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Ian Somerholder Could have been on True Blood!

Watch the video here!! It's true, Ian Somderholder of The Vampire Diaries, could have been a True Blood star instead. I guess he really had "vampire' blood in him! watch the video of him talking about it! Watch the video here!!

True Blood Season 3 Castin is underway!!

True Blood Season 3 casting is underway!! They have already started filming, in fact. CLICK HERE to get a sneak peak at the new actors on True Blood season 3

True Blood: Season 3 Casting Roundup

The third season of True Blood is gradually taking shape as more characters are now being cast on the vampire series. After enlisting Tony winner Denis O'Hare as the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, the HBO series has now added several more names to its upcoming season according to the Hollywood Reporter. Theo Alexander This up-and-coming actor has landed the role of Talbot, an "intensely beautiful" vampire, who happens to be the boyfriend of the vampire king of Mississippi. Alexander, who has appeared on shows like Chuck, Pushing Daisies and CSI: NY, will also surface as a "guide of sorts" for the kidnapped Bill Compton on True Blood. Marshall Allman Remember LJ Burrows on Prison Break? Marshall Allman, the actor who plays Dominic Purcell on-screen son on the FOX series, will soon be appearing as Tommy Mickens, Sam Merlotte's long-lost younger brother. For more info about Allman's character, check out our spoilers for True Blood season 3. Grant Bowler Ugly Betty fans may know Grant Bowler as Wilhelmina's (Vanessa Williams) squeeze and current fugitive Connor Owens but on True Blood he'll be wreaking havoc as werewolf Coot, the menacing ringleader of a biker gang. Shannon Lucio After spicing up The O.C. as Lindsay Gardner, as Trishanne on Prison Break, and most recently as Amanda on Grey's Anatomy, Shannon Lucio heads to cable as Bill's first wife on True Blood, consequently taking over the part from Amber Dawn Landrum, who appeared on the show's first season. True Blood, which has started production on its third season on Wednesday in Los Angeles, has yet to fill other key roles, including werewolf Alcide, super bad vampire Franklin Mott, Debbie Pelt and Jesus Velasquez. Stay tuned for more updates! Source here

Shannon Lucio Cast as Mrs. Bill Compton on True Blood

Another day, another exciting piece of True Blood casting news. Within the last 24 hours, Grant Bowler and Marshall Allman were both added to the season three cast, in the roles of an unannounced character and Sam's brother, respectively. Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that Shannon Lucio - who appeared briefly on Prison Break with Allman - has been cast as Bill's Compton's human wife, Caroline. Viewers got a glimpse of her during a season one flashback (when she was played by a different actress that was never officially listed as part of the True Blood cast), as Bill never returned to Caroline after he was turned vampire during the Civil War. Lucio has guest-starred on Grey's Anatomy and Criminal Minds. She also appeared for multiple episode of The OC, as Ryan's step-sister Lindsay Gardner, just as that show started to fall apart. Source Here

'True Blood' Finds Sam's Brother, Looking for Mom

More and more actors are called to fill in the new roles of "True Blood" season 3 with the latest getting the call back is Marshall Allman. The actor who was one of the series regulars in the axed "Prison Break" is on board the vampire drama as Sam's younger brother named Tommy Mickens. In the casting call, Tommy is said to be "dirty but good looking youngster who works at a Tire Depot in Arkansas." He tends to hide his identity because his family has been owing money all over town and he is particularly unaware of who Sam is. This character will be recurring heavily in the season. Also, the show is still auditioning for the part of Sam's parent. Melinda Mickens, who supposedly is the mother of Tommy, is in her 50s but "dirt-poor, hung-over and trashy-looking". She wears stained clothes and lives in a shanty house styled in early dumpster. She has a mysterious link to Sam's distant past. Melinda will have a husband named Joe Lee Mickens who is equally dirt poor. The uneducated man is amazed when he realizes Sam's link to his wife's early life. Beside looking for relatives for Sam, the show is looking forward to an actress to play Crystal Norris. In her 20s, Crystal is a mysterious and hauntingly beautiful young woman in sundress. She shares an electric connection to Jacob before disappearing into the trees. The third season will be debuted by HBO in June next year. Melinda, Joe and Crystal will appear in the second episode of the season. On another news, "True Blood" is listed as one of the nominees of 2010 Producers Guild Awards as the contender of Best Drama. Source Here

