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The Wire Star Anwan Glover Stabbed at D.C. Nightclub

  The Wire star Anwan Glover was treated at a hospital after he was allegedly attacked at a D.C. nightclub, The Associated Press reports.     Read More....

'Gilmore Girls' and 4 more shows that never got Emmy love

As we have some fun speculating on what shows, actors and writers are going to be nominated for Emmys this year, let's take a second to remember some shows that, for one reason or another, never got the love they deserved from the academy voters. These are shows that have been widely, even universally, praised by critics and have loyal, almost slavish followings, but never made a dent in any of the major Emmy categories.There are some surprises on this list, one of which is actually an Emmy nominee and winner many times over ... but still feels like it's gotten no love."The Wire": To many critics and fans, the HBO classic is considered one of the best dramas of all time. The gritty portrayal of the life of both cops and drug culture in Baltimore gathered up so much praise in its five seasons that you'd think it would have a boatload of Emmys....

Alex's Picks Of The Week: My SideReel Watch WishList

Welcome to Alex's Picks of The Week, SideReel's new weekly rundown of recommendations for you to check out, despite your already-busy TV-watching schedule! Each week I'll be highlighting a different batch of shows that I personally recommend you start watching -- either because there's some particular buzz on the shows, their ratings are high, or I'm just diggin' them myself and think all you SideReelers might also (or whatever fun themes I'll come up with)! So without further ado, here's my first batch of picks! Get to tracking! Just because I watch a little reality TV (okay, a lot of reality TV) doesn't mean I don't know that more quality television is out there. After all, I do watch True Blood (duh), and I swear by Mad Men , The Sopranos , and the much-underrated The United States of Tara -- it's just that really good shows require more time and energy than those mindless guilty pleasures that don't require any focus at all. As a result, I've compiled quite an impressive "must-watch" list -- aka my "Watch WishList" -- of shows that I know I need to start watching ASAP... I just haven't had the time to give them the attention they each deserve! For the sake of your own TV-tracking inspiration, here are the 10 shows I'm dying to delve into, and you should too! 1. Dexter 2. Weeds 3. Breaking Bad 4. Party Down 5. Burn Notice 6. Rescue Me 7. Arrested Development 8. Big Love 9. Friday Night Lights 10. The Wire Already watched (& rewatched) all of these TV gems? Weigh in below with your own recommendations from your personal "Watch WishList." I clearly have a big queue lined up already, but I'm always open to suggestions!

Wire Alum Joins Game of Thrones

It's been a while since we've had any casting news on the Game of Thrones front, but as they trudge ahead with this fantasy HBO series, more characters are being introduced. THR's The Live Feed is reporting that Aidan Gillen, The Wire's Councilman Carcetti, has been cast as Lord Petyr Baelish - aka Littlefinger! Littlefinger acts an "advisor" to Mark Addy's King Robert and also as an aid to Sean bean's Ned Stark. He also carries past romantic inclinations for Ned's wife, Catelyn. Source Here

'Fringe' snags 'Wire' grad Andre Royo

Fringe has tapped Wire alum Andre Royo (a.k.a. Bubbles!) to guest star in the show's third season premiere, sources confirm to me exclusively. Royo will play Henry, a soulful taxi driver who is unexpectedly forced into a tense situation with Olivia (Anna Torv). But are we talking about the [warning: incoming spoiler] real Olivia or Fauxlivia? My guess is it's Fauxlivia, since the real one won't be running into any cab drivers while in captivity over there. Royo's casting comes a week after Fringe recruited Amy Madigan to play the pivotal role of Olivia's mom. Source Here

The Wire Star Idris Elba Joins The Big C

The Wire's Idris Elba has a multi-episode arc in Showtime's upcoming drama The Big C. And he'll star in and produce Luther, a six-part crime thriller for BBC America. The 37-year-old Elba, who portrayed Charles Miner on The Office as well as Stringer Bell on The Wire, will play a love interest for Laura Linney's character, a Showtime rep says. The Big C, premiering Aug. 16, stars Linney as a suburban housewife who tries to find humor in her cancer diagnosis. Oliver Platt co-stars as her husband. On Luther, Elba plays Detective John Luther, a brilliant but emotionally impulsive murder investigator who's locked in a battle of wits with his nemesis and confidante, Alice (Ruth Wilson). The show will hit U.S. airwaves later this year. Source Here

Get with the Program #3 - TV To-Watch List, Birthdays and Tina Fey Backlash (HELL No)?

