2010 Wish Lists - YOUR Wishes - Featured

After sharing with you Kendra's Top 10 Wishes for the New Year and Rachel's 10 TV Wishes for 2010, we thought it would also be fun to sort through your comments and share with SideReel some of our users' wishes.

So, without further ado, here are 10 of our favorite Reeler wishes:

1. Caprica has a great start and meets the expectations of BSG fans. - tvseeker

2. If this DOES turn out to be the final season of Supernatural, the show goes out with a BANG. - sceeZer

3. "I would love it if American networks would stop remaking shows from other foreign shows." (because they normally do a bad job...) - jaivomi

4. "Castle survives to see another season." - ChuckNut

5. "Glee comes back earlier than April." - 9ja_tvaddict


6. "Networks know how to identify, promote, and hold on to their good shows." - ak10

7. "Booth and Brennan get together" (on Bones) and "Eric and Sookie get together" (on True Blood) - kabomb123

8. People give the new Doctor Who a chance. - lostnthought, among others

9. "Stargate Universe needs to get a Stargate-ish feel." - Serathas

10. "The BSG movie is never heard from again." - totvornottotv

Still haven't shared your 2010 TV Wishes in comments? There's still time! All year, in fact...


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