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'The Simpsons' Season 25 premiere: 'Homerland' tackles terrorism, sort of

The historic 25th season of "The Simpsons" has arrived. The season premiere takes on "Homeland" as Homer comes home from a work convention a changed man. He's polite, he's eating healthy, he's not strangling Bart. There's only one possible answer, he was kidnapped and brainwashed by terrorists before coming home.Of course, Lisa is the only one who sees something wrong, so she calls the FBI. That's where Kristen Wiig comes in as a guest voice, playing a bipolar FBI agent, in the same vein as Claire Danes' CIA operative Carrie Mathison on "Homeland," but way more over the top.In the end it was all a crazy mix up, of course. Homer actually befriended a bunch of hippies who taught him a better lifestyle. Oh, those hippies. They also enlightened him about the damage a nuclear power plant could cause, which leads to him finding a peaceful way of closing Springfield's, even if it won't last....

The Simpsons Turns 25 With Kristen Wiig, Guillermo Del Toro And More

  When Homer Simpson suddenly stops eating pork and drinking booze it can only mean one thing — he's gone Muslim! Homeland gets spoofed when The Simpsons returns for its 25th season Sunday, Sept. 29 (8/7c, Fox) to find the D'oh Man greatly changed after his trip to a nuclear-power convention.   Read More...

The Simpsons Season 25 Premiere 2013 “Homerland”

The Simpsons  Season 25 Episode 1 “Homerland” airs Sunday September 29 2013 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Episode Synopsis:  The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 1 “Homerland” – In a nod to the hit cable series “Homeland,” Lisa suspects Homer may have been “turned” when he returns a changed man from a nuclear power plant operating convention. So she enlists the services of Annie (guest voice Wiig), an intense, jumpy FBI agent to help her unravel the truth. Read More...

THE SIMPSONS: Watch the HOMELAND-Themed Opening Sequence Now!

When THE SIMPSONS kicks off its new season this Sunday, the opening credits will be paying homage to another show having a premiere on the same night — Showtime’s HOMELAND. Take a look at THE SIMPSONS’ credits for “Homerland”… THE SIMPSONS’ season premiere kicks off Sunday, September 29th at 8 PM on Fox. Follow @GiveMeMyRemote [...]

The Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean Discusses Season 25

How do you keep things fresh after 25 years? That was one of many questions posed to  The Simpsons  Executive Producer Al Jean as he sat down for a conference call.  TV Equals  was fortunate to be there, and plenty of information was gathered on the show’s season premiere (the  Homeland  spoof “Homerland”) and the show’s upcoming 25th season. Read More...

Amy Poehler to reprise her guest-star role on 'The Simpsons'

Bart just can't escape his ex-wife. "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler will reprise her role as Bart's future ex-wife on "The Simpsons," EW reports.Executive producer Al Jean confirmed that Emmy-nominated Poehler will guest star in an upcoming episode of the long-running Fox hit animated show. The episode is set 30 years in the future, and Jenda (Poehler) is dating a crab-like alien creature and she's still not getting along with Bart."Bart is trying to get over his divorce and he does it in a bit of a 'Total Recall'-type way," Jean says. "I won't give away what happens, but that's a clue."The episode is titled "Days of Future Future," and it is a sequel to Season 16?s "Future-Drama," in which Poehler first voiced Jenda.Poehler's episode is set to air in the spring. Poehler joins the already impressive Season 25 guest-star roster, which includes Kristen Wiig, Daniel Radcliffe, Elisabeth Moss, Will Arnett, and Eva...

THE SIMPSONS: Al Jean on The Homer, the Very Special Season 25, and More

Last week, THE SIMPSONS executive producers got to experience the real-life version of The Homer car (which Homer Simpson “created” in the show’s second season), and part of that was actually getting to ride in the car…which just so happened to be made for racing. I spoke with THE SIMPSONS executive producer Al Jean before [...]

THE SIMPSONS: See the Real Version of Homer’s Dream Car! Plus, Teases For Season 25

Back in 1991, THE SIMPSONS’ Homer Simpson designed his perfect car in the episode “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” And now, a real-life version of The Homer was used to race at the 24 hours Of LeMons earlier this summer. “This is a dream come true,” THE SIMPSONS creator Matt Groening told reporters on the Fox [...]

Promo: 'The Simpsons' Takes on 'Homeland'

Homer starts to act strangely polite after returning from a nuclear power plant convention in the episode titled 'Homerland', which features guest star Kristen Wiig.   Read More...

