?

The Simpsons is an American institution. Recently renewed through Season 30, it’s almost hard to believe that the series will one day end after having debuted in 1989 as its own entity from creator Matt Groening. Prior to the series itself, The Simpsons first hit the scene as a series of animated shorts on the short-lived The Tracey Ullman Show. While not exactly displaying the animation and character work that we know from the show at this point, the Ullman debut gave us the groundwork for the characters we’d grow to know and love over time. READ MORE...

The Simpsons Marathon Helps Push FXX To Ratings Highs

You can always count on The Simpsons . The first four days of the 13-day The Simpsons 600 Marathon helped FXX reach the No. 8 spot among all basic cable networks in adults 18-49 and No. 5 among adults 18-34 in total-day viewing, according to the network and Nielsen stats. In primetime, FXX advanced to No. 10 among adults 18-49 and No. 5 among Adults 18-34 over the Thanksgiving holiday. Over the first four days of the marathon, which began at noon on Thanksgiving day ...Read More...

The Simpsons: The Whole Family Dies (Except Bart) in Grim New Opening

Its not a Treehouse of Horror episode, but things still get pretty ghastly in the opening sequence ofthis weeks The Simpsons. In the credits for Sundays episode (Fox, 8/7c), which you can watch above, the Simpson family makes their usual trek home onlyeach family member, except forBart, is killed before they can make itback []

In Simpsons Opening Credits, Bart is Feeling the Pain of Predicting Donald Trump's Win

Sunday's chalkboard confession referred to a 2000 episode. ...