'True Blood,' '30 Rock' up for Producers Guild nods

After being largely ignored at the Emmys, HBO's vampire drama "True Blood" has landed a nomination for the Producers Guild of America awards. In the Norman Felton producer of the year category for drama series, "Blood" faces awards juggernaut "Mad Men" and three other best series Emmy nominees: ABC's "Lost," AMC's "Breaking Bad" and Showtime's "Dexter." In the Danny Thomas producer of the year comedy series category, another dominant awards player, NBC's "30 Rock," is nominated alongside NBC's "The Office," Showtime's "Californication" and "Weeds" and HBO's "Entourage." CBS' veteran newsmagazine "60 Minutes" leads the pack in the nonfiction TV category, joined by four unscripted series: Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch," A&E TV's "Intervention," Bravo's "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the 'D' List" and Showtime's "This American Life." The fourth series category for the 21st PGA Awards, announced Monday, is a head-scratcher. Called "live entertainment and competition TV," the category features four reality series: CBS' Emmy-winning "The Amazing Race," Fox's "American Idol," Lifetime's "Project Runway" and Bravo's "Top Chef," as well as Comedy Central's news satire "The Colbert Report." The winners will be announced at the PGA Awards ceremony on January 24 at the Hollywood Palladium. Source

'True Blood': Grant Bowler Cast on Season 3 - Featured

" True Blood " hired an Australian actor to play one of the new characters introduced in the third season. Grant Bowler, the actor who has recurring roles in both " Lost " and " Ugly Betty ", will be in the vampire drama series for a not-yet-known role. He confirmed his participation to Australia's Sunday Telegraph, saying "Mate, it's HBO and it's the King. ...It's the chance to work for an Oscar-winner [series creator Alan Ball] and alongside an Oscar-winner [Anna Paquin]." No further statement was made. "True Blood" will be back in June next year with the production kicked off around January. Some casting calls have been made for roles such as vampire Franklin Mott, Reverend Daniels, a ringleader of biker thugs named Cooter and an "intensely beautiful" vampire named Talbot. No actors have been attached to any of them. Bowler is still committed to "Ugly Betty" playing Connor Owens who shakes Wilhelmina's world. Upon being cast on "True Blood", he would have to juggle between shooting the HBO series in Los Angeles and "Betty" in New York. Source Here

SideReel Thanksgiving: Top 10 TV Things We're Thankful For - Featured

Happy Thanksgiving weekend Reelers! Now everyone go around the table and say what they're thankful for. Okay, we'll start. Since we here at SideReel have a minor TV obsession, here are the top 10 things on TV kendra and RachelL are thankful for this year! Check out the list below and check out our explanations for each one on this week's special Thanksgiving edition of SideReel's 'This Week on TV' video podcast ! 10. Jon & Kate Plus 8 ending 9. Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory 8. Jane Lynch on Glee 7. Cable TV including HBO , FX , and ABC Family 6. The True Blood wardrobe team 5. ABC's Wednesday comedies 4. Ashlee Simpson's Melrose Place (2009) axing 3. The Office wedding 2. NBC's faith in Chuck and Friday Night Lights 1. Lost got an end date (& a premiere date) Do you agree with us or are there other TV-related wonders of the year you're even more thankful for?

'True Blood' Casting Bill's First Wife

A vintage-looking woman is sought to fill in the role of Bill Compton's first wife on " True Blood ". The HBO show will bring back the image of Bill's family before he was sent to the Civil War and turned as a vampire on his way back home by a vampire woman he was getting food from. In the casting news for Caroline Compton, it is specified that the character lives in 1866 as a "lovely, very strong, brave, well-bred and well-spoken Southern woman". Said to be a "great scene", the role involves Caroline pulling a shotgun on the intruder into her house, clearly prepared to use it, till she realizes it's her husband Bill, whom she was sure had died in the War. One particular requirement for the actress auditioning for Caroline is to have a resemblance to the woman in the attached photo. It means, Caroline should be brunette, pale and rather slim. The show will have the story about her on the third episode of the third season. Based on the information acquired by Spoiler TV, the filming will begin on December 3. "True Blood" had been exposing little spoilers for the anticipated third season through its casting calls. Among the new characters to be introduced are Sam's younger brother, new vampires Franklin Mott, King of Mississipi and Talbot, villains F*ck You Crew and a gay Latino. The new season starts airing in June 2010, creator Alan Ball has confirmed during Paley Center for Media last month. Source Here

Pam of 'True Blood' Says Yes to Lesbian Story

Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Ann may not be the only lesbian on " True Blood ". After creator Alan Ball projected his thought of having other characters to have a same-sex relationship, actress Kristin Bauer has stepped forward to express her willingness to participate in that storyline. Bauer plays Pam the sidekick of Eric and the screener of Fangtasia. Ball said he thinks Pam has a "lesbian vibe", explaining further, "I don't know that that's all she is, but she certainly does seem to appreciate the women." "I wouldn't be surprised," Bauer told E! about Ball's plan to have Pam swinging the other way. "I think she's pansexual." One character that she pointed out to be her potential love interest was Ginger. "There are so many hot ones, but I'll pick Ginger. Ginger's hot. Ginger's fun. She's a screamer and she's a blood donor," the actress stated her reason. The show is indeed no stranger to GLBT characters. Lafayette, who is the flamboyant cousin of Tara, will be getting a new love interest in the third season, Ball confirmed. Beside, the new character King of Mississippi aka Russell Edgington who is played by actor Denis O'Hare will also be gay. He has a long-term partner named Talbot. The third season of " True Blood " arrives in June 2010. Source Here