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First Look: The Simpsons Meet Halle Berry

The Simpsons  are going to the Oscars on Fox February 20 (one week before ABC airs the real deal), and 2001 winner Halle Berry will be on stage to present an animated film award. "Bart makes a short film version of his  Angry Dad  Web series and is up for an Oscar and other awards, but Homer tries to take all the credit," executive producer Al Jean tells  TV Guide Magazine . "Halle starts talking about herself as she's presenting. She ad-libbed something she actually dreams about at night that we left in."

Reel TV News: Will Ricky Gervais Really Be Coming Back To Host the Golden Globes Again? - 2/1/11

Happy February! Kira has the scoop on this morning's rumors about Ricky Gervais' future as an awards show host. Did the Hollywood Foreign Press really ask him back for a third year even after all the trouble he caused? Hey, if the ratings are good...! In other news, long-running animated legend The Simpsons are already gearing up for their 23rd season! Guest stars are lined up, including Kiefer Sutherland and Jane Lynch! Also, based on the theory Jon Stewart announced last night, do you think he's onto something? Could Sarah Palin really be a Russian spy? Find out what Kira thinks by watching all the news in the link below! Reel TV News: 2/1/11

'Simpsons': 'McBain: the (Hidden) Movie'!

Are the producers of   The Simpsons   even sneakier than we thought? Consider the following   video evidence , which stitches together all of those ’90s   Simpsons   clips featuring Rainier Wolfcastle in action as McBain, the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Bruce Willis-spoofing movie action hero. Turns out, they kinda-sorta add up to a short film in which McBain butts heads with his by-the-book boss ("Bye, book," he declares after literally shooting the captain’s book), avenges the death of his partner (who was just two days away from retiring and sailing away with his wife on their newly christened boat, The Live-4-Ever!) by taking down Senator Mendoza (who’s been moonlighting as the head of an international drug cartel!), and gets the girl ("Right now, I’m thinking of holding another meeting… in bed"). So, was this part of an ancient secret master plan that is only now coming to light?   "It was always just conceived as the most melodramatic fragments of a bigger movie where we never really had a big movie in mind,"   Simpsons   exec producer Al Jean tells EW. Jean did, however, open the door for the McBain mini-movie to eventually add a few scenes: "If Schwarzenegger goes back into movies, then we’ll go back into McBain." And he left us with this quip: "If we edited together all the   Itchy & Scratchy s, we’d have   The Simpsons Movie 2 ." Read More...

Jane Lynch, Kiefer Sutherland Among The Simpsons' Season 23 Guests

On March 3, Fox's The Simpsons will begin recording voice talent for their 23rd season! Executive producer Al Jean tells me that episodes coming this fall will feature characters voiced by guest stars Kiefer Sutherland, Jane Lynch, Andy Garcia and science fiction and comic book author Neil Gaiman ( Coraline ). "Jane plays ...

'The Simpsons': Andy Garcia to guest star, nod to his 'Ocean's Eleven' character

Fans of   The Simpsons , our advice to you is to run and hide: Andy Garcia is lending his voice to an episode of the animated comedy that winks at the  Ocean’s Eleven  franchise, EW has learned exclusively. In a playful nod to his   Ocean’s   character, menacing casino magnate Terry Benedict, the film actor guest stars as an evil children’s fantasy book publisher, says   Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman, who reveals only this about the plot: "Homer and some people in Springfield have to perpetrate an   Ocean’s Eleven –style heist in the non- Ocean’s Eleven   world of children’s fantasy book publishing." Garcia recorded his lines earlier this week, and although the character hasn’t been designed yet, Selman hopes to include a reference to Benedict’s love of fine art. "No matter where he is, he’ll always have a famous painting behind him." Fantasy author Neil Gaiman also pops up (as himself) in this episode, which is titled "The Book Job" and is scheduled to air on Fox early next season.'s:+Hollywood+Insider)&utm_content=Google+Reader

THE SIMPSONS “Homer the Father” Season 22 Episode 12 Photos With David Mamet & James Lipton

Check out photos from THE SIMPSONS Season 22 Episode 12 titled "Homer the Father" which airs Sunday January 23 at 8pm on FOX.  Episode Synopsis: THE SIMPSONS "Homer the Father" Season 22 Episode 12 – Homer becomes obsessed with "Thicker than Waters," a 1980s family sitcom written by David Mamet (guest voicing as himself), and models his parenting skills after the show’s sensible father much to the chagrin on Bart, who desperately sets his sights on a brand new dirt bike. But when Homer insists that Bart must earn the dirt bike, Bart takes matters into his own hands and schemes with Russian and Chinese spies to provide top-secret information in exchange for the new bike, which winds up putting Bart in a precarious situation. Later, James Lipton (guest-voicing as himself) conducts an interview with a television cast on "Inside the Actor’s Studio".  Read More...

Bart Has an Interesting Take on "Sharks Vs. Jets" on This Week's Simpsons [Video]

Simpsons " href="" class="pp_image"> Though it outs me as a fan of musicals and Bart's idea could never equal the Best Picture-winning Westside Story, I still admire this version of Sharks fighting Jets. Enjoy.

Homer Simpson Prefers a Friendship with Ned Flanders? (VIDEO)

On 'The Simpsons' (Sun., 8PM ET on FOX), Marge has "broken up" with her old friends. But she hasn't told Homer, as she thinks he and the other wives' spouses all get along so well. Hardly. They only share the sentiment: "Let's just shut up and get through this, alright?"  As they sit quietly around the backyard picnic table, Ned Flanders pops his head over the fence and gives a trademark Flanders greeting. Homer bolts from the table, runs over and gives him a hug, exclaiming, "Oh, you beautiful man!" He replies, "That feeling is mutual of Omaha." Homer smiles and says, "God, you're hilarious!"

'The Simpsons' renewed for 34th season

Fox-WB has picked up   The Simpsons   for a record-breaking 34th season, it has been confirmed. The network said that although ratings had dropped since the show moved to a new Friday night slot last season, the production team "still have plenty more stories to tell". The show has had a tumultuous time in the media since the introduction of a new "harder-hitting" storytelling method in the 2015-16 season. Controversial plotlines have included Lisa's pregnancy, and subsequent miscarriage; Marge's battle with drugs and prostitution; and Homer's shock massacre of his sisters-in-law in season 32. To Read More  Click Here.

THE SIMPSONS “Flaming Moe” Season 22 Episode 10 Photos With Alyson Hannigan

Check out photos from THE SIMPSONS Season 22 Episode 10 titled "Flaming Moe" guest starring Alyson Hannigan which airs Sunday January 16 at 8pm on FOX. Episode Synopsis: When Principal Skinner becomes smitten with music teacher Ms. Juniper (guest voice Kristen Wiig), he uses Bart to get close to her and her daughter, Melody (guest voice Alyson Hannigan) in the all-new "Flaming Moe" episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, Jan. 16 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Source & More Photos