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If you haven't had enough royalty over the past weeks, dig into this Bridgerton prequel highlighting the love story of a young Queen Charlotte. This Bridgerton Cinematic Universe tale details her betrothal to King George as she arrives in London on her wedding day and has to prove herself to the King's watchful mother.

Alongside the expected stunning visuals, listen for classical reinterpretations of songs from Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, SZA, Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston.
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

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Jun 04, 2023 04:52PM EDT

the premise sounded interesting so I dived in and before you know it I had watched the entire series.. silly, sad, amusing.. I can't say coming of age story because by late 20's you are an adult who for most of us have already been working in the real world and you know what a struggle it is to hold down a job you probably despise.. by late 20's you are wondering if this is it and what else is there out there for you as this group of friends ultimately do while searching for a missing friend.. then all kinds of crazy road blocks come at them and it's hard not to LOL at times.. was I happy with the ending?? No, not at all but it was rather fitting with the rest of the series.. there are a number of surprise guest appearances which I found enjoyable but won't mention as really just watch and decide for yourselves ..

Jun 03, 2023 08:37AM EDT


This series doesn't try to be more than it is: an American-made show with a K-drama vibe, sprinkled with a few lessons on growing up. Nobody asked for it, but it's here.

Jun 02, 2023 06:28PM EDT

show was hella dark but it was really well made and another A24 success