SideReel Goes Back to School

As Billy Madison once sang "Back to school/back to school/to prove to Dad/that I'm not a fool." There are several reasons so many shows have at least one "back to school" episode (some even have more than one!), the primary one being that schools generally start around the same time as the fall TV season. Timing, as great minds have noted, is everything. Besides that, the first day of school is a universally shared/reviled experience! But maybe the biggest reason of all is that  just like any insecure middle schooler, a returning series wants to make it clear how much cooler and more attractive they've become since the spring. With that in mind, here's a list of our favorite back-to-school-themed episodes :       Full House S3E2 : Back to School Blues Full House was a terrible show (and I say this as someone who is still known to watch hours of its reruns on Nick at Night), but it has stuck in the collective memory of millennials because of a few choice episodes, this being one of them. DJ excitedly heads off to her first day of junior high, only to find out she's not dressed sluttily enough to sit with the cool girls. To make matters worse, she has the same slammin' outfit as the lunchroom monitor everyone thinks is a HUGE LOSER thus rendering her a HUGE LOSER by association. She eats lunch in the phone booth (oh man) listening to the operator recite the date and time. Oh Deej, take it from me, it doesn't get better.     Community S2E1 : Anthropology 101 The first season of Community was kind of a split decision. The first 12 or so episodes were a fairly traditional (if such a thing can be said of a single-camera comedy) sitcom before veering into the weird, pastiche-heavy, practically anthology-like glory it became. This second season opener was its pilot should have been, taking all the genre clichés of the back-to-school episode and turning them on their sides.        The Simpsons S5E3 : Homer Goes to College You try tutoring Homer Simpson in nuclear physics and see how far you get. When a person's view of college comes from repeated viewings of Animal House -esque comedies and considers it his moral duty to pick on nerds , getting him a passing grade in something the vast majority of the educated public doesn't understand becomes an exercise in nihilism. And yet Homer's tutors, with their Star Trek obsessions and rock collections, try their hardest — only to find themselves facing expulsion. If there's one thing The Simpsons taught us, it's to never try.     Degrassi The Next Generation S3E1 : Father Figure (1) Degrassi ! It's so REAL! Except that at its best it's also completely and utterly ridiculous, going so far beyond soap opera territory that it's an entity unto itself. One thing it does accurately capture is the identity confusion of the teenage psyche — it just spins it out to epic proportions. Poor Emma Nelson is just trying to figure out who she is, both in terms of the high school social structure and as part of a blended family, so she runs off in search of her biological father without telling anyone of her intention. I'm not sure where this stacks up against her battles against STDs and eating disorders, but she can't even claim the gold medal in the misery olympics that is Degrassi High School.     Friday Night Lights S2E1 : Last Days of Summer Season 2 was probably Friday Night Lights ' weakest season, but FNL at its worst was still better than pretty much anything else at its best. In the season premiere, Coach Taylor is off in search of greater glory at TMU while Tami, in the final days of a pregnancy, has to deal with her teenage daughter's histrionics. Matt Saracen is dealing with his mentor's abandonment, while Tyra and Landry... sigh... take the law into their own hands. To be clear "The Last Days of Summer" isn't on the list because it's great, but because it proved that this gem of a show still had stories to tell after its first, perfect season. As the great Tami Taylor once said, "There's no weakness in forgiveness."     It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S6E9 : Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth The gang (as they're known) really shouldn't be allowed any contact with developing minds. How they were not legally barred from working near or with children after their ill-advised community service escapade is a mystery. Yet here we have Charlie doing his best Good Will Hunting , janitor savant impression, while Mac, Dennis, and Frank hijack Dee's drama class in order to show their incredibly racist, homemade cinematic masterpiece: Lethal Weapon 5. Also there are juggalo jokes. Given the current state of public education in Philadelphia, this may be a chilling portrait of things to come.     Frasier S8E11 : Motor Skills This one should ring true for those who are used to being at the top of every class, only to find themselves suddenly out of their depth. For me it was a class called "20th Century French Literature and the History of Ideas" but for the brothers Crane it was auto repair. Despite being multiple degree holders and leading lights of their profession, this is the first episode in which we see Frasier and Niles in a class. They fail miserably and decide to turn into happy underachievers — and manage to fail miserably at that as well.       Mad Men S6E12 : The Quality of Mercy Northeastern boarding schools are the source of much literary fixation, so it only makes sense that a literary show like Mad Men might find itself besotted by the idea as well. Sally, whose recently crushed innocence still has a few softly sparking tendrils of life, applies to Miss Porter's to get away from her nightmarish parents, only to find 1) that girls from boarding schools are kind of awful ( myself included, jk?), and 2) creepy Glenn has become a champion of women's safety to the detriment of his budding sex life. What are your favorite back-to-school episodes? Let us know in the comments — unless you want to get an F for participation.   Leah E. Friedman is the editor of You can follow her musings on Twitter .