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Revisiting what many believe to be the best single-season show ever to be robbed of a conclusion, Firefly is a whip-smart, funny, and immersive space western, following a ragtag group of misfits trying to make their way on the fringes of space. Originally airing 20 years ago this month, Firefly is now streaming on Hulu and is the perfect bingeable snack.

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Sep 28, 2022 12:29AM EDT

it's disturbing to realize that with the amount of wealth this family enjoyed that what they did with it was nothing good.. hope the survivors get the help they need and that the perpetrators get both the help and the punishment as your past does not mean you get away with this horrible behavior.

Sep 27, 2022 04:25PM EDT

I liked it enough to keep watching but this show is just very ...weird.

Sep 27, 2022 10:23AM EDT

We are only 2 episodes in and from interviews with S Bakula, he won't ever appear in the new version. My issue is that for no reason do I understand why it is a continuation.
So far there is a lack of depth in the show. I like the actors and the story seems more revolving around the team this time. Perhaps they hope to get Bakula in at some point as Al has sadly passed this leaves no other original members. There is also the issue with Becket's body in the waiting room. As he never did leap home.