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'Veronica Mars' Boss Hints at Potential Revival

Series creator Rob Thomas talks about a six-episode revival of Kristen Bell-led series that might happen in the future. ...Read More...

The CW's 10 Best Shows, Ranked

September 2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of The CW, which has become arguably broadcast television's most daring network. From the brilliant exuberance of The Flash to the witty romance of Jane the Virgin , the current CW lineup features diversity, depth, and edge. But the network has aired top-notch shows since its earliest days as the slightly awkward child of UPN and The WB. So we've come up with a list of the 10 best, from a pool of all hourlong series (including those that originated on the parent networks but spent at least a season on The CW). It was a tough task involving very difficult choices. So breathe deeply and click on. The CW's 10 Best Shows, Ranked Launch Slideshow What are your CW faves? Weigh in below! p { text-align: justify; }

The Lost Boys Is Coming to TV From the Mind Behind Veronica Mars

Vampire TV shows are nothing new. But, if Rob Thomas has his way, hes going to do something very new with The Lost Boys . The CW just revealed it has acquired a show based on the hit 1987 film thatll explore what it means to be immortal....Read More...

Veronica Mars: Kristen Bell Reveals How The Show Could Come Back

  With reporting by Sadie Gennis. Here's a mystery worth solving, marshmallows: will creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell ever continue the crime-solving adventures of Veronica Mars ? The short-lived CW series about the sarcastic, quippy titular detective (played by Bell), and her cohorts already ... ...   Read More...

Kristen Bell Reveals Veronica Mars Miniseries Status, Hails The Good Place

Kristen Bell was in a very good place when she caught up with Michael Ausiello at TVLines Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE. In the video Q&A above, the sunny actress offers an enthusiastic tour of The Good Place, NBCs new, Mike Schur-created comedy about a very bad girl who, due to a clerical error, ends []

Veronica Mars Stars First Roles What Were They Doing Beforehand?

What was the cast doing before they were famous? To honor all you Marshmallows out there, were taking a look at the casts pre-Neptune careers. .  Read More...

'Veronica Mars' Alum Joins Fox Buddy Comedy 'The Enforcers'

Ryan Hansen has joined the pilot starring Christine Woods and Niecy Nash.   Read More...

Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell Will Appear on iZombie

The ultimate crossover will happen in January.

Veronica Mars on iZombie: Kristen Bell to Appear in Fifty Shades Send-Up

iZombie is staging a potentially sexy Veronica Mars reunion. Kristen Bell who played the titular private eye in the UPN/CW series and feature film will be heard (but not seen) in a winter episode of Mars creator Rob Thomas undead drama. Per, the actress will lend her voice to Episode 11, titled []

Rankings: Who Is the Best Private Investigator from TV?

The detective and the private investigator are some of the oldest professions in fiction. In fact, entertainment as we know it now can be accredited in large part to the detective novels of the late 1800s. So it would stand to reason that TV has had a number of memorable PI's over its decades of existence. Here are 11 of our favorites ranked from the last 20 or so years. Perhaps not all had the official title, they all play a big part in investigating and solving crimes.