Ugly Betty Reunion: 'We're Having Conversations,' Says America Ferrera

America Ferrera is just itching to get back into Bettys braces. During a visit to Bravos Watch What Happens Live on Thursday to promote the second season of Superstore, Ferrera fielded questions from viewers, one of which asked about the chances of an Ugly Betty reunion movie on Netflix or Hulu. That is a conversation []

Bethenny Frankel Wouldnt Mind Strangling Luann de Lesseps (VIDEO)

Bethenny Frankel is 100 percent done with Luann de Lesseps. On last night’s Watch What Happens Live, the Real Housewives of New York star slammed her cast member and even compared her to a toilet bowl. Read More...

Bethenny Frankel Shuts Plastic Surgery Rumors Down on WWHL (VIDEO)

Bethenny Frankel is putting all those plastic surgery rumors to rest. The Real Housewives of New York City star addressed the real reason her face looks different on an episode of Watch What Happens Live — and it’s a shrinking jaw. Read More...

Will Ferrell and Maya Rudolph Impersonate Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield, Get Praise From RHoA Stars (VIDEO)

Actors Will Ferrell and Maya Rudolph first crossed paths on Saturday Night Live, but even though neither of them are on that show anymore, it turns out they could have a future as Real Housewives of Atlanta impersonators.

Lala Kent Heartbroken Over Sudden Loss: Says 'WWHL' Appearance Doesnt Matter

Lala Kent may be new to Vanderpump Rules and SUR, but shes proving that she doesnt listen to just anyone. Lala quickly fought back after James Kennedy hurt her feelings right after meeting, and...

Jennifer Lawrence admits she and Liam Hemsworth have kissed off-screen

'Liam's real hot. What would you have done?'

Jennifer Lawrences Actual Best Friend Calls Into WWHL to Discuss Amy Schumer, Flying in the Face of Everything Squad Goals Stand For

What is even the point of having squad goals if we're just going to tear our friends' squads apart, Laura? The squad goals bylines explicitly state that you cannot call into Andy Cohen's What What Happens Live and force your best friend Jennifer Lawrence to choose you over Amy Schumer on live television. The idea is that we can all have an entire squad of best friends, Laura. Do you understand? What? No, it doesn't matter how upset you were over J.Law and Amy Schumer's Jet Ski photos! Do you know what happens if we all stop striving toward squad goals, Laura? Chaos. Anarchy. Crying on Jet Skis. I'm going to have to call for a tribunal in front of the Squad Goals Court to sort this out. Yeah, well, I'm not happy about it either.

Jennifer Lawrence Admits to Kissing Liam Hemsworth Offscreen

It looks like Katniss chose Gale IRL. Andy Cohen grilled Jennifer Lawrence on Thursday's Watch What Happens Live in a secret-spilling round of Plead the Fifth. And when asked whether or not she's ever kissed her Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth when the camera's weren't rolling, Lawrence admitted ...

Bravo Media's "Untying The Knot" Moves to Monday Nights with All New Episodes Beginning Monday, January 4 at 10PM ET/PT

"Vanderpump Rules" and "Watch What Happens Live" will bookend the series.

Andy Cohen Disgusted With Lala Kent And James Kennedy

Andy Cohen may allow many people to say and do what they want on Watch What Happens Live, but he was clearly shocked that the SUR workers from Vanderpump Rules were so rude and abrasive last week...