Union Square - 2011 poster

Union Square - 2011

Nancy Savoca's first film in nearly a decade, Union Square stars Mira Sorvino as Lucy, a hard-drinking party-girl from the Bronx who takes a trip into Manhattan to meet with her married lover, and ends up visiting her sister Jenny (Tammy Blanchard) who has cleaned up her life and is engaged to a man running a health-food business. Jenny has hid the truth about her past from her husband, he thinks she's from Maine, and Jenny wants nothing more than to get her out-of-control sister out of the apartment. Lucy, however, doesn't know how to take a hint, ends up spending the night, and soon the two are fighting about old resentments and Jenny finds she can't keep the façade going with her fiancée. Union Square played at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.