And it's Friday which means that I'm back with another edition of Get with the Program. TV Birthdays Many people get excited when their friends and family have birthdays. But here at SideReel, we get excited when TV shows have birthdays, and we had some big ones this past week: Supernatural turned 100 on Thursday (that is, it aired its 100th episode) South Park turned 200 on Wednesday I'm so happy for both shows - I am big fans of both - and it is a rarity that a show maintains its quality when it reaches this old age - and both of these shows have managed to do just this. South Park 's social commentary has remained as razor-sharp as ever (and who would have guessed it would have gone that route when it started with anal probe and poop jokes) and Supernatural has so exceeded my expectations for any WB/CW show. TV To-Watch List Sometimes people are shocked when they mention some great TV show (either current or old) and learn that I - the girl who watches EVERYTHING - has never seen it. My response is that there's only so many hours in every day and so many days in each week. But, that doesn't mean that I don't keep an ever-expanding list of all of the shows that I wish I had the time to start watching. In no particular order, here they are: The Wire The Shield Twin Peaks (to go WAY back in time, hehe, but the soon to premiere Happy Town reminded me that I always wished I had watched this one) The United States of Tara Nurse Jackie Ugly Betty Breaking Bad (sorry, Kendra , I know I said I'd watch this back in December...) Skins White Collar (only a little, but I can't rule it out forever until I've tried it...) Angel (I never watched the final season. Joss Whedon, I'm so sorry!) The L Word And I'm probably missing a lot of others. What shows are on your TV to-watch lists? Backlash Backlash I am a self-identfied cynic/pessimist/backlash-giver. Though I love TV, you'll more frequently find me complaining about what's wrong with a show than what's right about it. But, this week, I read that there's now officially Tina Fey backlash out in the world - and I will just have none of it! The argument presented here is that some of her recent work - like the hilarious Brownie Husband commercial from last weekend's SNL - are anti-feminist. Why? Much of Fey's humor - both on 30 Rock and SNL - stem from a premise of Fey being a needy and unattractive woman (when in reality, she is obviously neither, though that fact is less relevant). Additionally, much of her recent humor has been 'picking on' women themselves, such as Sarah Palin. My response: While some interesting points are raised in this article - wow - they need to lighten up...and lay off Tina Fey! Frankly, I think it's anti-feminist for women to complain about being attacked in the same vein that SNL would attack a man (particularly in the Sarah Palin instance). Follow Me on Twitter sidereelRachel - Do it! Throughtout the week, I share important things like Mary Kate Olsen web series and Hansen Music Videos . Don't miss out on the fun! And that's it for this week!

HBO's The Wire to Air on DirecTV

The Wire, HBO's critically acclaimed series about the municipal struggles of Baltimore, will debut on July 18 on DirecTV. DirecTV will air all five seasons in HD, uncut and commercial-free. "By adding The Wire to our Sunday-night lineup, we are further cementing The 101 Network's reputation as a destination for the most highly acclaimed dramas on television," said Patty Ishimoto, vice president and general manager of the 101 Network. The Wire, starring Dominic West and Wendell Pierce, among others, debuted on HBO in 2002. Source Here

HBO Picks Up Treme

From THR: " The Wire creator David Simon has a new series on HBO , the New Orleans-set Treme ." The size of the series order is still being determined, with the network eyeing a fall debut. "Treme" is a post-Katrina-themed drama that chronicles the rebuilding of New Orleans through the eyes of local musicians. Simon co-created the project with longtime New Orleans resident Eric Overmyer, after the two former "Homicide" writers had discussed doing a show set in the Big Easy for years. "New Orleans is one of the most unique and essential American places, which is also very vulnerable," Simon said. The "Treme" cast is led by another New Orleans native, Wendell Pierce, and includes Steve Zahn, Clarke Peters, Khandi Alexander, Melissa Leo, Kim Dickens and Rob Brown. Despite featuring "Wire" alums Pierce and Peters, people expecting the same show will be disappointed, Simon said. "This is not a 'Wire' redo with a New Orleans soundtrack," he said. "It's more of a character study looking at people trying to reconstruct their lives after their city has been destroyed and at a city that a living, breathing organism." The series will continue to be filmed in the Crescent City, where the pilot was shot. Simon and Overmyer are exec producing with Nina K. Noble and Carolyn Strauss. David Mills is co-exec producing. The order for "Treme" follows HBO's series pickups of three new comedies: Hung , "Bored to Death" and "How to Make It in America." The network has one more strong possible contender on the drama side in the Martin Scorsese-directed pilot "Boardwalk Empire," which has not been completed. Source

Interview with FRINGE Star Lance Reddick

Read TV Addict's Interview with Lance Reddick as he discusses his roles on LOST, The WIRE, and FRINGE click here to read the rest of the interview