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'The Simpsons' Take Another Dig at Fox News, After Saying They Were Done

Two weeks after "Simpsons" executive producer said the show would lay off Fox News for a while, the Fox News helicopter made another appearance on the show -- this time with the words, "Merry Christmas from Fox News... but no other holidays."

Jane Lynch Lends Voice to THE SIMPSONS

It was probably only a matter of time given how in demand she is, but it’s fun news nonetheless: Jane Lynch will get animated for THE SIMPSONS. Entertainment Weekly reports the Emmy winning and Golden Globe nominated Glee actress will play Roz, Homer’s new assistant at the power plant in the "Replaceable You" episode. The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told EW, "This woman seems terrifically nice, but then it turns out she’s just completely undermining him every step of the way and gets his job." How very Sue Sylvester. Apparently Homer will team up with Ned Flanders to find a way to take Roz down. Lynch recorded her lines last week and her episode is slated to air early next season. What do you think about Lynch visiting The Simpsons? The Simpsons airs on FOX Sundays at 8pm eastern/7pm central. Source Here

'Simpsons' exclusive: David Mamet to guest

We swear this is true: David Mamet will pop up on The Simpsons. Simpsons executive producer Al Jean tells EW exclusively that the award-winning playwright/screenwriter (Glengarry Glen Ross) will lend his voice to an episode in which he plays a version of himself — one that was a writer on Thicker Than Waters, a hokey ‘80s family sitcom that Homer becomes obsessed with. In a scene that winks at Mamet’s penchant for using profanity, Homer winds up watching a documentary about the fictional comedy, which features old footage of Mamet getting an earful from one of the Thicker actors. "He just keeps swearing at him, saying, ‘Why don’t you f—ing learn how to f—ing write an f—ing script?’" explains Jean. "And David says, ‘Hmmm, f—. I can use that… ‘" (Obviously, the f-words will be bleeped out.) Jean adds that he was thrilled to include a Mamet cameo on The Simpsons. "Obviously, it’s an honor for us," he says. "In fact, we clearly ripped off the Jack Lemmon character from Glengarry Glen Ross and used him as our underachieving salesman Gil." The episode, titled "Homer the Father," airs Jan. 23 on Fox. Source Here

Producer Al Jean Says 'The Simpsons' Will Stop Making Fun of Fox News

Writers and producers at 'The Simpsons' love nothing more than to take comedic pot-shots at the Fox network and its parent company News Corp.  However, some controversy is brewing after the show made fun of Fox News twice, but 'Simpsons' producer Al Jean says they're ready to stop. (For now.) After a recent episode featured a Fox news chopper with the slogan "Not Racist, But #1 With Racists" on the side, Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly called Matt Groening and his crew "pinheads." So this past Sunday the Fox news chopper was back, only this time the slogan read: "Unsuitable for Viewers Under 75."  Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jean said the "Unsuitable" joke was added at the last-minute because of O'Reilly's dig. "If you're calling cartoon characters 'pinheads,' what does that make you? Matt Groening wanted to do a response to O'Reilly so we slipped this in." To Read More  Click Here.

Martha Stewart on The Simpsons: First Look

The Simpsons will celebrate Christmas is an orderly manner this year. On the December 5 holiday episode of the series, famed homemaker Martha Stewart will guest star as herself. "Marge is upset that the rest of the family has no Christmas spirit, so Martha comes in and, with military efficiency, completely changes things around," producer Al Jean tells Entertainment Weekly, adding: To Read More Click Here.

TV Ratings: NBC football scores, CBS' 'November Christmas' a gift Sunday

Fast National ratings for Sunday, November 28, 2010. Football viewership dipped during the holiday weekend, but still stayed strong enough to give NBC a win on Sunday in both households and in the adult demo.   FOX also bit into viewership by starting the night with an expected boost from the football runover, but still fell behind CBS in total viewers, which had a pretty strong showing for its Hallmark movie "November Christmas." NBC drew 13.5 million viewers and a 8.2 rating/13 share in households for Sunday. CBS followed with 12.5 million and an 7.6/12, then FOX (10.4 million, 5.9/9) and ABC (5.5 million, 3.3/5). The adult 18-49 demo title also went to NBC with a 4.9 rating, followed by FOX, 4.3, CBS, 2.3, and ABC, 1.4. To Read More  Click Here.

Danica Patrick Guest Stars on 'The Simpsons' (VIDEO)

Do you know what a "Racing Homer" is? Fun fact: it's the type of pigeon specifically bred for the sport of bird racing. But on 'The Simpsons' (Sun., 8PM ET on Fox), the term "Racing Homer" could just as easily apply to ... Mr. Homer Simpson himself. After Bart finds a wounded pigeon and nurses it back to health, Homer takes charge. With the help of Moe the bartender, he decides to enter the bird in the annual "Springfield Birditarod" race. But Homer's fantasies of bird-racing glory lead to a surreal dream sequence, guest-starring sexy race car driver Danica Patrick. The female driver waltzes into Homer's dream, causing him to say ... To Read More Click Here.

First Look of Jon Hamm on 'The Simpsons'

"The Simpsons" fans get the first look of yellow Jon Hamm. While "Mad Men" is on a break, the actor is going to lend his voice for an FBI investigator in the December 12 episode called "Donnie Fatso". When Homer gets tossed in the slammer for a laundry list of criminal offenses in the New Year, he goes undercover for an FBI Investigator. "Homer goes undercover with Fat Tony's gang and Jon Hamm is his contact to the real world," executive producer Al Jean said. "He was hysterical." To Read More Click Here.

Fox Renews The Simpsons for 23rd Season

The Simpsons has been renewed for a 23rd season, Fox announced Thursday. "Like many 22-year-olds, The Simpsons is extremely happy remaining at home, on FOX, and hopes it doesn't have to go out into the real world for many years to come," executive producer Al Jean said in a statement. The series, which follows the adventures of Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa, has become famous for its pop-culture references. The show has received 27 Emmy Awards and is the longest-running primetime animated television series. It also holds the record for the most guest stars featured in a television series. The new season will include voice work from Halle Berry, Paul Rudd, Ricky Gervais, Rachel Weisz, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Alyson Hannigan, Joe Mantegna, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Martha Stewart and Katy Perry. The Simpsons airs Sundays at 8/7c on Fox. Source Here

Daniel Radcliffe Guest Stars, as 'The Simpsons' Takes on 'Twilight' (VIDEO)

'Twilight' and the 'Harry Potter' series are two of the most popular fantasy franchises in the world. But on the new 'Simpsons' (Sun., 8PM ET on Fox), Lisa Simpson showed that she wasn't a fan. In the latest installment of the 'Treehouse of Horror' series, Daniel Radcliffe guest starred as "Edmund." The 'Harry Potter' star played a vampire ... whose name and attitude resembled a character from a very famous film and book series ... Maybe you can name the character we're thinking of? After saving Lisa from a series of accidents (just like in 'Twilight'!), Edmund offered to bite her on the neck and make her immortal. To which Lisa promptly said: No thank you. To Read More Click Here.